Park Xinhui is married!Iu, Zico, Crush Wedding Professional Square?Wedding low-key lineup amazing

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Park Xinhui is married!Iu, Zico, Crush Wedding Professional Square?Wedding low-key lineup amazing

2022-01-24 00:06:06 28 ℃

I haven't seen the entertainment circle for a long time.

Yesterday, Park Xunhui's wedding is an injection to the home page into some love.

The sister who once starred in many big explosives Korean dramas was still so beautiful.

(Park Xunhui, the boy star in the 21 years)

Korean marriage clothes are also very elegant atmosphere ▼

Although the two people's wedding do low-key,

But still contracted multiple hot search,

Because the star guests of the guests are so surprised!

(Zhou Xun: a lot of people)

Go out!

Iu, Zico and Crush are Korean star wedding professionals.

(This is more than half of the name, some people are married)

There is also a show,

Two people have cooperated with the movie "brother".

This time I also sang "ghost" episode "Beautiful" with Crush.

It is a professional singer on-site Live is good!

(The video is Little shoot, let us thank him together)

Insert video link

Below is the most fascinating ▼

Li Hongji, who was "originally a beautiful man", who was "originally a beautiful man".

that is......

Who did you have seen "It originally a beautiful man"?

This drama is really a period of time.

Bred in 2009,

It is the first Korean drama of many after 90.

(The mother-owned woman is a story of men to become a member of the men's group, and the other two starring is Zhang Genshuo and Zheng Ronghe)

Although Zhang Genshuo did not come to the scene,

But especially the infarction responds to fans' questions ▼

(The female owner called Gao Meimei, male is Huang Taijing)

As a busy,

Li Hongji also sang "the successor" OST "said" ▼

(He is the original singer of this song)

Insert video link

Seeing a comment saying that this is Jeremy to send beauty male marriage,

I started crying ...

But he heard "say",

It's really a second to return to the day and night to chase "successors"!

(Beginning to recall the next Korean drama)

Who said this, who dares to think,

Li Min Ho also went to ▼

Jin sighed and carnered,

2022 can also see the Crown Couples! ! !

(This drama has been 9 years, I haven't seen the intersection of the two for a long time)

And my sister is really killing me.

Writing a sigh in the wedding invitation of Li Min Ho

Li Min Ho's response is also very pokeing the tears of CP powder in the opera:

"I am bless you?"

Who know? ! ! ! !

"Inheritors" inside gold sigh is:

"I don't like you?"

(头 大哭)

Let us say thank you, Li Ge,

The last sugar is very happy.

(Silently open "Inheritors" and then brush it again)

In fact, Pujie this person,

It is reason to become a sister during the heyday of Korean drama.

There is no aggressive round face, laughing sweet,

Hundreds of physical fitness and who play together can make people.

Even if it is a 9-year-old Jin Ling ▼

They are quite a sense of a secret in a poker.

(The two cooperate with "doctors")

Not don't say and Li Min Ho, Zheng Ronghe, Li Gangshuo!


A "I originally a beautiful man" two "What did you be fascinated by me?"

Many people have smashed this pair.

The two relationships were really good at the time.

13-15 years Zheng Rong and for three consecutive years old want to give a reward to Park Xunhui to send flowers ▼

(Cry, this time is my youth)

In fact, both of them are more than the years of friendship.

In fact, compared to Zheng Ronghe,

What happened to everyone?

The "Pioca" cooperated in 2014,

Everyone who has never seen anyone will be in the Internet OK?

(Strong push)

Take the show that time the world is the most worthy of Dabu and Renhe!

This kisses looks now still very heartless ▼

Privately gave everyone 嗑 ▼ ▼

I don't understand why it is so shy.

Don't understand this is dry +2,

(The official is also in the extent)

But I know that I caught my hands and not put it sweet.

Do not put +2

When Pu Jie smiled and laughed, I accidentally met the hands of the two.

He will take her back to hold her down.

Shuo, I really understand how to make a girl happy.

Excuse me,

Today, I still want to be shallow.

Before the wedding begins, everyone also said that the man's dream of the male owners of Park Xunhui,

There is still a little a pity now.

It is best to laugh this comment:

"The life is not talking."

Do you talk?

Anyway, Park Xinhui and Zheng Rong have not been photographed.

But with Li Zhongshuo is one of the classic representatives of D.

July D in July 2015 Die said two people have been in love for four months ▼

I also said that I witnessed the dating of the two people to and from home and abroad.

Foreign dating is the maximum use of overseas work.

For example, shoot with Thailand in February.

Made in the United Kingdom, a poster together,

At the end of March, the fans will be held in Shanghai.

Park Xunhui in April to travel in Hawaii,

Li Zhongshuo also went to Hawaii to take a poster.

In April, Park Xunhui also entered Li Zhong Shuo's home.

This is the result of the DC has been taking four months.

Foreign stroke lines are indeed a high level!

Li Zhongshuo belongs to the response:

"About love report, will be officially published after confirmation."

Park Xindhui's own agency response:

"It is not a love relationship with Li Zhongshuo." Good guy D-site did not give up,

After the parties denied, they sent a report.

The article pointed out that there are many male friends around Park Xunhui.

As long as you see these brothers, he will say hello with enthusiasm.

And you will not take your own car to hidden.

But as long as I see Li Zhongshuo,

I will stop the car in the parking lot of the male family.

Pay attention to the left and right cases, go to the elevator to go.

Also said that Li Zhongshuo moved to Hannan Cave in June.

But in May, Park Xinhui visited the new home.

"It is called" Park Xunhui in his heart ".

It is best to laugh,

The article finally wrote the yin and yang strangely:

"Since it is a good friend, I wish the two friendships."

(How is D, how is it angry?)

In fact, Park Xinhui Cui Tajun is exposed to his love in 2018.

The response given by Park Jie is also a good friend.

Until the DC has been playing a photo,

The man came here to confirm that it is a love relationship.

It is not unexpectedly a style of Park,

She said she would not be public in love early.

Unless you get married.

(And Cui Tajun is open to get married)

Therefore, I haven't mentioned Li Zhong Shuo Xinhui.

Everyone will judge it.

This is not allowed,

But the only thing that can be determined is that the time of chasing the stunged sugar is really beautiful.

At that time, the Korean drama was really good.

The last sentence

Happy new marriage!