In the past, "running men" three brothers, today's new programs are also questioned, reputation begins to decline

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In the past, "running men" three brothers, today's new programs are also questioned, reputation begins to decline

2022-01-24 18:03:59 50 ℃

The friendship between the entertainment circles is also a very confused thing, and everyone can find that the same development phase is difficult to maintain friendship, after all, there will be some resources competition.

There are also some art people who have been marketing friendship for many years because they have worked, but they will gradually become bad, and this example is better than that, in fact, the real friendship in the entertainment circle is often very low, because They have good feelings, they naturally do not care to take friendship as a marketing means, such friendship itself is deteriorating.

Deng Chao, Lu Han and Chen Huard's feelings have always been very good. It has been used for many years. The three people use the same series of avatars. Every time I change my avatar, it is also a lot of time. Such friendship makes everyone feel very envious.

The three people were originally different, and Deng Chao was a male actor, and it was very early. Nowadays, it has gradually turned to the scene, and she took a movie, and Chen He became popular in Xiaoxian in the "Love Apartment", and then because of the sense of emotion Questioning, I have always been a line of funny artists, Luhan as one of the "return to the country" is a male artist who sings and jumping.

I gathered in a variety show "running male", the program was still very popular, and the whole people were chasing the extent, the heat was very high, and several guests were also popular.

The quality of today's programs is big, because the same type of program is more and more, the program is also difficult to ensure your own uniqueness, more and more the viewers have been destined to be eliminated.

Nowadays, the lineup of "running male" shows also has a lot of adjustments. The familiar lineup has long been there, and new people join also bring a new feeling to the show.

Deng Chao, Chen He and Lu Han are also left to leave the show, they are also a very wise decision in the middle of the way, and then the three people have a new program "Hahahahaha".

This program is playing in the first quarter, and many viewers feel very fresh, and the three artists are also very kind, plus previous cooperation, so it will be more tacit.

The most taboo probably in the variety show is the cold spot, so the new lineup needs to be moved, and there are very few programs to be lucky to invite the artists who are very tacit.

"Hahahahaha" The second season of recently broadcast is not very good. The audience has evaluated the more and more "water" of the show, and even the three lenses are getting less and less.

Compared with the same period "Youth Round Tour", the heat of this program will be slightly inferior, although there will be some entry to board the hot list every time it is updated, but the overall effect is still very satisfactory.

There are a lot of variety programs in all themes today. If you want a program to be complete enough, it is not a simple thing, and you need the speakers to see sincerity.

The "Run Men" and "Extreme Challenge" are all kind art programs that everyone like. Today, the program lineup "big bloody", even for the programs, the two programs invited the red traffic artists, but actually still I haven't saved the effect of the show. After all, it is like this, and the good show is really hard!