The worst in the history of Music, was banned by 19 countries

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The worst in the history of Music, was banned by 19 countries

2022-01-22 18:02:22 33 ℃

The controversial "Eternal" has finally come.

Gorgeous, ambitious, diversified, shocking ... Released, it is given to hopes.

The pilot preview once released, the viewing volume reached 77 million times, and the hot speed was on the heat pipe.

It is an important part of "perfect transition to the fourth stage of the Milky Movie Universe."

Mourning CEO Kevin Ferch has been braised outside "" This crossing 7,000 grand epic will redefine the Movie Universe. "

Actor debut in 2019 San Diego Animation Exhibition

After the release, the word of mouth is unique.

Rotten tomato freshness 48%, metacritic52 points, set the lowest record of the Mount Movite in the rotten tomato, metacritic.

Douban rating is also slightly low, and the opening is 6.7, which has now fallen to 5.9.

The plane saw the score, a shocked

Each film and television media criticized, and did not give face.

"Country Review": "This is the most stupidity, the most popular, most sturdy, most in the Milky movie universe."

"Empire": "Disappointed, you can't get rid of Chen Qianliu of the superhero story."

The picture is from "National Review"

BoxOffice has predicted that "Eternal" will earn 82 million to 10.2 billion US dollars in the opening box office, and the total box office will reach 21 billion to $ 28 million.

As a result, the box office is unfavorable, and even 19 countries were banned.

The opening of the North American open box office is only 71 million US dollars.

North America finally won a $ 164.8 million, overseas won $ 237 million, and the global cumulative box office is $ 401.8 million.

Carefully calculate this account.

Single production costs are as high as 200 million, and additional costs such as Xuada are counted.

Basically, "Eternal" is a busy alive.

Box office grade, map source boxofficemojo

The box office, the word of mouth is bored, and it has encountered Waterloo.

"Eternal" was deducted "the worst" of the "Wors of Museum".

Is this a dramatic, or is it unquestionable?




>>>> Mourning attempt

In 5,000 BC, the old brother of God picked 10 "Eternal" and sent to the Earth to fight "variants".

These 10 teenages have different super powers, each has a thousand autumn.

Aijak (Salma Hayek playing), a team of a team.

She has self-healing, can rely on their own energy to cure others.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Thurscy (Jiama Chen played), arbitrarily manipulating without life.

She can make water, turn the car into petals.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Ikaris (Richard Madden playing), the first battle is the first.

He is good at freely, and its eyes can emit energy beams.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Dynasty (Angelina Jolie played), brave and fierce god.

She uses universe energy, she can make a weapon such as shields and swords.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Gilgamesh (Ma Dongki), is born.

By the bones of the universe, a punch can kill a variety.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Golden Took (Cumel Najany playing), peas.

With the emission of universe energy, the avatar is included in the old woman.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Sitt (Liam McCho playing), is always a mature girl.

She can make a videodyna, writing a mythical story of Tiama.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Festos (Brane Titry Henry), Science House.

He is far-renowned, silently developing some invention that promotes human progress.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Macari (Lauren Lodlov), high-speed mobile capabilities.

She is like lightning, a blink of an eye, can take a few turns around the earth.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

Master of the Piece of the Piece of the Personal Controlled Master.

As long as you turn your eyes, you can manipulate the ideas of others.


Left, movie version; right, comic version

This group of aliens came to the Earth to help human strike harvest people and promote the progress of human civilization.

However, they strictly abide by a provision:

Do not interfere with humans, do not enter the human war.

After thousands of years, human beings have developed farming in the new era of high-tech civilization.

This group of aliens who have not returned home have also gradually produced emotional earth and humans.

Therefore, when you know the true programs of the old big brother, they decide to violate the will, protect this blue planet ...

Shooting "Eternal" is a new attempt to shoot the Milky movie universe.

It is said that there are two reasons.

First, the time span is large.

Cuba Baron, Duo Dynasty, Tenuqi Titland, modern London;

Two river basins, Ganges River Basin, Aztec Civilization, Evolution to High-Tech Modern Civilization ...

The storyline of "Eternal" has across more than 7,000 years of human civilization.

This is the never had seen. Second, the cluster is numerous, dazzling.

Mourning hopes that "Eternal" is replicated with a group of championships such as the "Galang Guard".

In detail, a group of superheroes is described in detail with a movie.

There is a filling education in front of you, today there is a fuck stuffy actor.

According to the model given, "Eternal" will give 10 unfamiliar superheroes for the audience who has no thought.

~~ The audience is a little fed to rising.

>>>> Controversy can't be washed

The intention of "Eternal" is, "tell the origin of the Winui Universe, let everyone know the earth and the universe, see the collision between identity, purpose, belief, and personal freedom and greater interests."

It passes through the vision of the bystander, witness the progress of human civilization, and experience the trend of mankind, reflect on the cost of the human development.

So deeply interested, do you rush?

Most people will definitely mention that it is suspected of holding private goods.

Movies have such a detail.

Venue: Hiroshima nuclear explosion site.

