49-year-old quiet luxury house fitness!The hands of the hands of the hands, the waist, reverse the male coach

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49-year-old quiet luxury house fitness!The hands of the hands of the hands, the waist, reverse the male coach

2022-01-24 12:02:00 41 ℃

Recently, the well-known actors are quiet in the personal social platform sharing the first snow photo and his own fitness photos, and there is a must-have, and the miles will want a not ugly abdominal muscle. " It is not difficult to feel that tranquility is a strong wish from the literary case.

Quiet in the comfort of fitness, wearing very casual and casual, I saw her wearing a pink short sleeve with white sports pants, and the whole person emitted a vitality of girl. When she is standing in the face, she puts her clothes into the pants, but the clothes behind him fall, seeing her support, the educational coach is still intimate to help her steadily.

It is worth noting that the tranquil face is rare, and it is necessary to know that the tranquil character has never been detained. This time I should not want to be seen by netizens to see the appearance of Khanjinjin, it can be seen that the fitness is consumed to her body big. However, the effectiveness of fitness is also obvious, and the quiet thighs are almost thin from the side, and the waist of the hands is completely the passage of the waist.

As early as before, quiet, I have gave it out to "fat". The posture of the static side to keep the panel support to the coach to achieve the effect of the calorie, from the rigid of the blue-bulls of the storm in her wrist, but the tranquility is still struggling, the coach is also in front of the tranquility Continuous her.

Sit-up is an indispensable link when exercise, quiet and semi-lying on the equipment and gently caressing the ears. The eyes are full of consent, and the coach is obviously very satisfied with her performance. Mosaic is difficult to cover his mouth. .

The tranquility hands tightened the fitness belt, supporting the upper body to achieve the purpose of shaping it by the power of the shoulder. The quiet color is still fighting, from her face, you can feel the delicate three-dimensional, quiet and smooth jaw line and towering eyebrow bone are the main source of her inquiry, from the side to feel her bone phase Superior.

From the near future red carpet style, she does not especially need fit. The design of deep V-neck and high-opening fork will show the quiet body, can't believe she is 49 years old. Quiet is very suitable for the queen of the mature woman, the short hair style is unable to make people feel awkward, but in turn add a tranquil charm.

The female star has more and more attention to the body management in recent years, and the 37-year-old Bai Baili is also a frequent visitor in the gym. Bai Bailian occasionally joins the daily daily in the social platform, and she has a healthy and positive beauty, even if she is not so beautiful, even if she is not allowed to open the line.

Jin Chen's 31-year-old figure is shocked by friends, as a girl, her abdominal muscles have reached the extent to which boys are comparable. In addition to the abdominal muscles, Jin Chen also drizzled his tightened arm muscles, from the mirror, it was more smooth, and it was a long-term fitness.

Today, more and more people pay attention to fitness, 55-year-old Li Ruoxi, 46-year-old Jin Qiaoxiai, 42-year-old Yin Tao, 27-year-old Xu Wei, etc., all have a fascinating figure, this is the powerful self-made power of them. Result. Who can I don't love?