I haven't finished in January, and there are already 10 celebrities, the biggest 94 years old, the least 31 years old

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I haven't finished in January, and there are already 10 celebrities, the biggest 94 years old, the least 31 years old

2022-01-22 18:03:05 44 ℃

The New Year's Eve in the new year has passed in most.

On the occasion of the new year, many celebrities left us.

Today, the celebrities died in this month.

01. Zhao Yuhua 77 years old

The writer and screenwird Zhao Yuhua, born in Northeast in 1945.

Before the death, the vice president of the Chinese Film Literature will have been served.

Zhao Yuhua's literary dream, starting from the army.

In the early years, he graduated from Jilin University in Northeast.

After the allocation work, Zhao Yuhua put on military uniform and became a cultural officer in the army.

During the military, gradually laid the development direction of its future career.

After entering the local department, he walked into the Northeast Movie Industry Base - Long Shadow Production Factory.

In the long shadow, first start from the editor step, then serve as a screenwriter for a series of movies.

The movies in the early 1980s, the "Blue Sky" is his screenwriter.

After 10 years of long shadows, he transferred to Beijing from Northeast to serve as a leader of the movie media.

Later, it was mainly responsible for the venidence of the Chinese Film Newspaper.

During the period, two novels were published, and one film work was placed.

After entering the 21st century, he visited the "Movie Communication" magazine from the original unit.

In the next two years, the innovation and listing of magazines have been promoted.

He has continued literature and screenwriter creation for many years.

A series of movie works are completed by its screenwriters.

After retiring, he began to serve as a judge of a series of film awards.

On January 2nd, Zhao Yuhua, 77, died.

02. Bai Ying 94 years old

Bai Yingwei, which is famous in the 1950s, was born in Northern Inner Mongolia in 1925.

At the age of 16, he participated in the local eight-way army.

Then followed the majority of the troops to fight the northeast and participated in the subsequent liberation war.

In the past year, New China founded that young Baiying is a party member.

At the age of 26, Bai Ying and wide appeared the first movie in life.

A four seas participating in the anti-US aid war, is his first role in the movie "Shang Ganling".

He shaped the image of a volunteer warrior in the movie.

This role also makes the young Bai Ying width quickly traveled in the north and south of the 1950s.

Because of its own, it was the warrior who participated in anti-US aid.

So, this is also his very color star.

After that, he officially entered the Changchun Film Studio from the troops.

In the 1950s, he participated in the long shadow factory to make a multi-film movie.

Different types of types, the image of the shape is also different.

In the 1970s, Bai Ying and wide continued to be active on the big screen.

After entering the 1990s, as he increased, he gradually bid farewell to the screen.

On January 17, the 94-year-old Bai Ying waters died in Jilin.

03. Zhou Yihua 65 years old

Zhou Yihua, who was born in 1957, has read in the Central Drama Academy.

In the 1990s, began to be active in the field of film and television dramas.

In the movie "Golden Tiema", he has played Wang Enmao.

After entering the 21st century, he is mainly active in the shooting of TV series.

He has repeatedly visited the film and television works of major historical themes.

For example, in the TV series "defend Yan'an", he played Dong Yu.

In the "Long March" TV series, he also played the warlord Liu Xiang.

Chen Changjie in "Liberation", Wang Yaowu in the "Jinan Battle" is played by it.

In addition to the film and television works of modern themes, he also played a series of costume dramas.

In the early years, in the TV series "Jiangshan Wind Rain", he played Zhang Xianzhong.

The young audience's understanding of him is mainly a work in recent years through the "琊".

Over the years, Zhou Yihua has served as a role in the film and television drama.

Even so, his green leaves have been in the past few decades.

On January 11th, Zhou Yihua, 65 years old.

04. Ye Maozhong 54 years old

In 1968, a future plan was born in Southern Southern.

This is called Ye Mao, the starting point of his career in the hometown TV station.

So from the aesthetics, after work, he also takes a part-time fishing outside.

A boss of an air-conditioned company will soon find him.

After the small test, the panel opened by the boss was his annual salary.

At that time, he didn't know that only by his first operation,

He made this product called Chunlan brand, and later, he has always been the industry's leading boss.

After seeing the hope of Ye Mao, then decisively resigned, a person went to Shanghai.

Do not urgently carry out the next round of operation of Ye Mao, through digestion and absorption of other advertising cases,

In addition, we will sell yourself through the channels of the book cover.

Next, a series of companies come to find advertising ideas.

In the 1990s, an advertisement for a series of well-known health products in China was from his hand.

Supervision, all operation, barbite growth,

The first bucket of wealth was quickly created to Ye Mao.

The subsequent Ye Mao, from the health products to the clothing product, from the washing supplies to food,

Without advertisements he can't win, there is no repeated marketing that he can't do.

So, the earth people know that there is no Arctic bear, only Arctic velvet.

