The Spring Festival Evening is the first big row!Stars are exposed, dark circles, eye bags are full of face

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The Spring Festival Evening is the first big row!Stars are exposed, dark circles, eye bags are full of face

2022-01-22 06:03:13 41 ℃

The Spring Festival is close to the Spring Festival Evening and enter the last preparation period. After two rehearsal, the first big row of the Year of the Tiger is coming!

The first large-scale star lineup first saw the prototype, and there is more and more stars. After watching a circle, I found that the stars that appeared in the town seem to have a significant commonality - everyone is so awkward.

Perhaps because of the pressure, maybe because the trip is too intensive, maybe because there is no so many assistants around, the big row is a star basic, even if the makeup is faint, can't cover the dark circles. Eye bag, there is also a pajamas, with "pillows", one of them seems to have a few big nights, and the daily bright and bright looks stark contrast.

Zhao Liying, who participated in the Spring Festival Evening Town, seems to have some unknown, before the rehearsal, the hair of "fried" hair stood in the studio, I didn't know what I was thinking, although the big row of all over the sky didn't have hair, but Even the clothes did not change, and they also had a pair of big dark circles.

Perhaps it is aware that my state is not very good. Zhao Liying also quickly raised his hand and blocked his face. In fact, it is still very beautiful!

The previous day, the color roll is black, and Song Zu, Song Wei, it is estimated that it is very late. Instead, it is a batch of arrivals. It is a beautiful girl or a little makeup, but Song's eyes Qing and black still have a clear one.

Song Zur is also a face, and when you get off the bus, I have forgotten it, my hair is messy, and I have come out.

Jike Yiyi is also the same, the second color row, she and the Song Zuer are in front of the foot, the middle of the rest time is not long, the next day, she has changed a set of styles and new nails. It is more tired.

The first color row, a pair of big eyes, bright and flashing, the big row is in the eyes of the eye makeup, but it can be seen without the spirit. There is a feeling that I can't open your eyes.

Zhang Yixing attended the second rehearsal, I was going to make a good shape, and I went fine to see that my face was also in the same paragraph, and I didn't open it with Mao Xiaotong. Is it another Staying up late, this is still going to sleep?

The second alley is Ren Jiarun, but also carefully made a hairstyle, waiting until the next day, it has been chaotic from the hotel, waiting until the studio, the hair is completely collapsed, like a hurry, go out, lazy to wash Head, you me.

And the star of Ren Garlun status also has Wang Jial. For the first time, he wore a painted sweater "Hua branch prison" quite stereoscopic, and he specially took a video after get off work. Wait until the townhouse, even hair is too lazy to comb!

Wang Yuan, who has been surrounded by the lens, has already participated in the Spring Festival Evening, and the emotions are also obvious, it seems really tired! Going to get off work, you have a "lifeless" on your face.

The first rehearsal also walked the wind, Wang Lei, the big row again, the down jacket was also put on, the dark circles came out, the face was also swollen, the eye bags changed three layers ...

The young art people are still so, senior artists, old skins and comedies are more "let go", Su Yan, Su Yan, Su Yan ... all is Su Yan, even skin care products are too lazy, don't say dark circles and eye bags, The spot wrinkles on the skin are very clear (Changyuan and Allen this black eyes ... this is not sleeping a few nights)

Especially many oldest stars, it is also a clear feeling of their age, I don't know if we grow up, they are also old ...

However, there is also a star comparative "wit", such as Zhu Yilong, Sun Yi, Qin Haijun, etc.

Over time, the later star appeared in order to save time, Chen Yuxi suspected to wear the costume, Jiang Yiyi's eye makeup complex, in the hair card.

The star of the next successful get off work has also accepted the informal interview of the on-site media, and Yinger's straightforward, Jia Nailiang revealed that the rehearsal was very smooth, and the mood looks good.

Two rehearsal rivies, the star came to the scene, the star has been far more than 50 people. They also have to experience at least two towns, even when they officially broadcast the day, and they can't determine if they can board the Spring Festival Evening stage, you It's also hard! Looking forward to your performance!

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