Express China aesthetics, Henan is getting more and more people?

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Express China aesthetics, Henan is getting more and more people?

2022-01-24 18:03:24 46 ℃

In a few days, it is the Chinese Lunar Spring Festival. Many netizens have been searching for the special TV station 2022 Spring Festival Evening.

When you mention the party, you can't mention 2021, Henan Radio and Television Station's wonderful tour series.

"Luo Shen Water" program. Reporter

A dancer incorporated "Luo Shen" flew down under the water, she did not have a lot of dancing in the gods of the audience.

This harvest countless praise "Luo Shenshui" is the opening of the Dragon Boat Festival, and Chen Jiazheng is the head of this party.

"Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour" Total Director Chen Jia. Gaoyong / photo

"How is this creative show?" Faced with questions, Chen Jia Shen thought for a moment, and his thoughts seem to have returned to the afternoon.

"The" Dragon Boat Festival "program is online for 8 days, and suddenly he received a notice of the first monograph of the" Luo Shen Water Fu "program." All afternoon, it is very bad to Chen Jialai, but she still decided Rapida got up to Shanghai to re-shoot "Luo Shen".

Historical classics, whether it is "Shanhai Jing", "Day", or "Luo Shen Fu", people in each historical age have different interpretations of "Luo Shen". But there is no exception, "Luo Shen" in these works has a surprise.

"And what we have to do is to forget the extraordinary imagination of the beauty of 'Luo Shen', realize the ultimate expression of Chinese aesthetics." Chen Jia's core creation team has 4 people, from 70 to 90, age span Let them hue to collide out sparks.

"We put forward a bold concept of letting go, shooting 'Luo Shen' underwater," For Chen Jiahe team, this is an attempt that has never had before, it is not sure.

After analog, a few next water, a frame of frame review, from the afternoon, until the next morning, 12 hours, and finally changed the birth of 1 minute and 50 seconds "Luo Shenwei" program.

Shoot "Luo Shen" underwater. Reporter

Recalling the scene at the time, Chen Jia said that it was like happening yesterday. The loudly shouting the hull can't make a sound. "

After the broadcast of "Luo Shen Water" broadcast, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Huat Chunying praised the show in his personal twice, "Unbelievable beauty! The same content, Zhao Lijian was forwarded the pilot of Huacheng Ying praised "Luo Shen Water".

For "Luo Shen Water", foreign netizens have more admire words. "Compare other underwater performances, is China's 5,000-year-old culture makes this performance unique and beautiful."

In the face of the sudden bursting, Chen Jia has some accidents. "I really never thought about the 'out of", I just did something to do, do my job. "

In fact, it is too much to consider and undertake it as a general director.

"Lanling Wang into the array" fragment. Reporter

Chen Jia received the creation task of "Dragon Boat Festival". After the May Day holiday in 2021, it was only less than a month. "At that time, I didn't think too much, and I can do it."

In the "Spring Festival Evening", "Furch" and "Paper Shui", "Paper Famous Sports" such as "Paper Shui", "Paper Fan Book" and other programs such as "Milky Tour", and the "Henan Get Life" party. There is already an exceptional expectation, and Chen Jia met the bottleneck of breakthroughs.

"After a wheel of a wheel, we thought of a special program series - 'Web Drama + Netcom'." For this innovation, Chen Jia is not fully grasped.

After the evening was broadcast, the feedback of the audience made Chen Juan's heart to the belly. The whole network has set off a warm discussion of traditional culture from "out of the circle" to "出 破" to the "圈", netizens also incarnate the "tap water" of the show online Amway.

"Dragon Boat Festival" party preparatory highlights. Reporter

More interesting, with this topic, more netizens found that this is really worth reading, very purely, no traffic star, no lyrical, completely use traditional cultural heritage to the audience The most authentic beautiful shock.

Some media comments, the success of the party is because of modern technology to crack the password of traditional cultural innovation.

But is this really like this? "Whether it is Ai, VR's technology empowerment, or the form of 'web drama + network episode' form innovation, it is impossible to become a unique weapon of a cultural creative institution, nor will it be a spiritan medicine that is always effective. If you really What password is there, that should also be a confident cognition and open attitude towards traditional culture. "Chen Jiayan said.

At the end of the interview, Chen Jia said proudly: "What we do is to draw a beautiful picture called 'Chinese culture'. We must let people in any corner of the world, they can see it, love It plans to see the brilliant achievements of Chinese culture deep long-term, in love with cultural China to go to the world. "

The national style is blown, and the cultural beauty, we have reason to believe that there are more literary creations to "outline" "broken wall".