Remember Chen Xue Dong's "Son" Haohao?What is the rear value?

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Remember Chen Xue Dong's "Son" Haohao?What is the rear value?

2022-01-24 00:05:54 29 ℃

Hello, small oranges!

I still remember the bird's wad of the signboard.

Is it a lovely luxury?

Fat face and sometimes soft cute little expression,

Meet the wish of the young mother's cloud.

For example, this classic side eats and sleeps.

Congratulations to the same foot and face GIF. ↓

Sure enough, the people of love are all, Haohao is no exception.

This is not, stealing the beauty is discovered,

I also know that I have a hat cover myself.

Don't look at the heroic naughty points in weekdays.

In fact, the heart of the luxury is still very warm.

Huang Jingyu alone because the family walks on the window sill,

Hao Hao is worried on the door frame,

Warm heart asked what he happened.

Just ... Who can tell me,

Which of him is the brother?

Because ice cream is finrateing,

号 啕 啕,

But he is late to open the package reason,

I want to wait for my brothers to eat together.

Just ask, such a small warm man doesn't like