Fang Yuan's high-profile show in the middle of the night, Guo Fucheng only reveals a half face, and his wife smiled.

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Fang Yuan's high-profile show in the middle of the night, Guo Fucheng only reveals a half face, and his wife smiled.

2022-01-23 12:02:45 37 ℃

On the evening of January 22, Fang Yuan took a video in the individual social account, and also said: "Can I give me a cute cat."

Fang Yuan Su Yanhao mirror, shares a long hair, wearing glasses, keeping your head, saying that I want a cute cat, but it is a "ignorant" cat.

However, Fang Yuan may not simply take a small video to play, focus on Guo Fucheng, wearing a black top, seeing his wife to fumeting, Guo Fucheng also looked back. Fang Yuan's "careful machine" is here, deliberately only exposes Half-Less face in Guo Fucheng, which has made fans.

In addition to the excitement of fans, Fang Yuan is also very happy. After seeing Guo Fucheng turned over, I don't know what Guo Fucheng said, or did something expression, Fang Yuan laughed to smash it into a seam, super shy Laughing.

Fang Yuan seems to be secretly poked the land show, the fact is that the high-profile dog food, the netizens will see: "Deliberately photographed Guo Fei City", "It is the king next to", "I feel you in Xi En Love", "life, good, Married "," The King is around "."

Fang Yuan married Guo Fucheng, after the two daughters were born, but Fang Yuan has returned to be super good, as I have never been born, Xiao waist super eye!

After Fang Yuan lived in the second child, he often practiced yoga, doing sports and slimming, tie up high horsetail, and Fang Yuan is still like a unmarried flower season girl.

When two little girls grow up, Fang Yuan and his daughters stood together, they will be like three sisters, and the mother and daughter are the most beautiful girl!

Guo Fucheng is also a "countless woman", and Xiong Yulin has been together for many years, but he is not willing to marry her. Including Fang Yuan has been put on black, Guo Fu City will not pay attention to it again and again, resolutely choose to stand together with his wife.

Every important festival, Guo Fucheng will be with your family, and the ceremony is full. The two ages are 22 years old, but Guo Fucheng maintained too good, and the two ages can't see too much.

One thing, Fang Yuan married Guo Fucheng, and I have gone two daughters, and I have no intention to seal the branches after giving birth. Guo Fucheng chose the fire to the Fang Yuan, which is also a high year of his old mother. If you want to have a grandchildren earlier, Fang Yuan is very "obedient", and it will be a third child for the king.

Fang Yuan has protected two daughters very well. It has never publicly opened two daughters, but there are media and passers-by to shoot two little girls. The value is really super high, after all, there is a pair of pigments are so high. Parents, two little girls are naturally fault.

Fang Yuan has the title of King, but there is no choice of full-time wife, she has her own career. This may also be one of the reasons for Guo Fucheng, is willing to marry and marry the king, and we must work hard. In addition to keeping the value forever, it is necessary to improve personal abilities.

Fang Yuan married Guo Fu City for five years, and two of them did prove with action, and they did not choose the wrong person. Guo Fucheng is busy in the career, and Fang Yuan took the child at home. Once there is time in Guo Fei City, he will go shopping with his wife and daughter, and the family will enjoy the parent-child time.

Fang Yuan also will also maintain the whole family, whether it is birthday, holiday, she will arrange very ritual feelings. Two people who have not been optimistic, it can always be so happy.

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