The industry has exposed, and the master of a cross talk makes the apprentice "When the dog is biting", who can I enhance?

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The industry has exposed, and the master of a cross talk makes the apprentice "When the dog is biting", who can I enhance?

2022-01-24 00:07:56 49 ℃

It is a good time, sometimes it is skewer by some people.

In principle, the division profession of the cross-sound industry is a good thing. In the old society, it can raise the industry threshold and protect the interests of the industry. If there is no teacher's bearing system, the cross talk industry may have developed.

However, after entering the new society, with social stability and legal system, the role of cross-tone division spectrum is greatly reduced, and it is just a symbol in a long time.

Interestingly, in the past ten years, the students have been playing new patterns in the industry, and there are teachers who compare their competitors. They also have a teacher's relationship to control the company's employees, the former cross talk actors, host Wang Yang In the live room, it is said that a new teacher is playing the law: Master teaches the "dog" to raise.

This "dog" and the dog gas "in the interpolation performance are different. It is a kind of ground-spirited performance style. Wang Yang's words are that Master's brother is used to" bite ", so like a dog.

The original words of Wang Yang are roughly said:

The master of a cross talk is to receive a very controversial person, everyone goes to block, useless. The master has a very good friend asking: This is so lively, is you not to accept this person? A master nodded.

This friend does not solve: What is your dosing? What is your purpose?

High energy is coming, the master's answer is: I have recently "dog", let him bite.

What's more, in order to narrow the fight, Wang Yang adds a sentence: the parties are still alive.

However, in order to increase the difficulty of guessing, Wang Yang did not say that this "party" is who is the master, or the apprentice of the teacher, or the master of the master?

Wang Yang, the person and the cross talk Hou family is very deep, and Hou Baolin has died in the world. He is in the world. It has established a deep friendship with Houjia. At the time, many media reporters were looking for Wang Yang to listen to the news, because he was half a horse.

At the same time, Wang Yang served as a production and starring TV series in the 1990s, and it has been a long-term connection with the phase of the horse. He imitated Ma Sanli also got an approved by the Ma Lao himself.

In addition, Wang Yang served as the CCTV host, and held a linguistic program in CCTV Spring Festival Evening.

Therefore, Wang Yang, the explosive person of the famous character of Wang Yang has always been reliable. Although he has once again played Taiji, it is not big in the cross talk circle itself. According to the clues given by Wang Yang, let's take stock, who Can meet his statement.

First of all, there are seven recognized masters: Li Deyi, Zhang Shouchen, Ma Sanli, Changbao, Hou Baolin, Liu Bairui and Ma Ji, and then expanded, and Zhao Pei Ru, Guo Rongqi and Su Wenmao and other famous families.

These masters have apprentices, and those who have aroused controversial in the past There are Zhang Shushen, Ma Sanli and Hou Baolin.

It is said that Zhang Shushen has caused some people to oppose it when he returned, but that's more than half a century, and Tima is very good in the industry, it does not meet the "controversial very big", so this pair Teachers can exclude.

Ma Sanli, Jiang Baolin, there are some controversies in the industry. After all, Jiang Baolin once made a teacher from Li Jie dust. He worshiped Mashaisan is equivalent to jumping the door, and there is a controversy is affirmative. But Mr. Ma Yao and Jiang Baolin have died, and Mr. Jiang Baolin does not have "controversial".

Hou Baolin's Tongjie is also a little controversial. After all, Mr. Master is strictly guilty, but not only when there is no one against the cross, there is no one, and Mr. Mr. has always said that he has Two Master.

Therefore, the masters in these history controversial can be excluded, and the Wang Yanglou is not possible to rush through several seniors.

Obviously, the so-called "a master" in Wang Yangkou should be a few years of cross-talking people, and there are probably such a few bits in recent years in recent years.

Ma Zhi Ming received Huang people, it is said that there are some disputes in the industry, but Huang people obviously do not belong to "controversial" actors, and Ma Zhi Mingzhuang Huang Yi people is very simple, that is, he personally tears out The apprentice, this teacher can exclude.

Hou Yaohua took He Yunwei, He Yunwei can belong to the range of "a big controversy". After all, if he is a teacher, he is a jumping door, and there is a controversial in the industry.

However, Hou Yaohua is obviously not a range of "a master". After all, it will make Wang Yang called "a master" of a "a mascher", and Mr. Hou Yaohua did not say that the industry is unique, and the family Hou family and often him account for all, but his own cross talk level does not reach the level of "a master".

Some people say that Jiang Kun and formulas, Li Hongyi, Jiang Kun is a famous family, naturally in line with the "one master" said by Wang Yang, and it is necessary to say that Li Hong is indeed in line with this standard. It is necessary to say "biting", seems to Li Hongyi. Bode remarks is also a bit like, but the most critical one does not meet, Jiang Kun, never intended to receive Li Hua, no one "discourage".

Of course, there is a pair of teachers seem to be in line with, that is, Hou Yaowen and Guo Degang.

First of all, Hou Yaowen is a famous family, and its cross talks and industry contributions are very large. Secondly, Hou Yaowen has indeed some obstacles before the Guo Degang, and there is a more understanding of Guo Degang's peers know that he is Yang Zhi Gang apprentice, or the white family grandchildren, will definitely tell Hou Yaowen. Don't forget, Bai Quanfu and Hou Baolin's teenagers were a pair of over-lived brothers. Hou Yaowen did not rush Yang Zhigang, and the Bai Quanfu, who saved Hou Baolin, could not grab people.

Once again, Guo Degang has a problem in Tianjin because of "", this is a big jealousy in the intercoustic industry, and Hou Yaowen is also the head of the Railway Wenyi Troupe, the system of literary groups on this economic matter More sensitive, some people discourage Hou Yaowen to collect Guodian, which is too normal, do not dissuade it is not normal.

Again, Guo Degang he has mentioned the topic related to "Dog" and "Biting" in an interview. He said that he is willing to give "you" as a dog, you don't, you are afraid that I "bite you."

Here, "You" is generally interpreted as "professional curve group".

Finally, Wang Yang has also mentioned that 2006 Guo Degang suddenly inexplicably used a vulgar content on the commercial stage, the reason is that Wang Yang is sinned by the question of Spring Festival Evening program (the spring and evening Wang Yang bruttered Hou Yaowen After Hou Yaowen not only let Guo Degang attack Wang Yang in the cross talk, he also personally laps the spring evening in the "drama" of Anhui Satellite TV, and Wang Yang is not high. According to Wang Yang, this is undoubtedly Hou Yaowen to make Guo Degang "bite him." In addition, although Hou Yaowen died, Guo Degang is still there, I am afraid that the friend who advises Hou Yaowen is still there.

In summary, after a disciples in the intercunic circle, it is believed that the readers will have a few people. Who is the "a master", who is "a master", who is "dog", Who is a "bite" person.

It is still a word, and the interpolation teacher is essentially a good thing, but if some people are used in a bad place, it is afraid that it will become bad.