Is it true not to mirror?Why are those beautiful women who are exaggerated, we get Get?

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Is it true not to mirror?Why are those beautiful women who are exaggerated, we get Get?

2022-01-23 18:03:49 48 ℃

In the entertainment circle, it will often hear which female stars "beautiful earth-shatter", in fact, we have little to feel less through the picture or the photo. They are beautiful, but they have not met the "peerless" taste.

There is an old saying that "people are not in the mirror", is it more than 100 times, thousands of beautiful women who are exaggerated? Or is their beauty being "myth"?

Zhong Chuhong

Zhong Chuhong participated in Miss Hong Kong in 1979, and the results did not enter, just got the fourth place. I don't know if Zhong Chuhong dresses the old and beautiful, I have not been displayed. The Hong Kong sister champion is Zheng Wenya. Zheng Wenya also won the best moon.

At that time, Zhong Chu was 19 years old. Many people said that because Zhong Chuhong won't wear high heels, it was lost in the Hong Kong sister competition, but he read the shortcomings of the photo of the year to show her face's shortcomings, and her long phase should like the judges The type of elegant atmosphere is part of the Southeast Asian style.

Zhong Chuhong's face is relatively short, and the cheekbone is high, the lower jaw is big, the lips are slightly convex, so it is very clear in the five senses, so I don't feel awkward. Zhong Chuhong's facialhead is relatively placed, the nose is big, the mouth is also big but cooperates with the big eyes of the veins, and it seems that Southeast Asian taste is full. Moreover, Zhong Chuhong is also a healthy skin color, giving a feeling of being full of tropical style.

If you don't walk on the big screen, you encounter the right role, show the role suitable for Zhong Chu-red personality, otherwise she is likely to be buried. After all, Zhong Chuhong participated in the wireless audition has also failed. Fortunately, Liu Songren appreciates pure Zhong Chuhong, reflecting it into the film circle, becoming the contract of Shore.

Many people say that early Zhong Chuhong revealed a native situation of joining, and it is a very simple girl. In the "Huyue's Story" of Zhong Chuhong, Huyue, Zhong Chuhong is playing a Vietnamese girl, rustic and pure, this play Zhong Chuhong and Zhou Yunfa play a couple.

The Zhong Chuhong after walking has changed the hairstyle, and the long-distance avoidance, the long curly hair is full of charm. The original Zhong Chuhong's body is not a kind, but the type of richness, and the limbs are short. But change the sexy beauty after Zhong Chuhong, put on the clothes of the outline, and the garment of the European and American style, it seems that the whole person is very foreign.

Zhang Guoyong once said that Zhong Chu Hongmei was soaring a living. In fact, her beauty is still in "style", so people rely on clothes and horses, this sentence is correct. It may also be that she is really beautiful in her reality, but not shown on the screen.

Xu Qing

Now Xu Qing is absolutely beautiful than younger, but many people are also relatively large for Xu Qing's beauty.

We think she should be a beautiful woman, but sometimes she is so beautiful?

Xu Qing, who just shot, was really not showing her Tianzi, and even some of the earth. Not only the role she played, but more people feel that she is a little not happy, even some fierce beauty, lacking point of viewer.

It is said that the real beauty is not divided into the borders and the times, most people think that beauty is really beautiful. When Xu Qing is young, it is not so high, and there are no so many people praise her fifty years old. It is still as glamorous.

Xu Qing's disadvantage is that the chin is slightly short, and there is a feeling of goose face when laughing. And her entire facial contour is relatively large, and this shifted contour is full of collagen that is full of collagen, and most of the aged collagen is lost, the meat of the face is difficult. Hanging, this time Xu Qing's advantage is displayed, still round and rich, obviously young people.

In addition, the experience gave her to her, and the whole person appeared "Feng Yun", which also appeared. I believe that the entertainment circle has a fifty female star, Xu Qing is definitely a leader.


Xuanyuan was dedicated for 30 years, it was originally an academic master of the British famous school, and has been admitted to flight attendants by the airline. Only in the nature of the game at the age of 21, I was discovered by the TVB.

