Gao Yuanyuan, after Zhao Ying is behind him ...

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Gao Yuanyuan, after Zhao Ying is behind him ...

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"I am in the fifteen years in Jay City, most of the energy is working ... But why do you want to deprive my competition?" Despite the efforts, it is still promoted, and the gold medal lawyer who is not expected to be hopeless, Chen Shan, who is high round, and Chen Shan, The head booler roared.

But this sentence is not a blame, from the high round mouth, but it is so gentle, even weak.

The boss did not be "scared" by her words. The netizens outside the screen couldn't help but spit: Gao Yuanyuan, just like a child wearing adult clothes, how to see it is not a taste. Wang Yaqing 's big customers, Lin Qingkun, is described very appropriate: it looks like a claw, and actually doing it in strength.

A wave of discussions about the high round "Mei Pei, no acting" set off again.

This is not a high round of the first encounter. "We get married" as her representative, I have been spit that I can't help the opponent male actor Huang Haibo's drama; starring Chen Kaige movie "Search", which is too "end" by the audience. It seems that in addition to "beauty", the public has no more impressions to her.

I have been playing more than 20 years in the entertainment circle, but I can't let the audience satisfied. For high round, this is really just a "technical problem" can be summarized?

After I grew up, I became you.

More than 60 years ago, in a village in Tangshan, Hebei, a man of Gao Junren was buried in the loess in his life. He made anger. With the people's learning talent, successfully examine the Tsinghua University.

After graduation, Gao Junren was assigned to the China Aviation Administration, where he met a beautiful female colleague, female colleague liked him, and the two quickly fell into the love river, and soon. After marriage, they first gave birth to a son, and they have become a high-quality student of Tsinghua University after growing; after another, it is high round.


Birth in such a family of intellectuals, the mother has a great impact on the high round, she is a researcher, most of which are dealing with books with books, and is not good at communicating with people. People who met on the road often face each other, do not know how to communicate. Gao Yuanyuan felt this little, she decided to make himself the same as my mother.

The whole family hopes that she can take a school school, doing something to do this, but the high round has their own intentions.

The high round circle during the junior high school, because of the greed, the skin is dark

Beauty is her knocking on the door. When the round is still a baby, the eyebrows can see the superior genes. She loves to play in junior high school, although it is dark, but still can see is a beautiful billet. High school, high rounds began to pay attention to their own appearance, no longer run everywhere, the skin gradually gone. High school teachers recalled that high rounds were already school flowers, admire her male classmates can have a long team, and they can receive a lot of lovers every day.

At the age of 17, the beautiful appearance of the high round was even alarmed. That year, the summer vacation, high round and friends went to Wangfujing to buy books, which happened to be hit by advertising employees. The other party was attracted by her fine five senses, so I went forward, I hope that Gao Yuan can take an advertisement.

At first, the tutor of tutor is still hesitant. But with encouragement of friends around him, she told the courage to try it. It is this attempt to open the door of the new world.

The first ice cream advertisement has been broadcast is very good. The new advertising is invited, and 20 advertisements have been taken for 3 months. Among them, a clear mouth advertisement broadcast during the Sydney Olympics, let her pure image are out of the way, and many people are impressed with this "clear girl".

Director Zhang Yang is also one of them. At that time, he wanted to take a story about the first love, and the school flower Huti was not found. When I worked, I broadcast a high round advertisement on TV. I saw that people were bright, and I decided to find her to participate in "Love Spicy". It is also this unexpected discovery, let the high round of beauty go on the screen from the campus, laid the foundation of the original male to her - first love girl.

However, this short interpretation experience did not bring too much change to the high round circle. She didn't plan to do actors, only when she took a movie, a few advertisements, put a long holiday, earned a good time. After the end, it is still necessary to return to the original life trajectory. That year, the Gao Yuanyuan did not apply for the North Shadow, but went to the Labor Relations College, and she was in the future, only to make a secret secret, and lived in Ai'an.

