Snow on the snow, Guo Biting, is praised, and the three pictures are warm.

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Snow on the snow, Guo Biting, is praised, and the three pictures are warm.

2022-01-24 12:02:00 35 ℃

On January 24, I took a three-sized snow blockbuster, I've got the text: "No matter how cold, you are the warmest." High-profile white wife and children. " A long string of peach heart is also included, it is exactly a show player.

Most of the snow in the snow, most is the photo of Guo Bi Ting couple. The Guo Biting under the lens is super good. The standard goose face is brighter and has a big eyes, the nose is high, smile, and then equipped with the iconic long curly hair, the beauty of the beauty, the atmosphere is exceeded. It seems to return to the image of the youthful girl.

Netizens are also directly calling: Biant Ting is really beautiful!

Although it is not the public in the public, it is very energetic, it is very energetic because it is full of posture. Coupled with carefully dressing, and Guo Biting wearing the same black and white lovers, couple two people look very pair. In the scenery of the snow, in the tree, it is romantic to Zuo Biting, and the two are romantic, and the scene is romantic.

The warm sunlight has also become an important part of this romantic scene. I saw the husband and wife to fight the snow. Guo Biting smiled and slammed the "attack" behind him. He went to Zuo to laugh.

Two people are very heartbroken near the sun close to each other. Bit Ting hides the sun, and the mouth of the little couple is rising.

It is worth mentioning that Guo Biting and the baby of the baby are yellow, and it also appears in the form of a meat. On the car in the sun, Guo Biting's hand is on the husband, and the little milk is homed to the mother's arm, and a three-star picture, even the netizens in front of the screen can be seen. Feel happiness, no wonder to make an emotional white.

When I married Guo Biting, someone sent a blessing, and some people didn't look at this couple. Many people think that Guo Biting may be to marry into the giants to choose from, after all, there is no pick to the entertainment circle that is covered with handsome guys, and only the biggest additional points of the best. But the husband and wife have always been very good after marriage, and they are also seen in the eyes of the wife.

It is also worried that the mother-in-law Chen Hao will be too strong. After all, the giants' daughter-in-law is not good. But it seems because Chen Hao has long been very satisfied with Guo Biting, and the weak personality of Bianting will not have contradiction with Chen Wei. It has always been tied to Guo Biting to his daughter's attitude towards her daughter. After the birth of the small milk, this family looks more harmonious.

How is your own life, I only have myself, and the outsiders are also ourselves about how to guess. However, from the daily discretion from the little couple, Guo Biting should be a lot of happiness in marrying to the future. At present, the whole family is looking forward to Bit Ting to regenerate the second child, add one member for this family, I don't know when I can pass good news?

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