The starry champion liabilities are ten million, and the bridge cave, live around, "Sunflower Collection"

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The starry champion liabilities are ten million, and the bridge cave, live around, "Sunflower Collection"

2022-01-24 18:02:14 29 ℃

As a draft show, "Star Light Avenue" has been paid to many grassroots stars, including Coats, Zhu Zhi, Phoenix Legend and Li Yigang and others, and now there are highly exposed circles. Of course, there is also a champion Liu Xiaodong. After a short walk, life is turned to have no time.

Recently, the singer Liu Xiaodong shared his current situation in the live broadcast. From a live background, he stayed under a bridge, a simple mattress, a lot of sundries on the mattress, and there is no smoke around the bridge. Liu Xiaodong claimed to have been living under the bridge hole for half a month, and it is not suitable.

He revealed that the environment under the bridge hole is too wet, and his face and the hands are eczema. There is no way to see the doctor, this is wiped the medicine, put on plastic gloves. Then he also showed the body status to netizens.

In view of the question of onlookers, Liu Xiaodong said that he is not a show, because he is responsible for his debt, he has to make the West. Since the debt cannot be laid on time, many creditors chase in his home, seriously affecting the normal life of their families. Liu Xiaodong hiding in the field had to go out of this policy, through live broadcast of the life of the bridge hole, prove that he is really unable to pay attention to the debt.

Liu Xiaodong also said that if the weather is too bad, you can't stand it, you will go to the hotel to open a room. He claims that he can still maintain the minimum needs of life, such as buying medicine, but it is difficult to support high rent, so it can only be drifting everywhere.

For Liu Xiaodong lives in the bridge cave, most people maintain their skeptical attitude, some people also spit him, there is money. In the face of various questions, Liu Xiaodong patiently answers patients one by one, and in the blunt, he is hot in two months.

Although he sincerely explained, the debris placed behind him seems to pass some kind of information. From the photos, you can clearly see that there is a red women's high heels behind him, very conspicuous, what is Liu Xiaodong to do it with it. In addition to the high heels, next to a few books, one of which is "Sunflower Collection", which is his collection, or for the video, deliberate blogging.

As Liu Xiaodong said, he used the wonderful show on the "Star Avenue" that once. In the show, he showed a stunt to sing with the nose, and he was kind to the "China Nose King" by the netizens, and also obtained the official certification of the Guinness record.

After that, he has been invited to participate in various types of variety show, Zeng and Xiaoni and Sabinin. When he is most brilliant, the release album, a performance of a performance, is a name, a versatile multi-millionaire.

However, Liu Xiaodong was responsible for the cause of the reason, after the fall, he went to the loading and unloading, unloading four tons, and earned 115 yuan. Even the birthday, it is also spent on the site. On the day of your birthday, I only bought a box of bubbles, add a halogen, inserted a cotton swab as a birthday candle, and finally bless my birthday. It looks very sad.

Today, Liu Xiaodong also said that he will re-oscillating, preparing to cooperate with some platforms after the year, no longer mixing, and carefully engage in career. Now, Liu Xiaodong has fallen from a stage star, making people feel emotion, which can be seen that any radiopes and wealth will not be emitted from vacant, only practical life can ensure that they fall into the bottom, can Restart.

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