Fistos saw the grass as destroyed, a wolf nuclear explosion ruins, crying.

He hates yourself and blocks the responsibility on himself.

He, tears under the rain.

"This is all I harm. I should not use technology to bring human progress, coming to the earth is a mistake, human beings are not worth saving."

Undoubtedly, the history of human civilization is a history full of killing and war.

The human tragedy of human nature, is bamboo book.

1915 - 1917, Osman Turkey implemented race extinction to Armenians, and the victims reached 1.5 million;

The Second World War, Nazi's race extinction of 6 million Jews, 2/3 of Jews were killed, including nearly 1.5 million children;

From December 13, 1938, in February 1938, after the Japanese imperialism occupied Nanjing, killing 300,000 Chinese compatriots;

From April 6th to July, 1994, Hu Mun people conducted a Rwandan massacre in Tongyu, 500,000 to 1 million Tui people were killed ...

"Boy wearing striped pajamas"

It is very good.

However, it is not convinced -

If you reflect on World War II, why not go to the seven-three troops ruins? Why don't you go to Oswegin's confession?

If you reflect technology, why not go to Chernobyl ruins?

However, the main creation chooses to kneel in Hiroshima nuclear explosion site.

This is an extremely sensitive offense for nations and countries that have been affirmed by Japanese imperialist aggression.

What's more, the director of this scene is a Chinese born in Beijing ...

The reason why "Eternal" is doing, nothing more than entraining private goods.

Let the actor kneel in Hiroshima, with a business piece for ideology output, to fuzzy World War II, refute "Hiroshima Atomic Bullets Regional".

Here, I need to remind the creators.

The essence of anti-war is learning lessons, do not repeat the same mistakes, rather than shaking white.

This, "Eternal" can't wash, wash it.

>>>> Failure attempt

The word "eternal" has a reputation crash, is it only caused by the entrained private goods?

of course not.

Even if it is private, its biggest problem is that business and art is not coordinated.

In the selection of director, the eyes of Mourning are alone.

It can make a famous second-line directors become a famous guide, and can also dig the potential of the directors of the literary film and create commercial explosions.

for example.

Russell brothers who have been mixed with television circles, relying on the "development of the development of the development", "The Chai Alliance" won Amy.

After getting the appreciation, the brothers directed the "American Captain 3: Hero Civil War" "Avengers: Unlimited Battle" "Avengers: Finance of the Finance".

New Zealand director Tayagvi, which took the "Vampire Life" and "Chasing Barbarians".

After direnessing "Thunder 3: Dusk dusk", win more opportunities for commercial large pieces.

"Aquila" "Non-named Star Wars Movie" ... His shooting plan has been ranked 2025 years.

This shot "Eternal", and Mount Marily chooses to let the literary film director to fade.

It looks at the cultural attributes and popularity of the other side, and believes that the identity of this East and Western cultural fusion can bring vision for movies.

To this end, it gives the director's full creation freedom.

Don't you want to use a green spot? That is real.

Canary Islands, Elku Evo Volcano, South Dakata Grassland, UK Oxford University Natural History Museum ...

The entire crew passed throughout the world, and the scene was taken on site.

Don't like the shooting style of business cards? Just follow your own style.

Natural light, 360 degree long lens, backlight, big vision ... she retrieves her comfort area.

Unfortunately, freedom did not change the box office.

"Eternal" sent to the "Eternal", nor does it take good heads in the fourth stage of the Great Universe.

This time, Mourning but did not assimilate the director, but he was assaining.

Originally, the audience did not know much about these 10 superheroes.

In the case where there is not enough paving, it is repeatedly used to use flashback processing, so that the story is seven zero.

Why does Ikaris killed the captain? Why is it suicide to the sun? Why do you give up the opportunity to kill the woman?

If you don't organize the logical logic before and after, it is easy to understand the behavior motivation of this person. The protagonist did not speak, and the supporting role was not.

From the opening of the mutual race, it is a failure case.

He has become a human form on the energy of the eternal people, and the combat power is reserved to the extreme.

I thought he was very resistant to the eternal people.

never expected.

Only played a play, forced a gamble.

Grass homes, do you have any food?

The whole movie, more than half of the longerings are talking about the emotion of the Endendy, humanity.

This group is wearing an aliens of cool play suit, standing on a broad earth, thinking about the gang, caught in the universe, human sexuality.

On the surface, the rhythm is slow, and the literary is very fruitful.

However, this long-lost big piece of literature, abandoned the business entertainment properties of the business card.

It has fallen into the ultimate pursuit of art film, but has lost the rhythm of the Milky movie easily wit.

One words were hidden.

The reason why "Eternal" is collapsed, and it is not in the director dispute, and the suspicion of the private goods.

However, its artistic film covers the entertainment commercial routine of superb film, resulting in causing style.

In the end, the business film is not like a business card, and the art film is not like a piece of art.

It is brave and failed to be brave and failed.

"Eternal", it is destined to please only the popcorn audience that is only cool.

It gave up the forest in order to bring a sprint of the literary film enthusiast.