Wu Jing played Call for Wu Hao, and Zhao Wenzhuo new film was released, Wu Jing kept silence.

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Wu Jing played Call for Wu Hao, and Zhao Wenzhuo new film was released, Wu Jing kept silence.

2022-01-23 12:02:28 44 ℃

Preface: Directed by Liu Wei, Wang Yaosheng starring, Luo Yan, Liu Junxiao, Yu Qing, Sha Minghao, He Xun, Ma Wing and other people starring the action gun battle theme film "Fault", January 21, 2022 Delvate in Tencent video.

"Fault" tells the story of a pair of twins Chinese brothers who have been born overseas: The brother is involved in the local gangs and hatred, fake the whole body and retreats, and took away the huge amount of money of the gang. Brother, unknown, in order to find the truth of the younger brother "death", cross the national boundaries, and chased the fierce. Brothers who have already taken each other, in order to save my brother, return to the brother and the brother with the new face and the buddy, and fight in the police and the black.

Therefore, Wu Hao is decorated in two corners in one person, and it is difficult to make big. It is said that the "Fault" team is a "war wolf" team, and Wu Jing recorded video for Wu Wei. In addition to Wu Jing, there are still many stars to fight Call, first we look at the director lineup: high group book, Tang Ji Li, Wang Jing, five hundred, Rao Xiazhi, Lu Yang, Ding Wei, Teng Huao, Zhang Lijia, Shen Olympics, Daiki, etc.

Look at the actor lineup: Allen, Bao Bell, Changyuan, Deng Chao, Dong Wei, Hu Ge, Hu Jun, Huang Wei, Huang Jingyu, Huang Xiaoming, Jiang Xin, Li Xin, Liu Yan, Nie Yuan, Pan Bin Long, Sha Yi, Shen Teng, Shizhao Qiqi王景春, 王 劲 松, 镇, 于 伟, Zhao Wenzhuo, Zhu Yawen.

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: Sun Nan is the only singer, this shows that Wu Hao's people are too good. Wu Wei is also a movement actor, born in 1976, 2 years old than Wu Jing, 4 years old than Zhao Wenzhuo. Wu Hao was a child, he had a poor body, but he watched the "Shaolin Temple" "Huo Yuanjia" and other film and television works in martial arts.

Father took Wu Wei to worship a civil teacher. After two years, the teacher felt that Wu Hao skeleton is clear. It is a military martial arts, and he has pushed him to the regular sports school - Zhangjiakou City Amateur Warcraft team, starting professional training. In 1992, the State Sports Committee put the excellent athletes, Wu Wei forwarded to Ningxia Martial Arts team, and took a national martial arts competition champion in the first year.

In 1996, Wu Hao participated in the "National Personal Classic" and won the first place in "Eight Times". And Wu Jing, Zhao Wenzhuo, Zhang Jin is not the same, Wu Wei did not act now, but in 1997, he was admitted to the Central Drama Academy in 1997. After graduation, Wu Hao became a professional actor in the Chinese National Theater with the first achievement of the performance.

Therefore, Wu Hao should be the best actress in the action actor, but it is also the least red in these movements. On January 14, Zhao Wenzhuo starred in the film movie "Tattoo" released, the first day of the box office is less than 1 million. Wu Jing did not play Call for Zhao Wenzhuo, perhaps the relationship between two people, perhaps Zhao Wenzhuo did not invite Wu Jing.

Discussion: Why is Wu Hao not red?