Huang Xinying is rare sunscreen, and the sisters are in the same way, accidentally exposed the feelings.

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Huang Xinying is rare sunscreen, and the sisters are in the same way, accidentally exposed the feelings.

2022-01-24 18:02:01 40 ℃

On January 23, the long-awaited yellow hearty is rare to make his latest celebration, celebrate his 33-year-old birthday, and the yellow heart-yield of the birthday is very happy. It seems that a family is a celebration, though There is no blessing in the circle, but the yellow heart of the family with family seems to be good, laughing at the camera.

Yellow Heart-ying is still in the social networking website, Sun Qingshui and his own expression: "Thank you, I wish you all the best." It seems to have a feeling, but because the previous events, the Yellow Hearting social network is still locked the comment area, In addition to the old sunset, there is no comment on the netizen.

There are also netizens ridicule, Yellow Heart is in a strong laugh. After all, because of the previous incident, the career has a thousand feet, the popularity is no longer, even the social website is fresh! However, with the good sister's celebration, I found a small detail by the netizens, and I took a big diamond ring in my hand. I didn't know if it was a feeling. I have been exposed to the new love of drums and drums, but I can't get it.

Yellow Heart-yet took a photo together with the sisters, and it seems that the feelings of the three sisters still have to be wrong. Even in the Yellow Heart-Ying's incidents, it is also a good sister. At the side, it seems that the yellow heart is now from the previous shadow, spending more time, accompanying the family.

In addition, as the yellow heart of the relatives and the first time in the social network website, the photo of Yellow Heart is a celebration. During the period of Yellow Heart Ying, the Yellow Heart is once in social networking sites. , 网 语 语 暴

In addition, because the Yellow Heart Ying incident was taken out of its father's derailed thing, but the last yellow father returned to the family. This time, the birthday of Yellow Heart, the two sisters, Yellow Heart, the Qing Dad, I have long lost, but I still see Get up, the state does not seem to be very good, thin until the state of the skinny bones, many netizens also said that Dad is slim, even at home, Huang Dad is wearing down jacket, it seems that the physical condition is not very good.

Since the "peaceful incident", the Yellow Hearted's career has been a thousand feet. Then I will not contact the friends in the circle. The previous boyfriend Ma Guoming also has a new relationship, and Tang Luo Wen Langcai girl also makes the public envy, it seems that the two will be nearly good. Rhythm.

As for Xu Zhi'an affected by "peaceful incident", it is also re-re-emitted, but it seems that there is no water flower. Many netizens are still ignorant of Zheng Xiu Wenming. It is Zheng Xiuwen because of the previous incident, the career has reached a lot of improvement, still in social networking sites The latest recent photos, a handsome short hair is also bonded: "I have not changed, just find my own", the state of the goddess is getting better and better, and many fans praise.

Some netizens said that if Yellow Heart Ying did not have the "peace of mind incident", it was forced to retreat, and Huang Yingying, who was already in advance, became a first-line female art early, but because it made mistakes to destroy someone families, it became the crusade of the whole people. Object, now there are still many controversies in the sun!