Such choices have made many people not understand at the time. Such a good innocent advantage, why don't you use it? Such a big chance is in front of you, why don't you catch well? Perhaps the heart is also swinging in the heart. Therefore, when she found her when she found her, she found her.

"天 龙 记" stills, high round gold value peak

"Yitian Tulong Ji" is a big production in the mainland and Taiwan's consolidated. The starring male and female not only relying on "Gui Pearl" is just red Su Youpeng, but also Jia Jingwen in Taiwan's red and half the sky, even the angle is Zhang Guoli, Zhang Tielin, Wang Gang, this time in the film and television circle in the film and television circle.

And the beautiful women like high rounds is even more exciting, including the Ji Xiaofu, Tao Hong played Ji Xiaofu, the first beauty Guo Gui, who was played in Singapore, Chen Zi letter, the Yin Zi, Lin Jing, Ding Minjun ... this version is called " The most beautiful Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon is comparable to today's "嬛 嬛" today, its lineup is more difficult to copy. Although the Gao Yuanyuan has worked with Zhang Yang and Wang Xiaoshuai two movie director, this is the first time to enter such a big crew, facing the predecessor actor who has built a tree in performance, high round circle I can't help but start drum.

She once fell into a serious self-suspicion, and the entire crew seems to have only one person who has not systematically learned. One sentence of "Eternal Dragon Slayer" is even more likely to fall into the bottom: It's okay to shoot someone, how can you come to you, you will delay everyone.

In the "Eternal Dragon Slayer" crew, it seems to stimulate the high round. She began to deal with themselves, frequently challenged the performance difficulties, including the most important works in her career "Nanjing! Nanjing! "And although the performance does have improved, it is also because of the depression in this drama, and her self-suspicion is even more serious.

People in the entertainment circle love together, there will be a party in three different. At the beginning, the high round circle felt fresh and participated. But after the fresh feelings, she is more and more feeling not adapted. At the gathering, the people came to, and people came, but they only felt embarrassed, nervous, and more people can only hide themselves in the yard and speech towards the tree.

She was surprised to find that she became a mother, and now she is like the mother of the mother who does not want to be a child.

How is the goddess?

After that, after this, the high round is beginning to face yourself, but also re-faced your desire. She remembered that she hadn't stepped into the entertainment circle, and she was overfolded. So, establish a desire of her own family, and more strong in her heart.

But the high round emotional experience is not smooth.

The first love object is "Shanghai Fortress" director Teng Huao, when two people were together, the outside world has been rumored that the high round is the "third party" in this emotion. Before her, Teng Waitao and the university classmates Liu Wei feels stable. The first love of this green, did not last too long, and two people were divided.

After that, Gao Yuan Yuan Yu Music Zhang Yadong, two people were five years, the feelings were very sweet, but unfortunately, Zhang Yadong adhered to unmarriedism, which allowed to build a high round disappointment of the family. Prior to high round, Zhang Yadong once and Dou Wei had a short-lived marriage, which was this experience, once again let the high circle fall into the insert.

High round and summer rain

However, the most deadly is still her relationship with Xia Yu. At that time, Xia Yuang and Yuan Quan have broke up at the beginning of the year. In April, Xia Yu and Gao Yuanyuan entered their garage. Soon, Yuan Quan talks about the show and crying with Xia Yu's emotions. It takes all the outside world to point all the high rounds that have always had "insert".

After all, when Yuan Quanhe Xia Yu was the most optimistic golden girl in the film circle, only 17 years old, I won the first Venice shadow in China, claiming the youngest movie emperor in history; another, Zhang Ziyi The same class, not only perform a fond of life, but also the best heroine of the Beijing University Film Festival, the passerby is extremely good.

At that time, the high round circle of consistently comics was obviously in the relationship between three people.

Despite Yuan Quan clarified, she is indeed separate from Xia Yu, and the side has proved that the high round is not insert; Liu Wei also states that the young high round is beginning to open, but the relationship between Teng Waitao is unclear. After all the process of the truth has been used for a while, the rumor has been taking roots in many viewers. It is still in today, there are still many people who misunderstand the high round.

