Xiao Wan is too strong!"Yu Sheng, please advise" "into" the most expecting episode ", the second place also comes from Xiao Wan

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Xiao Wan is too strong!"Yu Sheng, please advise" "into" the most expecting episode ", the second place also comes from Xiao Wan

2022-01-24 00:06:23 40 ℃

Preface: On January 23, 2022, a data company was released "The top ten TV series" The previous 10 TV series is "Yu Sheng, please advise" "骨 遥" "Ice Rain Fire" "agarwood Like "Nan Feng knows me" "Blue Flame Assault" "Special War Glory" "Happiness to Wanjia" "If life is as first as first as you first", "it is fascinated."

Xiao Wan is too strong, the traffic is too high, the TV series he starring occupies the top two of the list, if he starring the "The" Ace Force "without broadcast, maybe these three TV series will occupy the top three positions. "Yu Sheng, please advise", the reason why you can row, in addition to the influence of Xiao Wan, Yang Zi's influence can not be ignored.

The heroine of "骨 遥" is Ren Min, and Yuan Min is famous for moving movies, and the flow cannot be compared with Yang Zi. "Yu Sheng, please advise" it was broadcast on September 8 last year, but suddenly withdrew. I hope "Yu Sheng, please advise" "in the future, it can be broadcast in Hunan Satellite TV. Such a good TV series, if only online broadcast is a bit unfortunate.

"Yu bones" should be a pure web drama, will not broadcast, because "骨 遥" is the costume drama, each TV's costume share is limited, they don't dare to broadcast "骨 遥", ratings Not too high. The third is from Wang Yibo, and Chen Xiao starring "ice cream", which is also the TV series starring the top traffic.

Wang Yibo only has this TV drama in stock. He seems to put the center of gravity on the movie. More than 3 billion. Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: So "Ice Rainfire" is more worth looking forward to it is rare.

Yang Zi also has two TV series, in addition to "Yu Sheng, please advise", there is still the fourth "sinking", the drama starring Yang Zi and Cheng Yi, the traffic of Cheng Yi is also very high. Xiao Ying and Yang Zi have two TV series, but it is not the strongest, the strongest is Chengyi, there are 3 TV series.

The fifth "Nan Feng knows me" is starred by Cheng Yi and Zhang Yun, ranking tenth "The" Family Dive "is starred by Cheng Yi and Yinger. Yang Zi used to be a Hanti Century Artist, and Chengyi and Ren Jialun are still in Humei Century. "Blue Flame Assault" is starred by Ren Jialun and Chen Xiaoyu, which is equivalent to having a total of 5 TV series in Huanrui, and become the biggest winner at the company level.

The "Special War Glory" was starred by Yang Yang and Li Yitong, ranking eighth "happiness to Wanjia" by Zhao Liying and Luo Jin starring, ranking ninth "If life is like first see", Li Xinhe Spring, . Yang Yang, Zhao Liying, Li Xin is a top traffic, strange that Dili hotba and Yang Mi starring TV drama, there is no list.

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