When Park Xunhui is getting married, the first voice, show the traditional hanbok, the abdomen is unable to hide

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When Park Xunhui is getting married, the first voice, show the traditional hanbok, the abdomen is unable to hide

2022-01-23 00:02:16 29 ℃

On January 22nd, everyone familiar with Korean Squad is a wedding. She married her four years old Cui Tajun, and the man is more actor than her.

According to reports, the wedding scene has been more than 200 guests, including many entertainment heavyweights, such as Li Rui Town, Iu, Li Min, Jin Xue Xuan, Li Hongji, Jin Zhiyuan, Li Hongji, Du Xiu, Liu Jun Lie, South Palace , Jin, Wu Ying, Li Shirong, Li Donghui, etc.

Rit Cui Shiyuan

Li Rui Town

Liu Jun Lie


Cui Tajun's brother and nephew


On the evening of the 22nd, I completed the wedding bus, I published two photos that were wearing Korean traditional marriage clothes, and first voice, thank you for your congratulations: Thanks for all the blessings sent by friends and family ...

The traditional bride of the netizen praises is very beautiful. The purple hanbok looks like Elegant Territory, just like the king in the Korean costume drama.

Park Xunhui wears a pure white wedding dress in the wedding, successfully covering the pregnancy, except for the face, almost no pregnancy.

However, these two hanies have not exposed before, it is clearly seen that Park Xunhui's pregnant belly, hiding her with Cui Tajun's crystallization, it looks quite happy.

On this day, Park Xunhui took photos with multi-group guests in wedding. Each photo was very real, no detailed picture, she sat in the pregnant belly, she took a photo with you, smiles, beautiful appearance is zero angle.

In addition, Li Min Ho, who was once cooperated with Park Xunhui, immediately issued it immediately after the wedding, quoted him in the drama, "I didn't like you", "I didn't bless". " You ", send friends to friends.

Interestingly, the famous brand on the table of Li Minyi wrote the character name "Gold" in the drama, rather than this "Li Min Ho", the picture has evoke a memories of many fans, and also seeing Park Xinhui's heart.

At the wedding, the ft island Zone Li Hongji "originally a beautiful man" is "originally a beautiful man", and "said" the male singer CRUSH ", the male singer CRUSH is interpreted with the men's EXO member Do (Du Xiu) The theme song "Beautiful" of the ghosts, and Li Di self-singing "Wan Fun".

Cui Tajun and Park Xunhui know, and the two will submit this friendship into the relationship between this friendship in 2017, in love with more than four years.

Although Cui Tajun's name is far less than Park Xunhui, Park Xunhui chooses to marry love, she has explained everything in the wedding.

The biggest bright spot in the wedding, is the moment between the two sides to read the marriage oath, Park Xunhui, swallowed tears, warm pictures forced crying a pile of fans.

The two said in front of more than 200 guests, "You will become my wife (husband), whether when I am happy, when I am so happy, when I am rich or poor, I will love it. You, cherish you! "

Park Xi Hui's tears, Cui Taixun saw the tears on Park Xihui immediately, and the two were deeply looked at. The sweet scenes caused by netizens to discuss.