"Search" stills

At that time, Chen Kaige found high round films "Search", let her play a timely, in time, there is no seat in the bus, and the urban female Ye Blue Autumn, which is attacked by netizens, probably the high round circle After experiencing similar scenarios, you can understand the situation of Ye Blue Autumn.

"Search" can be said to be born in a space in the high round emotions and performance double dysfunction. The high round circle of physical and mental injury is not the best state when shooting "Search". She broke the news in the interview. I used to take a game NG nearly 40 times. I still have not passed, and the Gao Yuan has collapsed. The feeling of familiar self-suspicion is coming back.

It is good to play with the high round circle in "Search". He not only acts well, but also in the prime of the high round, it was fascinated by her, and he had a very natural temperament in his high round, which makes people want to protect, the process of shooting, two people Gradually fall into the love. The sweetness of love is born with self-suspicion, and two people have stepped into the marriage hall.

At the time, many of the outside worlds believe that this relationship is Zhao Youting to get cheap, the media report is also deliberately enlarged the gap between the two. Because Zhao Youting, Gao Yuan finally finally found a reliable emotional pin, but also with such public opinion, so that the public image has changed, the image of the insert is diluted, but the high goddess image is sitting.

In 2016, an ordinary netizen opened the post of the "Great Ganda Competition" in the tiger; the next year, the Ji Tiger officially followed up, and the tiger is straight and the male began to open their own gods. For 6 consecutive years, the tiger goddess high round circle is always the king. Because the tiger has a tradition of the vote after elected "Goddess", it is said that the tiger is discovered that the tiger is deliberately protecting the high round, in order to see her every year, she has always made her second, no Give her first. Until 2020, the high round is coming out, and the tiger is also given to her a big gift. At the time of the female god vote, there is no opening, there is a sound: this year is to give high rounds. So after a series of fierce "killing", the round season is elected. And this result has also become a lot of netizens, a lot of straight men crying, "Yuanyuan is elected, and the list will not be rounded in the list, '青'."

People are not in the rivers and lakes, but they have her legend.

After having a family, the high round circle rarely acts. She is no longer entangled in the successful failure, concentrating the family. Occasionally face the lens and interviews, she can also become calmly, they have indeed lack of deficiencies in performance, even, give too much "self", but will not be awkward. Today's high round, just want to concentrate on your own little life.

Although the round people are not on the rivers and lakes, the rivers and lakes have been circulating her legend. After 80, 90, it was the audience of the high round of early film and television works. He once appreciated her style, unforgettable; after 00, I praised this people, but the mysterious goddess is always. In the days of acting, the high round has become a lot of people in the hearts of the heart.

Men miss her shadow, but there is a "most beautiful actress" on Weibo to vote, high round circles, always have the most one. Women envy her life, I want to find a secret of happy life from the details, and the high round circle wear a green cashmere coat appeared at the airport, and Taobao immediately became explosions.

The more freshly appeared, the more the round is, the more I have been myth. Occasionally, there is a woman who is doing women's shoes, the news of the flowering shop, and secretly stamped the straight men who have been hungry to the goddess, and they will contribute a little nutrients from time to time.

Nicholas Tse had a high round of charm: "It is very simple, very simple, not complicated, many young actors do not have this kind of trait, just like dinosaur, is out of print." It is true that it is a clear white, obedient.

Tiger goddess pair

It has always sent a high round as a "belief" tiger, and their aesthetic characteristics have also been evidence from the side. Referring to the champion of the previous tiger goddess, Jia Jingwen, Qiu Shuzhen, Julia, Liu Yifei, Gao Yuanyuan, or generous generous or gentle, most of them, there is no aggressive.

And this kind of attack is not only reflected in the long phase, makeup, and temperament should be lighter enough. It can't be too gorgeous; more embodied in the career, and must not cover the man's head. Whether it is controllable, it is an important standard. Uncontrolled goddess, even if you grow beautiful, you can't unify all the tigers, becoming a goddess, but only 10 people.

