"Young and Dangerous" is determined to have no sequel, Chen Haonan, and the matrix refuses to shoot is the main reason.

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"Young and Dangerous" is determined to have no sequel, Chen Haonan, and the matrix refuses to shoot is the main reason.

2022-01-22 06:03:36 40 ℃

Accompanied by many 80, 90 years of growth, there are 6 releases, and there are other foreign articles, rumors, etc., but the theme has been separated by too long, and the "Gold Brothers" released in 2018 In the middle, it is rushing to the movie of the heavy and young and dyed, although the box office sells more than 300 million yuan, but the signs have shown that the past theory is already "back", especially Zheng Yijian, Chen Xiaochun has indicated that Chen Haoan and the mountain chicken will not be taken.

However, there are also four reasons why people are all explained, "the young and dyed" is not going.


In 1996, the first film of Hong Kong was officially released by local community and local serial comics, and was made by Wang Jing, Liu Weiqiang, and the three major filmmakers of the three major filmmakers, completed shooting and post-production. The January 25th of the next year is a scheduled period between Christmas and New Year.

However, the outside world was generally believed to have a little sloppy, and the movie nature did not comply with the theme of the family of House during Christmas, nor a laughing Lunar film, and the crew did not look forward to the box office.

On the day of the first year, I was arranged in the Tipdy Carace of the Military Catering of the Military Strust for the Niu Tao. Time is even at 12 o'clock on midnight. Premiere, just when they accepted the visit, there was really a large group of young and gods outside the theater door. From the social response, it seems to be a bit influential, just Liu Weiqiang asked Wang Jing's box office, original Single day has exceeded one million, it has accumulated to 21 million Hong Kong coins. Become a set of black horses in the Hong Kong film circle.

Second, tired of running the continuation

However, in the mid-1990s, the Hong Kong product gathels began to go down the slope, and it was rare "Young and Dangerous" to break through the millions of box office. The crew stepped at the two-week preparation, that is, the second "Raptors". The first part is released in January, the second part is preparatory until the release is only a matter of half a month. "The Young Dangerous - Raptor Jingjiang" is officially released on March 30, the total ticket office is 22 million, and the new record is brushed. In 1996 and 1998, it was secretly opened, which was more than 2 years. After taking the "Hand Covering the Sky" (1996), "the War is uncomfortable" (1997) and "Dragon" (1998) and other tribes.

In fact, the director has already lost his strength, and he is even more hope that the investor is not to take this a big potential, even if the "best partner" is no longer connected, there will be more movie companies themselves. Opening, I have to continue to make in real factors.

"Young and Dangerous" became a faucet of local movies at the time, and the day was also turned to the new spring geographic period. This will certainly attract more people to admit, but to meet the big principles of the groom film, Chen Haan can only win, reducing the bloody scene. However, it is naturally attractive, and the fifth box office fell to 12.8 million.

3. Copyright event

The sixth "winner is king" in 2000, and the impression of a grand fascination is relatively shallow. The reason is very simple, there is no "new and daunting" card on the sixth poster, so that the "winner is king", this is related to the copyright of the movie. In 2000, Jiahe film company with "Young and Dangerous" series has sold it to the American Warner Brothers. In order to cater to inspect, do not want to delete "Young and Danger" The name, the whole story is coming to the end, and the crew is not created. Even in recent years, there is no other taste.

4. Actor no longer picks up

The actors in "New Dangerous" have established a very distant image. Today, everyone will continue to call Zheng Yijian. Chen Xiaochun is called a cocktock. After more than ten years, their roles have not been forgotten.

But how do they look at this classic?

Chen Haoan - Zheng Yijian

As the ICON in Hongxing, it is an object that everyone imitates. When you asked Zheng Yijian, his original idea was the role of the police and other normal. When the protagonist of "the old and dyed" does have a little impact on the healthy image established by him, he also thinks that the movie scene may teach young people.

Mountain chicken - Chen Xiaochun

Chen Xiaochun called for the audience in public case. I hope that you must learn from movies. Whether there is more fierce bridge sections, it is just a plot, and it is also reminding you, they are just actors, although the "New Danger" will not It is back, but the memory will still be hidden in the hearts of the audience.