Too excited!Wu Jing's "Wave Earth 2" piece, Liu Dehua is suspected of modeling in the exposure sheet

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Too excited!Wu Jing's "Wave Earth 2" piece, Liu Dehua is suspected of modeling in the exposure sheet

2022-01-24 18:02:46 28 ℃

Preface: On January 24, 202, Wu Jing took the movie "Wandering Earth 2" on Weibo, and the picture was suspected of Wu Jing to wear a space suit, only showed his head. The film has been scheduled for 2023 to the beginning of the year. The lineup previously announced includes Liu Dehua, Zhang Fengyi.

"Wandering Earth" is directed by Guo Fan, Qu Chi Xiao, Zhao Zhan, Li Guangjie, Wu Mengda, etc., Wu Jing, special star. The film was released in mainland China on February 5, 2019. The final box office is as high as 4.686 billion, is known as the "Mount Chinese Science Fiction".

"Wandering Earth" is based on Liu Cixin's synonymous novels, the story background is set in 2075, telling the sun is about to be destroyed, is not suitable for human survival, and face desperate, human beings will open "Wandering Earth" plan, trying to bring the earth Escape the story of the solar system and look for the story of human new home.

What is "Wandel Earth 2"? Director Guo Fan said in an interview: the second part tells the story that will occur after igniting Jupiter. Although the "Wandering Earth" box office is high, it is actually not too many people, and there are investors to withdraw. Wu Jing is only a guest string, and there is no way, and he vote for a penny, so that the movie continued to shoot.

I didn't expect the ultimate "Wandering Earth" box office to sell, Wu Jing also earned a big profit. Guo Fan at first thanked Wu Jing to help, now Wu Jing thanked Guo Fan to make it a lot of money. In order to make up for the shortcomings and regrets of "Wandering Earth", Guo Fan revealed that there will be more scientific fiction in the story level.

"Wandering Earth 2" has money, will not be like the first part, the crew invited a number of discipline experts in the Chinese Academy of Sciences to form a consultant group to help improve the world view of more than 100,000 words; Add diversity on the production level, with rich variety of shapes, scene design, and increase world richness.

Of course, ask the experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences not spend much money, please Liu Dehua will spend a lot of money. When "Wandering Earth 2", when he started to prepare, the producer Gonggel said that he would invite Liu Dehua to meet, and Liu Dehua agreed on the spot. Non-famous entertainment commentary Wu Qingmeng pointed out: I originally thought this is just a guest set, I didn't expect that they really reached a cooperation.

And Liu Dehu recorded video "Miracle Stupid Child" for Yizhen Qianli, his clothing, style, background, very similar to the "Wandering Earth 2", Andy Lau's play should be a scientist. Wu Jing and Liu Dehua have teamed up to work, it is really excited. It is too hoped to come to the beginning of the year of 2023.

Discussion: Are you looking forward to "Wandering Earth 2"?