After joining TVB, Xuanhao was also a considerable role in a long time. In 1993, the first role starred with Fang Zhongxin, Wang Fei starred in the "Millennium Lovers", the drama she plays a rich family, character itself and She is very similar, regardless of personality or family background.

Later, there were many characters that played a lot of characters, but there were not many discussion but enough to know, and Xuan Xuan himself was warm and cheerful, and there was an inch, obedient, and knowledge, let the audience have a good sense.

Slowly TVB began to pay attention to the existence of Xuanyuan, giving her a lot of opportunities, like the "Criminal Investigation Archive", "Looking for Qin Ji", "Tiandi Hi", Xuanyuan seized the opportunity, and use the role to leave a deep impression on the audience.

It is very good to know that Xuan Xuan's acting is very good, but her long-term phase really doesn't have temperament. Under the same period, Li Zi, Zhang Kezhen, Li Ruoxi's reflection, Xuanyuan is not so amazing, winning in the long phase is very comfortable, the temperament is very unique.

Xuanyuan's overall face looks more tough, especially when you laugh, it looks too sharp and serious. Xuan Xuan's face is relatively suitable for small screens. It is more likely that the big screen is generally, like "Tang Bohu Point Qiuxiang", Xuan Xuan, the summer, is really flat.

Xuan Xuan's resources have been good, I believe that it is unlike her exquisite acting. Whether it is in TVB, still comes to the mainland, Xuan Xuan can have a hand, and there is a skill that is not afraid to shoot. Mo Wenwei

Thinking of Mo Wenwei, the first thing I thought is not her song, nor is her movie, but her figure.

Mo Wenwei is far more than her face, Mo Wenxi, who likes art, not only profits in various musical instruments and dance, but also a good song. After 23 years old, I was discovered by music.

As a result, it was three years. Her good scorpion was not accepted by the audience, but he appeared in Zhou Xingchi to show "the Westward Journey" "Food God", so that her film is constantly moving, showing many people's film and television works. Thanks to the "Fallen Angel", I won the best female supporting angle.

The length of Mo Wenwei can be said to be unhappy, but it is very characteristic. Mo Wenwei's face is relatively narrow, and the five senses are a bit promotion on the relatively narrow face. The eyebrows are hanging down, and the whole person is relatively lazy, the biggest "shortcoming" is that the 龅 龅 appears to have a good outstanding, and Mo Wenwei's teeth, mouth big, mouth big I really affect the overall beauty.

But there is 30 million legs and the body without a little fat, and people ignore the importance of the face.

Tang Wei

Tang Wei starred to Li An's work "color ring" and widely known, many people say that Tang Wei is the role. But this film is not open in the mainland, so Tang Wei also changed to be blocked for a while.

From the soup from the work, the aura where the role is lost is relatively plain. I don't feel beautiful, I don't feel beautiful, and the five senses seem to be strange, but it is so bright in the movie, known as "literary film goddess" is still altered.

Tang Wei Ping, the lines on both sides of the cheek seem to be parallel, and the worm has a sharp contraction to form a sharp chin. Due to the special hexagonal face, Li An is impressed. Tang Wei's five senses are small, and the eyes are not big, but the face is large, so there are many faces, typical Chinese bones, horizontal eyebrows, flat bones, low in the face, the nose, the folding degree is low feel. However, it is very like a woman on the Republic of China.

Tang Wei's eyelids are more fat, which seems to be a "swollen eye bubble" feeling. In fact, Tang Wei does not dominate static and non-expression. Moreover, the skin tone has always been a short board for Tang.

So the film on the movie is rich, will not make people feel exaggerated, but feel alive. Fluffy long curly hair plus light makeup covers both cheeks, which looks full of royal sister. Tang Wei's temperament is far better, and the sky is light on the surface. It is actually rich enough.

For the United States, everyone's judgment is different, maybe some people like more than just appearance, but the kind of granules. It is also possible that small lenses are not enough to show a few thousandths of their beauty, but in turn amplify their small shortcomings.