Yan Mengyao is rare to share the daily daily, and the big praise the daughter is quiet and quiet.

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Yan Mengyao is rare to share the daily daily, and the big praise the daughter is quiet and quiet.

2022-01-23 00:02:01 27 ℃

On January 22, Yan Mengyao shared the daily daily in the individual social platform, and she was rare to pass the text of the daughter. Yan Mengyao wrote: "The words said that the female baby is really yyds, but also quiet." So my brother really has such a skin, there is a laugh, there is wood, hahaha.

Yan Mengyao also took the daughter's clothes, and the clothing box was printed with her daughter's English name "Romee". For this year, I can't help but call "good love." The old mother is full of joy, and there is wood. .

This time, Dynasty Yao is rare to open a pair of children's growth, nature is naturally received. From her issued article, it can be clearly seen. Romee and brothers are very different. The brothers and sisters have a naughty, a quiet and sound, and a quiet one is not too perfect.

After seeing the sharing of Yan Mengyao, the netizens also got a message: "The girl is better than the boy, the girl is more intimate", "intimate small cotton jacket", "baby is healthy".

At the beginning of November last year, Yan Mengyao and his husband He Weijun were in the official news of the female news, and the children didn't know how many people envyed. On the same day, the couple also went out of a four-port warm and photo. He Weijun Yan Mengyao gently held the children's little hands. The new Romee small hand is white and tender, and the skin is the most in the skin, the little fist is also cute. Can't do it. A family of four meets the first time, even if there is no appearance, it is enough to be a man.

After that, Mon Meng Yao and He Weijun have almost no daughter, until the front of He Yijun released a mother and two little lovely warm photos. At that time, Romee and brother's face were still being coded. But the two small growth is still very obvious. The brother He Guangxi has already taken a small Zhengtai, and Romee has become a small group of meat, and the brothers and sisters are in the milk. The interactive, the picture is warm.

Although Yan Mengyao is extremely small, she still has a warm moments of sharing and son after being born. When Christmas was Christmas last year, Yan Mengyao made a very public video dynamics with his son, and the mother and child were busy before the camera. Xiao Guangxi felt a mother's small assistant. The hands-on ability is quite good. Previously, Yan Mengyao has also exposed a variety of naughty moments of his son. It can be seen that the little guys are also very good at home.

In addition, Yan Mengyao does not forget to pull his husband He Weijun Xiu. On the day of January 1, she long-lost the sweetness of the couple of husband and wife, and the fruit makeup of Yan Mengao in the postpartum, and the clothes were also beautiful, and He Yunjun smiled and smiled in the face. After seeing, after giving birth to a daughter, Yan Mengyao and He Weijun are more and more sweet.

In the first two days, Yan Mengyao also took out a group of postpartum fitness, and she had already opened the exercise weight loss mode for less than three months, and she was admired. Yan Mengyao also set up FLAG. She's direct words this year's wish is to lose weight, so they have to exercise 10 hours a week, otherwise do not give yourself a tea, real and cute.

However, from this group, Yan Mengyao has no fat feeling, slap face, fine waist, long legs as falling, and it is similar to pregnancy, and there is no good state. And at the perspective of the face, the whole beauty of Yan Mengyao is also super-resistant. It can't see the slightestness on his face. White is full of firming, even full of fragrant sweat, is still fascinating. Therefore, the desire of Yan Mengyao will definitely be realized, maybe she can still practice, it is more hot than pregnancy.

After the birth of the second child, Yan Meng Yao and He Weijun became low-key. This Shan Mengyao mentioned two children, it is really surprised. I hope that she can share more than two babies, and the sweet moments of my husband.

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