It's horrible than horror!Movies from real cases: Ren Da Warangishang violent, brewed

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It's horrible than horror!Movies from real cases: Ren Da Warangishang violent, brewed

2022-01-24 00:06:32 31 ℃

The number one cinema understands the lady (Topcinema original, strictly forbidden) these two days have a lot of boiling, a hot event on the hot search is a family videody, and the video is frequent to the woman out of the hand or fist, the woman is next year Only 2-year-old daughter shouted "Baby is not afraid, the baby will run". The people were shocked, and the people were sad. This matter triggered a large number of netizens anger, no solution, distressed women and children.

After that, the video of the company's company's company has said that it has been suspended, and it is transferred to the Group Discipline Inspection and further investigation. The company has sent the person in charge to visit the wife. On the afternoon of January 20th, Xi'an Public Security Bureau Qiqiao Branch issued a police info: After investigation, January 18 Currently, the case is working according to law. Every time the family violence can cause the public's attention and opposition. We shouted anger. I hope that this world will have no family storms, but we can always see the family violent incident. This event, reminds people of the high score movies in accordance with real cases, "the night and fog of Tianshui", I suggest that everyone will look at this movie.

The film was adapted from the real case in Hong Kong Tianshui, and the family violent finally evolved into a mobility. This movie, Ren Dahua's home violent male Li Sen made people very fearful, the woman in Zhang Jingchu played the woman Xiaoling, so that the most commendable evaluation of the most praise is: It is more horrible than the horror film.

"The night and fog of Tianshui", directed by Xu Aihua, starring Ren Dahua, Zhang Jingchu starred. This is also the second part of the "Tianshui Water Welcome", but the warmth of the "Tianshui" in the "Tianshui Day and Night".

Wang Xiaoling (Zhang Jingchu) is a poor girl who was born in the Mainland. Parents were heavy, and the family was poor. She could only drop out of school early, no knowledge, no one, with only the remaining young body and some color, walk I got a not return.

In that poor hillivar, people in the village envy her for a year, I bought a big TV from home. She is the only hope to pin in their own marriage, hoping to change their own fate with "marriage" until she met a guest named Li Sen (Ren Dahua).

Li Sen is an ordinary decoration worker because the technology earned a little money. Li Sen thoughtfully made Xiaoling, when he learned Xiaoling, he divorced his original wife, and Xiaoling returned to his hometown and decided to start again. He used his son as a paternal money for Xiaoling, and he gave a new house in his hometown. The people in the village envy that she had "golden turtle". She trapped in the future, thinking that life has bright.

Li Sen was praised by these praise, worship, and the envy of the eyes, the self-large and sin of the bones began to grow slowly. One day he was "insults" Xiaoling's second sister in Linzi. I didn't expect it to be heavy. Ling family (including Xiaoling) did not have excessive value, which made Li Sen more arrogant, but also unscrupulous bisters in the wedding.

Sitting in the mountains, I quickly arrived at the head, Xiaoling's parents did not hold high he, but he urged him to go to Hong Kong. When I arrived in Hong Kong, Li Sen's original dragonfly, I didn't want to work. I only like fishing, play, and even the 50 dollars of twin daughters couldn't get it. I only rely on violence to vent my incompetence.

Xiaoling went to the tea restaurant, he went to the tea restaurant. He went to the tail. Which guest read Xiaoling a eye or more, Xiaoling would be a sudden violent in the evening; Xiaoling accidentally knocked the rice, He took the kick, and he took Xiaoling and two daughters out of the house. In Xiaoling, Li Sen once was attached to the micro-safe harbor for himself. She took love and expectation to marry him, so she couldn't help everyone's injury, self-deception, he would return to himself Gentle look.

I didn't expect this to marry, I actually became the abyss that fled. Lost economic dominance, worry about Xiaoling's red apricot wall, and moved the thoughts of killing the whole family ... Finally, a family, no life. In the film, when Li Sen put the dog into the sack, the life was killed, Xiaoling in the side couldn't think of it, this would be the future of its own endings. When Xiaoling wants to seduce other men, he can use the fish line to tighten Xiaoling's hands, regardless of her embarrassment and resistance, to make her marriage violation.

Li Sen, these are incompetent, but they have to use households to prove they themselves or highlight their own men, which is a big written "metamorphosis".

These history have proven that encounters a riot, even if it is only once in time, those "Ning Ten Temples, not destroyed a wedding", "bedside quarrel bed tail and" old concept will only be bigger later Tragedy buried hidden dangers. Domestic violence, only zero times and countless times, remember, absolutely can't bear it!