Reporter Wang Bingxi won the 100th UP main newcomers, thank you for your recognition, before the fans of fans

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Reporter Wang Bingxi won the 100th UP main newcomers, thank you for your recognition, before the fans of fans

2022-01-22 18:02:16 27 ℃

Recently, Wang Bingbei won the best newcomer award for a website, and took the stage to receive a prize, saying that this is not the end, it is not a focus. The comments of netizens are also the five Chinese, opposed, more supportable, and even netizens said that I am born for ice!

Those who opposed it think this is incredible, can this people win a prize? We all know that Wang Bingbing was unveiled before, and it was this again.

Now things have just been in the past two days, suddenly get the grand prize, and indeed surprising! This in the end is why? From the winning reason we can see the spider silk, the original Wang Bing is already a big UP owner with 5 million fans. So many fans certainly don't want to be underestimated. So the prize is also the same, but we can't deny that the wind wave in the previous period must rise to her horses.

On the podium, Wang Bingb is wearing a light blue flower skirt, and the face is full of smiles. It seems that yesterday did not have happened. Wang Bingbei said that he did not think that he had 5 million fans, but she thought this was not a final point, not the focus.

The meaning of this sentence is that this grade is not your own endpoint and focus, you are still young, the future road is still long, there are many things waiting to do, especially as a CCTV reporter. So we can see from the other side, the platform has the world's scapeting, because Wang Bing is CCTV, you think about a CCTV reporter comes to the UP Lord of our website, what are you waiting for?

However, after the awards, after Wang Bingbing, the purpose of Wang Bingbei was also intentionally in the public relations, building his own civilians, and the distance between everyone and it, so the awards are also completed. .

However, Wang Bing's statement is indeed, it is worthy of CCTV's reporter, the talents, the gas field is full, and more than the winners, the performance on the stage is obviously a little witch, not a level.

Through this matter, we can also see that Wang Bing is not defeated by the rumors, the mentality is very powerful, and the ordinary people have not been able to live properly. All the golden mouth, the destruction of the suite is not playing. So the mentality is very important, as long as you do what you should do, don't help others say, after all, the mouth is in other people, I can't control it.

Wang Bingbei said that he can win, inseparable from each fan to his own support, it will continue to share with everyone as always. This is the key, no matter who you are, only good works can attract popularity, leave fans, or eventually, the bamboo basket is empty.

It is not difficult to see that everyone like Wang Bingbing, she is like a jade woman, breaking CCTV's previous case, and became another charming landscape of CCTV.

As for private life, as long as it is not contrary to moral morality, we have no right to cross interference. After all, everyone has their own privacy, and we should respect personal privacy.

At the end of the article, we hope that Wang Bingbing can return to everyone as she said, as always, it is the most important thing. As for those idlers, let it go with the wind!

Life is short, if it is too much to play, it will only put himself in the edge of pain, crying is a day, laughing is also a day, why not let yourself happy!