For example, Yang Mi looks at the body and the long phase, with absolute advantage. However, Yang Mi for the ambition is not honest in the tiger. Confused high round, although the cause is not in progress, the performance has not been warm and even abandoned the audience for 9 years, but it has always been a tiger.

The appearance of the goddess is stable, and it is still a high round of heat, even if she does not shoot, she is still the cover and the big name. There are fashion media statistics, high rounds have filled 22 first-line fashion magazine cover, this is the same, many young actresses look like.

Even Zhao Ying Ting started to emerge in the mainland, but also to play this "wife brand".

Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan

At the season of Zhao Yiting, the "Qi Hui Conference", his biggest look, also in the show, Madong Round, and he is with high round circle; even today, he participated in the variety "final winner", The high round manufacturing topic is not appeared, and the most popular variety show, the topic discussed the most, "Qin Yuxian's goddess is Zhao Youting wife high round".

No matter whether it is a variety or a TV series, there is a "hate of the wife" in Zhao Youting. If it is not the thermal broadcast of TV series "three births and three hundred miles", let Zhao Youting goes out of the whole capacitance, I am afraid that high round goddess image can also support two people in two people for at least 10 years.

Another sample of middle-aged actress transformation

And this contended viewer, in fact, it has already begun to reveal the drawbacks.

At Angelababy, Liu Shishi, Yang Mi, Ni Ni 85, four small flowers, the inside entertainment is tragic, and the long-term high round eyes of the years will be forgotten by the audience. There is a fashion media standing out, thinking that the high round team's artist's ideas is too conservative.

After all, as an actor, it should still be like a container and can shape something. Other actresses either work, or have a topic, the high round circle is only the same thing, that is, "beauty", which is easy to make the audience to produce aesthetic fatigue.

It's more horrible to have time, she may be accommodated by the outside world.

However, she has a little fresh attempt even a new change, and the audience can't accept it. For example, the first work of her "Glorious and Dream", the still appears, it is highlighted by the netizens, the old state, even if the aging is just a natural growth state. Even if someone puts forward on the Douban, I hope to see the high round of "urban evil girl", this point is nearly 700 times, and the first one of the top comments. But you can't doubt, is it a role that is really suitable for such a role, or an imagination based on her gorgeous appearance.

Many people like high round, because of her face. Over time, I wait until the appearance of the color is falling, can she rely on the audience?

In fact, in the "Perfect Partner", it can be clearly felt that after harmonious, high round acting has changed. At least in the impression of people, Zhou Yukuo Xiaoyu, Chu Chu Pitiful image, no longer the high round of the high round of love, even if it is not jumping with the scholarous actor Zhang Lu.

But the audience is still dissatisfied with her performance. This dissatisfaction is not limited to the question of acting, but more is the incompetence of her image conversion. This, including Zhou Xun, Many middle-aged actresses in Lin Xin, can experience it.

People can't accept the aura, Zhou Gongzi, started to wrinkle, "such as rumors", regarding Zhou Xun's negligence, the negative evaluation accounts for most; and can not accept "Pearl Gege" Lin Xin as "demon demon", she starred in "Feng Shen Bang" The self-contained, has been spit like a jade rabbit.

But they all choose to jump out of the safety zone. Pushing, flowing with tears, Zhou Xun does not hesitate to play old, play ugly, one play, help the audience to adapt to their new image, now Zhou Gongzi's sprinkle, no make up, also capture More viewers;

Lin Xinru is also in the middle of the error, finding the path that is suitable for himself, from "Emperor Emperor" or after entering the scene, now serves as a Nafei hot drama "Hua Lan,", she completed the open mindset Transform.

Their transformation is everything that abandoned the success of the successful screen image, and the award is also destroyed, and I will live a truth. It is another sample of middle-aged female actors transformed by high circles.

She lives tits, and there is no such thing as the world.

Maybe this is a high round "real me", is her mind, this is not a thickness for one individual. But this also means that the actor's high round is destined to just certain qualified products, it is difficult to have a career.