Zhang Yimou and 38-year-old daughter ham!The end of the talker is not a strong gas field, once two married foreign husbands

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Zhang Yimou and 38-year-old daughter ham!The end of the talker is not a strong gas field, once two married foreign husbands

2022-01-22 18:02:09 33 ℃

Recently, there is a video that Zhang Yimou and his big daughter reflects the video of "sniper". In the video, Zhang Yimou father and female two people wearing new movie exclusive costumes, Zhang Yong happened to step on the red high heel shoes, and the head was self-confident, and Zhang Yimou bowed to finish the hand. While walking slowly.

After two, the two came to stand before, Zhang Yimou had always stared at the big daughter from time to time, and his eyes followed the concern of his father, perhaps because of the new movie publicity, full father. The girls are full of fun and smile. At the end of this year, he talked at the scene. In the face of questioning, there was a "national teacher" style, the woman's style was full.

I don't know what topic is discussed, and the two look around the picture is warm. It has always been a smile in the same day. The 38-year-old Zhang Zhang is still very similar to Zhang Yimou, and the two have a smile more warm. It is reported that the movie "Sniper" is jointly guided by Zhang Yimou, and I don't know what kind of quality works for parents can dedicate for the audience! However, the "national teacher" will inevitably be a boutique, and the expectation value is full!

It is not far from the two people who have a match with the two people, and Zhang Yimou took the daughter attended the 34th Finals Award. At that time, Zhang Yue was unveiled with the director's identity. At the end of the scene, he made a speech as a director, and "National Master" Zhang Yimou is willing to act as green leaves, standing on his daughter to listen to his statement.

As a big daughter of Zhang Yimou, there is no need to quit. At the age of 16, he was admitted to foreign school. After graduation, she was 26 years old, she was engaged in the movie related work. At the age of 27, she served as the deputy director of "Hawthorn Tree", and its independently directed the pair of people. " The Ten China Book Curtain List "Annual Newcomer Director Award. Compared to the rising vestory of the business, the feelings of the end are quite twists and turns, she has experienced a failure marriage, who have been violent by foreign countries, but good in today's second marma husband Men's eyes love to her.

It seems that the "Zhang Yimou" daughter's title is undoubtedly a lot of scenery, but this is really ordinary, and the end of the director's achievements are in the middle of the year, and they will follow their father in the film "strike" So, perhaps the experience of mixing the film for many years, the experience in which the rich theoretical knowledge can be made, and the expertise is superior.

Sincerely, the reputation of his father is loud, but the end of the actual action tells everyone that his success is by no means to rely on his father. Only with solid professional ability can let the audience pay for his work, and the support is just a browning, Tough capacity is the truly ace with ambition.