Searching a boy to swallow the drug in the seaside, encounter online violence before living, Ma Tianyu is unbearable

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Searching a boy to swallow the drug in the seaside, encounter online violence before living, Ma Tianyu is unbearable

2022-01-24 18:02:59 27 ℃

On January 24, according to the Sanya police, Hebei founded that boy Liu Xuezhou died in the rescue.

In the early morning of January 24, the boy Liu Xuezhou released a thousand words in Weibo, suspected of suicide tendency, rapidly triggering netizens. At about two o'clock in the morning, Liu Xuezhou's aunt revealed that he had committed suicide in Sanya seaside, and was sent to the hospital after being discovered by a good person. At four o'clock in the morning, Liu Xuezhou died in the rescue.

In Liu Xuezhou, he said exhausted his short-lived life. As he said, it was born by his parents to do color gifts, four-year-old raised parents and died. When schoold, he was defeated by the male teacher, and he was second. Abandoned, parental "net storm", these painful experiences have not yet lived, and finally choose to leave this world alone.

It is reported that Liu Xuezhou released a video on behalf of December 2021, which was encouraged by many netizens. With the help of the police, he found his family's family in the family. Later, he went to the Inner Mongolia Wulanchab to meet with the mama, and finally recognized the success. But all of the family's biological parents, for this sudden arrival child, did not express many joy.

On January 16, Liu Xuezhou issued a document that biological parents can't stand the condemnation of them, and they have pulled themselves black. On the 17th, Liu Xuezhou said that he would only want some home, and question what his own parents attacked himself. The contradiction between the two sides completely broke, and the network wind direction also had reversed.

I started supporting some of the netizens of Liu Xuezhou, thinking that he just wants to speculate himself and get a house. Some official media listened to the words of Liu Xuezhou's parents, issued relevant reports, pushing Liu Xuezhou to the center of "Netorming".

Liu Xuezhou's comment area is all questioned, and it is considered that he can go to Sanya to play. Suddenly, the netizens of Geo, the sound of the sky, the heart of the parents, and finally made Liu Xuezhou's tragedy.

This news came out, well-known male star Ma Tianyu sent a difficult to embrace anger, and how many murders in the comment area? "

Ma Tianyu, which seems to be beautiful, has a very tragic experience. When he is five years old, the mother will swallow the drug, and the father will reunite after many years. Therefore, the family has always been the cacity who can't go in the heart of Ma Tianyu. Now I have seen Liu Xuezhou's story, and it is probably a bit of sadness.