Jason Stanson's 20-year-old fiancee show pregnant belly, the skirt is protected, the second tire or still son

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Jason Stanson's 20-year-old fiancee show pregnant belly, the skirt is protected, the second tire or still son

2022-01-24 12:02:38 48 ℃

On January 23, local time, British supermodel Luo Han Dundon-Whitley shared a number of self-portraits in front of the mirror, showing her pregnant belly that she expanded to the extreme. It is going to see her expected date of birth. The camel's elastic long skirt puts the body curve of Luo Wei in the third trimester, and it is not exaggerated with the best.

From the front, Luo Song's pregnancy belly is also very large, and the elastic skirt is transparent. Although it is in the third trimester, Luo Wei is still amazing, with a golden brown curly hair, it looks quite charm, can't let people think about Pottergee's famous painting "Venus's birth". Luo Wei has not officially announced the gender of the second child, but from the emoticon of the baby boy she released by the photo, this child is likely to be a son.

The 34-year-old Luo Wei was born in Devon, England, although it grew up in the farm, but also the descendants of the aristocrat family. It is hard to imagine that Luo Wei is often bullied when he is going to school, because her length is different. At the age of 15, Luo Yan entered the model industry. It was officially left until the age of 16 became a professional model. With a good look and outstanding figure, Luo Wei is very fast. She began to participate in many fields since I was 18 years old and became a dimension angel in 2010, but only signed a year.

After becoming a Dimmy angel, Luo Hao met the current fiance - than her 20-year-old British actor Jason Stanson, the two were already more than 12 years, but it was also like a glue, calm and sweet life. Together. Although the two have been engaged in 6 years ago, the wedding is not held, the first love crystal Xiao Jack is 4 years old.

When I was giving Jack, Luo Yan also often went out with Hollywood tough guy, wearing a nightly skirt stepped on a thin and high heel, and she was more dazzling with a pregnant woman. However, there are not many pictures in Luo Wei and Jason and Jason, Jason also has almost no social media in Luo Wei, but Luo Wei always mentioned his fiance in an interview, and the praise Overhead.