Hengyuanxiang's next sentence, even children who are inertially inertally shouted with sheep.

Because of this, his planning and many industries have a huge difference. But in any case, the complex Chinese market and the Chinese stage are still a unique opportunity for him.

Today, this man who has repeated memories is gone.

On January 13, 54 years old planned the Ye Maozhong, who was decided, was dying in Shanghai.

05. Zhao Ho 60 years old

In 1961, Zhao He was born in the alley of Beijing.

In the early years, I listened to the generous radio every day, and he gradually had a strong interest in reading.

In the middle school stage, he fantasy every day, and there is a day's voice can also appear in the broadcast.

He first participated in the army, and then he made a broadcaster in the troops.

After a few years, he returned to Beijing and took a professional school.

At that time, the broadcasting college, as the only school in China cultivated professional broadcast talents.

He is very hard to go to school, and his dream is also approaching himself in a step.

At the age of 26, Zhao He officially walked into the national TV station in his dreams.

From the editor, step by step, for many years, no longer leave the financial channel.

"Economic Half-hour", behind the audience, after the front scene, he is both a specific planning manufacturer,

Still the familiar host in the lens.

Another fixed program is a 3.15 party a year.

He has hosted a party throughout the 1990s.

Especially the first three years of the beginning, some behind-the-scenes planning work is also completed.

Before retired, he has suffered from cancer.

On January 10th, Zhao Hei, a positive flower armor, from Beijing.

06. Zhang Jizhen 83 years old

In 1939, because the family fled, Zhang Jizhen was born in Wu Land in the war.

Parents in the family are living with a stage, and she also learned to follow the childhood.

The Quenth and Su Opera have, when Zhang Jiqing has learned.

At the age of 21, she completed from the Kunquron, and she worked in the troupe after many years.

Her stage career is also from this period.

Because the stage is very good, and the famous family cooperates together "broken bridge", they all have admired the old actors.

Middle age, her achievements on the stage have reached a new peak.

The famous song "Peony Pavilion" is her representative work for many years.

Plus a song "柯 山", stack "two dreams" in "Peony Pavilion",

Since then, she has a piece of Zhang San Dream.

After the 1980s, her performance is no longer limited to domestic and began to go out of the country.

In the performances over the years, she has a large number of audience fans at home and abroad.

After entering the 21st century, she has invested in the inheritance of the Kunming drama.

During this time, she received a number of young disciples.

In 2018, she was already a year, she finally "swim a garden" on the stage.

On January 6th, Zhang Jiqing, 83, died in Jiangsu.

07. Zhu Zicong 70 years old

Zhu Zigong has been in Hong Kong for many years and only smells the person.

In 1952, he was born in Hong Kong.

In the early years, his business started in the radio station.

The film and television drama industry in Hong Kong is prosperous, but because most actors are very poor,

In the post-production, you need to re-dub.

Zhu Zigong was discovered by the wireless and officially entered the row of dubbing.

From Long Wu to Ding, from Huang Feihong to Song Zihao,

These familiar characters, familiar sounds are completed by his dubbing.

Over the years, he has become a fixed-volume partner for some well-known actors.

Therefore, like a group of Hong Kong films is very familiar with his voice.

After entering the 21st century, he dubbed in a series of anime works.

On the day of New Year's Day, Zhu Zicong, the old year, died in Hong Kong.

08. Gold Mei Xiu 31 years old

Jin Meixiu is a new generation of new generation of Korean.

Friends who like Korea drama in China may have a profound impression of Lu Zhengmin, who is playing.

In the early years, she has entered the development of film and television circles from the model.

Due to young, her work is not too much.

For their death, the family did not open the reason why she died.

Guess the arrival, some people think it is an accident, and some people think that things are not simple.

Of course, some people guess are suicide.

However, since it passed the news from 5 this month,

There is no further information available to the evidence.

09. Gold Survival 92 years old

Yue opera actor gold, born in Shanghai in 1930.

16 years old, she entered a professional play class.

After learning, it mainly passes the recorded record.

In the early years, I added an extension office, and the main attack is.

After the founding of New China, Jin Cai Feng joined the professional Yue theater group.

In the 1950s, she has repeatedly played out.

In the 1960s, she also has a wonderful star in the movie "Dream".

In the 1970s, in addition to continuing the stage of the drama,

She also met a series of movies before and after.

In the 1990s, she gradually fell out of the stage because of the factors of age.

On January 10th, the 92-year-old gold crash is died in Shanghai.

10. 伯春

The intercouitation actor is a son of Humen.

In the early years, they will start from the work of the troops.

After the transfer, he did not use the cross talk as a special career.

After 2002, I have sent it from time to time.

The performance is mainly in Tianjin's various small themasters or special.After 2008, his performance was reduced.

Zhu Yuzhao is his apprentice.

On January 14th, Junchun died.