Alan Tam quits "Time Concert", Hunan Satellite TV to find Zhang Xinzhe, Cai Guoqing succeeded

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Alan Tam quits "Time Concert", Hunan Satellite TV to find Zhang Xinzhe, Cai Guoqing succeeded

2022-01-24 18:02:00 43 ℃

Preface: Hunan Satellite TV Music Variety "Time Concert", the permanent station is Tan Tan, Lin Zhi Xuan, Xu Ruzhen, Phoenix Legend, Zhang Jie, Yu Kewei. This phase of this issue broadcast on January 28, 2022 will be the last issue of "Time Concert".

However, Alan Tam returned to Hong Kong because of work reasons, absent the record of the last period. "Working reasons" should be a trust, Hong Kong and Taiwan's stars come to the Mainland, and how do you work in Hong Kong? Is it that the peach gossip has an impact on him, he doesn't want to stay in the mainland, want to return to Hong Kong and his wife?

I feel that I have nothing to do with the gossip. After all, this thing has been over for more than 2 months. This explanation has long explained. Alan Tam is so anxious to Hong Kong, maybe I want to have a Spring Festival in Hong Kong! "Time Concert" is very good to Alan, the first program invited Alan Tam's friend Li Keqin, and the last phase invited the friend Zhong Zhen Tao of Alan Tam.

Zhong Zhentao and Alan Tam have been teammates, they all come from Wen Naji. Wen Na Wuji was established in 1973, disbanded in 1978, although only five years, five people's feelings are very good. Especially the feelings of Tam Tam and Zhong Zhentao are very good because they are all red, so they will meet many more.

Wen Na Wuhu is a band in the early days of Alan Tam carery, and Zuo Lin right is a combination of Alan Tam's career. In 2003, Alan Tam and Li Keqin formed together "Zuo Lin Right Li" combination, two people opened a concert together, out album. Because it is a non-formal combination, there is no "dissolution", two people will get together as long as there is time.

Alan Tam is the soul of the "Time Concert". If he quits, is the last phase of the show? So, the program group invited He Wei, Cai Guoqing, Zhang Xinzhe, came to replace Alan Tam. Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: He Wei is not a singer, but the host, so he is to host the overall situation.

Cai Guoqing and Zhang Xinzhe are to replace Alan, if they only come one, it is better than the virtue of Alan Tam, only together. Cai Guoqing has been here two, he also said that he is a lot of songs of Alan Tam. Zhang Xinzhe is the first time, Zhang Xinzhe has a lot of representatives, in fact, Zhang Xinzhe can participate in the second season of "Time Concert" in the "Regular Member".

Zhang Xinzhe's song is Mandarin, more popular in the mainland; most of Alan's song is Cantonese, not so popular in the Mainland. Zhang Xinzhe said in the show: In 1998, he first participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening. After singing, he went to Wang Fei's family, and the British dumplings.

Discussion: Do you think Zhang Xinzhen will participate in the second season of "Time Concert"?