Men's middle sound singing home Winns died, friends are giving home, New Year's Day, participate in welcome party

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Men's middle sound singing home Winns died, friends are giving home, New Year's Day, participate in welcome party

2022-01-23 18:02:14 22 ℃

On January 23, some netizens shared the short film of the Wen Keming teacher who sent a singer, I hope that he will come all the way, and many of the old friends have won the tie, send him the last journey.

Singer Zhou Mingjin briefed, Wenke Ming died at 19:23:23, 2022.

Wenkeming is my country's famous male midney singer and opera actors, and is also a long friend of Wang Luobin for national musicians. As early as 1978, the two had starred in cooperation to starring the large opera "Tomer's Baili", which was warmly praised.

It is reported that the song "Dabo City's girl" is the first time the Wen Baming was first sing in the public in 1980.

Teacher Wenkeming and Wang Luobin met in 1977. When the other party was the most difficult, he reached out and invited Wang Luobin to compose the opera "Tomer Baili" starring him. Although the two people's cooperation, but the harvest is very good. Effect. At the time, Wang Luobin gave him "Dawu City's girl" music as a commemoration.

In the public information, there is no introduction to the date of birth of Wenkeming. However, from its resume, it should also have a seven or eighty years old. Once they are going to the stage, he is in the spirit, like a young man collects songs.

At the end of November last year, Wenkeming teacher also plays and organizes the performance of Mr. Wang Luin, Mr. Wang Luin, who commemorates friends from Mr. Wang Luin, who commemorates Mr. Wang Luin, who commemorates friends.

Teacher Wenkeming has long served as heads of Shanghai Bai Yulan Song Dance Troupe, the president of Shanghai Yinxing Art School, cultivated many singing and performance talents. After retiring, he still sings the cause, and the old friends who loved the performances, and the essays of the sound of music and the heads of the music, and they are performing in various places. On the eve of New Year's Day, the songs and dances also shared the dynamics of the party with Wenkeming.

At that time, Wenkeming teachers used orange juice to drink, and it was very good, and it looked very good. It was very young and sent to everyone on the spot.

On the same day, he also interacted and exchanged with the captain of the group, discussed the next performance plan. No one can't think of just 20 days, he hurriedly wondered. Friends also revealed that Wenkeming teachers suddenly died.

Wenke Ming is singing. However, in the new spring performance after a few days, I didn't see Wen Boming's figure, even "Daba City's girl" was performed by other actors. I don't know if his body has appeared discomfort.

Wenkeming teacher is cheerful, there are many good friends outside the circle. Famous singers such as Yang Hongji, Liu Bingyi, Yan Lianfeng, Guan Husu Village have cooperated many times.

In addition to singing and operas, Wenkeming is still a host, who has won the first prize of the National Moderator Professional Group Competition, which is also a wedding host of young people, his planning and hosted large Chinese wedding. National Wedding Gold Award. In 2007, Wenkeming won the first prize of the Shanghai Life Fashion Channel Professional Moderator TV Grand Prix. In 2008, in the national "Huaxia Art" Grand Prix, I won the first prize of the national singing.

Wenkeming teacher is full, and Mrs. Yang Xiuhua is a painting and calligraphy artist, and the dean of the vocational book and painting of the music. The two are not only very loving, but also support each other's career, almost moving in life. When Wenkeming teachers have performances and activities, Yang Xiuhua will accompany it, and Winkend will still appear in a wife's painting and calligraphy class, teach some of the skills, and are deeply loved by the children.

After the death of Wenkeming, many good friends have evoked, I hope that he will go all the way, heaven has no pain.