"Immediate revenge" film review: only tragedy, no hero

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"Immediate revenge" film review: only tragedy, no hero

2022-01-22 06:03:27 48 ℃

After the "immediate rescue" of Enson, immediately, the words are widely used in the film name, which is used to show an urgent atmosphere, so they will be rescued soon, "immediately rescue", and immediately hunt now "Immediately hunt", and immediately want to revenge, of course, called "instantly revenge"! According to this type, if there is a love film called "immediate love", or a horror film is called "Immediately see the ghost", I should be too surprised!

Niklas Kaiji is an incredible big star. He has been to the Oscar Emperor. It used to be a box office guarantee. It used to be a symbolic superstar brand, but I really don't understand why he will get yourself. What is this? If the selection is inadvertent, it is not easy to ship, so that the former superstar can only play some small cost B-class films. I am really afraid that he will go soon, it will become a next Steven, but he is Pi Stephen. Little, at least his current movie also has the opportunity to board the big screen, the audience can buy how long you can know, you can only bless him to meet a large piece soon, let yourself turn itself.

The original literary name "TOKAREV" of "immediate revenge" refers to the Russian gangster's special pistol, from the table name, you can see the gas. Although this film is not large, it can be said that Niclas Kaiji is a similar work. It is a black street movie route in the 80-90s, and the shooting method is a bit old, but the dark atmosphere and the violent picture are There is no lack of lack, see the picture of the black part to take a gun, and the picture of Kaji uncle to kill the enemy, think that this is a purely cool film, but Spain Director Pocaabasis deliberately subverts the unexpected impression of the audience, let This is a big misunderstanding because of the misunderstandings in the eyes of the audience. When you see the second half, you will find that this is not the original expected hero, but an anti-hero film that is completely thoroughly, that is a bit reverse The finale of the climax makes sense, and it will feel sad and regret.

The tragic hero of the revenge movie can become only a tragedy, no hero, can see the director to invite alternative attempt, but for the audience, this is a big challenge, because what you see is with you The established perception of the same type of movie is actually a bit different! This movie is not letting the male protagonist's heroic actions, and got redemption, but let this evil spirits embarrassing the deaf people walking on the road of revenge because her daughter is tragic, but also forced him to face the previous mistake, and morality and morality The saw between hatred, but not necessarily a redemption, only the road is unable to go, and leave more remorse.

Usually the revenge movies have two routes, one of which is to let the protagonist revenge, showing a big life, no matter whether the protagonist is sacrificed because of the revenge action, you can get some kind of comfort because of the revenge, but another revenge The movie is relatively pessimistic. No matter whether there is no successful revenge in the protagonist, the result of the head is as miserable, and even through the plot to present a moral meaning, tell you not to revenge, otherwise hatred will only get bigger, more, Finally, it is not cleaned. When there is no feudion in the sea, we may not know which route that is biased, but the meaning of this film is obviously the latter.