Liu Weiwei accompanied her daughter, grandparents, super grandson, New Year, gyzykly, red bag, buy Jin Yuanbao

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Liu Weiwei accompanied her daughter, grandparents, super grandson, New Year, gyzykly, red bag, buy Jin Yuanbao

2022-01-23 12:02:22 52 ℃

On January 22nd, "Love Home" crew appeared in the New Year's event, Liu Dan, Tengli name, and Lu Huiyi, etc. were unveiled.

Liu Weiwei, Liu Dan, once again asked his son and granddaughter's current situation, and the old man was talking about, and sharing their new year's customs.

The 78-year-old Liu Dan smiled and kindly, and every participation of the event must be asked to the son and the front of Yang Mi, naturally including granddaughter small glutinous rice.

Liu Dan is a real disclosure. In 2022, Liu Dan and his family will eat reunion, and he likes to eat dumplings. Unfortunately, he will not pack, plus Liu Weiwei mother is a southerner, and no one will pack dumplings in the family. Buy ready-made eating, the taste is naturally not mentioned.

Liu Dan said that the son Liu Weiwei returned to Hong Kong early, pushing off the work, accompanied her daughter, the new year and mother Yang Mi could not reunion.

They also have a lot of lovely new year customs, such as worshiping God, etc., will Liu Weiwei will send a big red envelope to her daughter?

Liu Dany should have, but grandmother's ritual is particularly full, and the New Year will prepare a full red envelope to glutinous rice, and they will deliberately buy gold ingot, from small to size glutinous rice, there are several gold ingot!

Will you ask a small glutinous rice? Will you give Mom and Dad (Yang Mi)?

Talking about this topic, Liu Dan said that Xiaoji rice red envelope is covered by Grandma to the bank, so there is no relationship with Yang Mi Liu Weiwei.

It must be waited for the glutinous rice to grow up, then handed over to her, grandparents were very petted, there was such a good grandparents, and there was a father who loved her, Xiao Wei's rice must be very happy.

Divorced from the end of 2018, Yang Mi Liu Weiwei divorced for more than three years ~

Within three years, the influence of the epidemic, Yang Mi has almost returned to the daughter, and Liu Dan received an interview last year to confirm that Yang Mi and his daughter did not meet for a long time, and this new year mother could not reunite.

The June 1 Children's Day in 2014 was born, and the small glutinous rice immediately was almost eight years old.

In addition to Yang Mi, there are also netizens to count her and daughter's reunite time. Yang Mi, who is mad, is heavy, and the year and daughter more than January have more than a month. Three years after divorce, I can't see my daughter, only Driven by video calls.

Liu Weiwei took the family as heavy and after divorce, he returned to the daughter after divorce, and later filmed the drama, but every major holiday will return to Hong Kong to accompany her daughter, Xiao Wei rice is big, especially grandmother, It is the most important person in her growth.

Two people marriage will naturally have the reason that they are unable to recover. Liu Weiwei Yang Mi is completely different from the marriage and career attitude. Yang Mi after divorce has been exposed to new love, but she did not admit that she also yearning for love, Liu Weiwei is the family .