Wrath, smashing, chic, divorce: "Qin Haihao" marriage view, too embarrassing

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Wrath, smashing, chic, divorce: "Qin Haihao" marriage view, too embarrassing

2022-01-24 18:03:10 29 ℃

Qin Haijun leaned a deep impression on Li Ping, who was played in the hot drama "Small Minjia".

Lift Qin Haijun, what is the picture of everyone's mind?

Royal, Royal Sister

In addition to these, "Love is true" personality is her most unique label.

This kind of personality makes her a female star that is the most daughter in the circle, and is also the actress of the darentest fry.

"Wife 5", Lin Feng wife Zhang Xinyue "sell"

Qin Haiyu is not used to her, "What is it, can you not simply? This is a confidence?

At this moment, I sit in the observation room, I dare to worry, and my husband Wang Xinjun also embarrassed.

When I went to "creating a camp," when the guest, Chen Zhuoxuan said, "Is it not high enough?"

Qin Hai 怼 怼 句 句 "How high is not important, it is not very important enough to see enough."

Look at the "Xi Xiu" of the entertainment circle, tearing X small composition, and Qin Haijing is straightforward, it is really cool.

When I was asked, when I saw the troubles of middle-aged actresses, Qin Haiwei did not panic, and fired a group of middle-aged men.

"The middle-aged man is not in trouble, the baldness is not a man." The sister's answer is indeed clear, but it is still beautifully pulled back to a place.

Qin Haijun is a woman who is ourselves.

In the early years, when I learned the knife in Yingkou, she showed the hard gas in her character.

This also makes her to the performance, with great awesome hearts.

When shooting a movie "On the Cliff", in order to restore the historical background of the film, she has to shoot in the northeast of zero.

"The white air exhaled in the mouth of the actors is the most authentic."

After listening to Zhang Yimou's director, she seems not afraid.

In the cold, she is wearing a single dress, shining from the sky.

Without a mat, do not add a protective gear, just on the snow-covered cement floor, personally played a play.

After taking, go back to the hotel, lying in the bed for three days.

Her body surface is full of depths, but she is returned to the hotel, and she has a pain after reading.

After the film is released, it is all praise and affirmation of Qin Haihao.

For example, Qin Haiyu played Wang Yu asked two children that have long been.

There is no high background music paving, and Wang Yu's eyes are touching:

Start tiredness, then strange, then start confirmation, and finally put your child in your arms.

In a short scene, by the netizen reviews "Active Frying".

Old play bones, Jiali, evaluate the acting of Qin Haijun:

"A actor with life is very good."

Outcore each character with the inner strength, very strong explosive force.

Be careful with her actress with her acting, I can't get it, I will go on. "

"When an actor, you must have a accumulation of life, you will go to contact, you have to go to the alley, I think this life experience and experience, as long as you can remember, you will be able to use it. Don't live over. "

Because Qin Haijun's enthusiasm of the play, never changed.

But her emotional life, contrary to her play career.

"I am going to college to marry a good husband."

In fact, Qin Haihao has always been a full-time wife.

At the age of 9, the parents did their business in the sea, in order to let Qin Haiwei have a place in place.

I sent her to the dynasties of the drama, specialize in Madan.

The hard work, with her words, "Overlord, I'm", I can't even have 1/10.

Before going to bed, put the legs 180 degrees and tied yourself on the bed.

The whole class kicks, she kicked 200 times;

Go to the playground at 4:30 every day, when the early exercise begins, she has completed all the contents of the morning class.

From the age of 9 to 16 years old, learn 7 years old, this hard work, exercise her super willpower.

But she did not love so love, even hated.

"In order to prove yourself, it has been withstand, withstanding the entire boy, and even turned into a personality affecting life."

That is because, when she is less, she can eat with a family with a family.

The time of the training school is very bitter, she is looking forward to the roast chicken brought by the family.

"Finally, I can eat roast chicken, a burnt chicken can make up for all."

However, a strong lone sense, or swept her body.

