After the Qing dynasty, CCTV Spring Festival Evening took the lead in doing the episode: the strength sent, "traffic"

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After the Qing dynasty, CCTV Spring Festival Evening took the lead in doing the episode: the strength sent, "traffic"

2022-01-23 18:03:00 56 ℃

Call the show show, stop the drama, after the Qing dynasty, go to "flow quantization" effect.

The major party is no longer over entertaining, reducing "traffic", will focus on the strength party. For example, 2021 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival, please have a lot of represented representatives like Xiao Jingteng, Phoenix legend.

Second, there is also a leader in the field, such as singing home soup fishing, Yili, Tao Yao singer Wang Li, Peking Opera actor Wang Yuyu, musical actor Zheng Qi, etc.

Compared with the past traffic, the late session after the Qing dynasty is more than the strength of Hua Hua, let the audience really feel the charm of the stage, and the high level of the strength artist.

Don't look at the strength, don't watch the fans, watch the stage effect, CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival has been released, that is, the "flow rate" era and the end of the era of death.

After the CCTV party made the appearance, Hunan Satellite TV has been excessive and entertaining. It used to be "traffic in the traffic", who is red, but after the Qing dynasty, Hunan Satellite TV is obvious.

At 2021, Hunan Satellite TV, in the autumn and late party, once changed the wind, the wind, the whole, and realized the people's livelihood. Invite ordinary players, starting from their story, driving more audiences with equivalent experience, reaching resonance.

Among them, there is a decoration worker in a foreign land. There are old husbands who are not around, and there are also a girlfriends accompanying 41 years ...

The whole show will be warm and grounded, and no longer over entertaining.

At 2022, Hunan Satellite TV also invited a lot of strength to dancers and dancers, no longer who was red. At the same time, it reduces the invalid interaction between guests and the host, no longer satisfying fans to see the needs of idols, but to meet more viewers can see smooth and have quality evenings.

After the Qing dynasty, the CCTV party took the leader, Hunan Satellite TV rectified, this phenomenon is worthy of applause.

It can be seen from many evenings that anti-"only traffic" is significant.

Due to the peers, there is no strength, but the little meat of "brother" is not a market, and the marketing coffee for the market is honest, and the over entertaining program is rectified. The film and television environment is very good, and the phenomenon of "flow ramp" does not exist.

In addition to the evening party, CCTV also took the lead in the Spring Festival Gala.

From the first large line of large row, the CCTV Spring Festival Evening is once again released.

First, the strength faction is like.

Second, "traffic" is ready for use.


You can see many familiar faces in the accommodation of the town, such as the aging, Ma Li, Allen, Changyuan, and the big bowl of entertainment Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei, and Guo Donglin, Jia Bing and other Spring Festival Evening General visit.

In the past, I saw that Zhao Benshan thought is the Spring Festival Evening. Now, I have seen the fun and big bowl of entertainment, I have thought of the lively in the Spring Festival Evening. The Spring Festival Evening generation is also a generation, and the actors have a batch, the unchanging is laughter.

There is this group of comedians, as if "Ding Haimen", will the smile will be less?

In addition to these excellent comedians, there is also a group of excellent actors.

Including Zhang Guili, Liu Tao, Qin Haijun, Deng Chao, Sha Yi, Chen Kun, etc. With strength, work, awareness, their joining makes the party more mysterious.

Is it singing? Is it a delicate? Or do you become magic? It is expected.

There is a comedian, there is strength to send an old skull, although I have not seen Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue, I haven't seen the interpretation, but Gao Xiaopuan is present. He is known as "the most handsome people", not only the extension of the foreigner, the performance strength is also a big point.

In the strength artist, there is a group of singers who have been recognized by strength.

The elderly, Liu Huan, Sun Nan, Alan Tam, Sha Baoliang, young, Xiao Jingteng, Yu Kewei, Jike Yi, etc.

Whether it is a popularity or singing, there is they are, the stage effect doesn't worry. Looking at this "prefang" and "rear waves" join, he can't help but feel the changes in the times, and the inheritance of the stage.

I have a feeling, I can't move.

In combination, whether it is a comedians, or actors, singers, these artists have a common point to be outstanding. At the same time, they have maintained a positive image in the hearts of the audience.

It can be said that their joining the stage of the Spring Festival Evening is more depth, more taste.


Strength sent artists, let the quality of the Spring Festival Evening are guaranteed, but in addition to old play bones and familiar faces, the Spring Festival Evening also tried to add fresh and young blood. Among them, there is a batch of high-quality youth representatives, including 胧, Mao Xiaozheng, Ren Jiaolun, Zhang Ruozhen, Chen Yuxi, Zhu Yilong, etc.

They can have the opportunity to get in touch with the spring night, and they can ink.

First, seriously do the trick, and the old man is doing people.

Second, there is a certain reputation and fans foundation.

Third, you can keep the young audience.

Relative to the strength of the old play, this outstanding youth is more in line with the taste of the young audience, and injecting vitality to this party.

It can be seen from these actors that the Spring Festival Evening Conside is comparable, please come to the old artists, keep the audience of the year, and invited youth artists to retain the young audience, and have achieved it.

On this basis, you can also choose these artists who don't "make" in the entertainment industry.

Referring to "Qing Lang Action" and "flow quantization", will always think that there is no traffic, or the traffic is completely finished, it is not the case. The so-called "flow rate" is to remove those behaviors and artists who bounce for Bo's flow, but not all "traffic" is.

Therefore, after "Qing Lang Action", the Spring Festival Evening pays attention to the different viewers, please have a lot of "traffic", but they are all useful.

These "traffic" includes efforts to make it up with Zhang Yixing, each shining the three small, grassroots, but not asked Zhao Liying, with the singer, with the singularity of Li Yuchun, watered the dream of the dream with sweat.

They have thousands of fan groups, with powerful influence, and they are all good young people. They gave "traffic", and they also affected more young audiences.

Therefore, it is not "traffic" unavailable, but it is necessary to use the predecessor. As a high-quality idol, they can contact the spring nights to a certain extent, to make a model for fans.

From the spring evening, the joining of fresh blood, and then to the choice of high-quality idols, all-round audiences can take care of each age. Have to say, CCTV Spring is too careless!

Let the strength artist have a stage that makes quality idols have better development. This spring evening has played a leading role.

In the Spring Festival Evening in 2022, in addition to the guests, the stage of the stage is also a big look.

The words of the host Zheng Li said that the technology is full, fresh is full. Because the party has created 720 degrees of ring curtain space for the first time, creating a stereo "concentric circle" and the meaning is satisfactory and reunion.

There is a stage of scientific and technological, and there is a powerful artist performance, and the Spring Festival Evening expectation in 2022 is full.