After the three children of Kun Ling, it was open to protect the fetal shoes in the abdomen.

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After the three children of Kun Ling, it was open to protect the fetal shoes in the abdomen.

2022-01-23 00:02:01 44 ℃

Recently, Jay Chou got a warm blessing of many netizens in the social account in the Social Account, the good news of the three children in Kunling.

In view of Jay Chou's international influence, Kunling from Xiaomheng is also a resource heaving, recently, she has become a good-known brand ambassador, and Zhou Xun, Wang Yibo, Liu Shi Shi and other columns.

At present, Kunling's activity is also open, from the lens, delicious Kunling is more gentle, and the blue set is greatly known, although it is relaxed, I can see her slightly pill.

As can be seen from the near lens, Kunling's shape is indeed a lot, especially the waist and the crotch are particularly obvious, but in Kunling Tianheng skeleton, the whole person looks not bloated, maybe it is better to protect the abdomen The fetus, this Qunling is more comfortable to choose more comfortable flat shoes.

Previously, Taixia had predicted that Kunling has already arrived in the middle of the pregnancy. The insider also revealed that Kunling's expected date of birth in June this year, from the current state, Kunling did maintenance, the status is excellent, and I got my husband Jay. Take care of it.

It is reported that Qunling has always been a loyal fan of this brand. I have been present to Jay Chou in the same time. I have got a lot of big coffee in many turns, and I have won an excellent business opportunity for myself.

However, it is also clear that the various activities in Kunmingpei have also decreased a lot, and they have few disclosure. It is reported that Kunling has opened a public attended the event to be traced back to November last year. She is officially officially On the event, many netizens saw that Kunling had a lot of body, but because the dress was relaxed, the abdomen was also deliberately covered.

On the next few days before this public unveiled, Kunling was sent to the hospital because of the physical discomfort. At the time, Kunling followed the coaching fitness exercise at home, because there was no breakfast, physical strength was not unhappy.

This small accident made Zhou Jay, who had a husband, is particularly worn out. In the interview, Kunling also revealed that Jay Chou was very worried about her body, even when I was resting at night, I also got a alarm clock, and I visited her body many times. situation.

Such as this is, the Tunal in that time is already pregnant, maybe in order to enhance the body, let the baby in the belly are healthier, Kunling is still insisting on sports, improving physical fitness, and seeing the upcoming baby, Kunling also made plenty of preparation.

As everyone knows, Jay Chou is a favorite favorite, and he likes to know that he wants to be five babies with Kunling. Now it is a competent, everything is in development.

Cunning is not only 29 years old, it is the best stage of female fertility. I believe that in all thoughtful situations, the small two will usher in another healthy and cute baby, let us wish Qunling production Successful, all smoothly.