Entering the entertainment circle, can be said to be misunderstood.

When others are in the group, she only wants to graduate, find a good man, and live a normal person.

I have never thought, because of my feelings, she suffered from the "society".

In May 2003, Qin Haijun was firmly realized by Li Yulin, chairman of Hengxin Diamond Institution.

The two just met for half a month, and the other party asked her to marry.

Qin Haihao was scared at the time, so he had to refuse.

However, it did not affect the relationship between the two, Li Yulin has always got Qin Haijun.

He sent her a diamond ring, consisting of 50 rare color drills, representing 50 years of gold marriage.

I thought that her dreams would be asking.

But after a year, I received a SMS for Li Yulin. At the same time, Li Yulin and Li Xiang's marriage message exposed.

Although Qin Haijun is a foggy, it does not hinder her to attack the next goal.

In 2005, Qin Haiwei signed Beijing Chunqiuhong Cultural Investment Co., Ltd., and the boss Liu Yan is her boyfriend.

Qin Haiwei wanted to shoot a movie, Liu Yan gave her about 8 million funds, which is still really much more than the diamond ring. In the face of the media, Qin Haijun also uses "Red Rose and White Rose" to summarize the lovers for 5 years:

"He knows that I am his white rose, but he also knows that I am a red rose of many people."

Can Liu Yan can have a loneliness, in 2012, it was exposed to "Liu Yan with mysterious women to eat dinner."

The passion and romance of the emotion, all of which are betrayed again and again.

Qin Haihao, sick.

She is afraid of communicating, where to have a fist, all the bareness, and put all the enthusiasm.

At this time, Wang Xinjun came.

He has no relief that he has received the "red rose" that is full of Qin Haiwei.

In love with 2 years, 36 years old Qin Hao, finally married himself. "Finally encounter a wish to marry me"

There is a small episode here, and Qin Haijun took the play in the crew. I don't know how to go to the director.

After Wang Xinjun learned, they came to communicate with the director. I have three days leave, two days round trip, one day to pass the certificate.

"From that moment, I think it seems that I am looking to a person, all things don't have to be in parallel."

The thorns on Qin Haiwei were unplugged by Wang Xinjun.

"I follow the New Army in a piece, I think he is a man.

I think he can rely on, you will think that you can rely on a tree, he may have a flaw, because the bark is not so bright, but you can sleep there, you can feel at ease, just this.

I think there is not much man who can call the man now. "

Now, she is a woman in front of her husband, loves to spoilers.

Wang Xinjun asked her: "You don't work slowly, do you not wear this shoe?"

She is a little laughing: "Well, my husband is bought, can't do it."

Wang Xinjun asked: "This means, is it still?"

She laughed: "Okay, I am feasible!"

When I climbed the mountain, Wang Xinjun worried that she worn her high heel herd, Qin Haiti Ma opened "earthwise love":

"I am not a feet, I may feel bad about this shoe, my husband is new to me ..."

There is also a fragment, which causes the whole network to be shocked.

When Wang Xinjun called Qin Haiji, he first had a whisper in his ear, and after opening a sound novel with his mobile phone, wake up her.

Liu Tao can't help but spit, Qin Haihao will be more spoiled!

It seems that the innermost hard woman will become soft because of the pet.

Especially after she did a mother, this softness is we never seen.

In life, she is like a child, I need someone to bring anything, I have to listen to her husband.

She also has a "acceptance" theory: I am unpleasant in my work, my husband Wang Xinjun will make her happy.

"I have a very happy family, and my family also gives me a lot of space, let me do what I like to do."

Slowly, her acceptance of many things will increase.

"When you are sincere, no matter what kind of state, everyone can receive. In emotion, I have been accepting each other. In the performance, if I am really acting, the audience will see the sincere part. "

Now she, she can go to face their career and life, they can be confidentally controlled.

"I like fulfilling work, but I have to rest for a while, accompany my family, sun drying the sun, look at the movie, drink a coffee.

Relax and put it again to work. For me, now life is comfortable. "