Ingneng Jing 19-year-old son taking a photo!Wear low-breast skirt high heel shoes, long and charming half-pose

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Ingneng Jing 19-year-old son taking a photo!Wear low-breast skirt high heel shoes, long and charming half-pose

2022-01-23 12:02:10 29 ℃

Recently, Yi Nengjing and the son of the ex-husband Chengqing once again sunned the male dress on the social platform, although it is a boys, but the women's clothing, the beauty of the women's clothing is also sexy, and it is worthy of the famous women's clothing. guy.

In the photo, Wear a big red low skirt, but also a red gauze glove, a black straight hair shawl, chemical thick makeup, puff blush appearance is extra enchanting, foot black high heels Half-squatting in the ground gesture sexy, the skin is white, light from the photo, can't see it is a boy.

However, Yunli also specially grabbed a men's dress, compared to his women's clothing, visible to our own female dress is very confident. However, the men's clothing of Lunli is also very handsome, inherits his high-quality, it is a typical male and female, eyebrows, sword eyebrows, five senses, handsome, and dressing, absolute A big handsome guy.

In fact, Yunli has caused a long discussion on the Internet because the male women's clothing has caused a long discussion, and even Yi Nengjing specializes in speaking for his son, indicating respecting the child's will, I hope everyone will not need to violate its own children. But for the Womenswear incident, the netizen is still in the case of this.

As the second generation of the Star II, Lunli's life may not have a smooth two generations. When I was 7 years old, my father Yu Chengqing and his mother Yiren got married, and the two sides also reached the family, and they also born children again. Harry, from 10,000 pets, to the later 庾庾利, what is the idea of ​​his inner heart.

But if you change to us, you can also spy the heart on the heart of Yunli. Even if the bi-life parents are big stars, they are very popular, but they all re-established families, more or less will cause the Harry heart. Impact, this is not given much substance, or you can solve it.

In psychology, there is a saying called Oedipus complex, that is, the boy will experience a stage that relies on his mother to fear his father. If you get normal care during this period, the boys will get rid of the Oedipus complex. I started learning to establish male awareness as my father, and it will be deeper by my mother. In this way, the growth of Runli does not know if it meets this psychological conclusion.

Regardless, the crushing of the native family is more or less impact on the psychology of the Runli, but the behavior of the Yunni male dress is purely personal, without affecting others, should not let him suffer Network violence, while the Runli is not afraid of the speech, still maintaining self-style style is really very personal, I hope that his future can be full of sunshine.