"The Lion Teenager" was selected as "Top Ten Influencing Movies", Yang Mi, Zhu Yilong's new film also on the list.

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"The Lion Teenager" was selected as "Top Ten Influencing Movies", Yang Mi, Zhu Yilong's new film also on the list.

2022-01-24 18:02:25 44 ℃

Preface: Recently, "China Movie Blue Book" released the "2021 influence movie", the movie on the list is "Changjin Lake" "Hello, Li Huanying" "The Cliff" "Herbled Fiction" " "My Sister", "My Sister", "I and my father" "1921", "hugged you through the winter".

In this 10 movie, in addition to "Lion Teenagers", the box office of the other 9 movies is high. The box office of "Changjin Lake" is 5.775 billion, "Hello, Li Huanying" box office is 5.413 million, "The cliff" box office is 1.19 billion, "Herbled novelist" box office is 1.035 billion, "My Sister" The box office is 860 million, "Yang name" box office is 925 million, "I and my father" box office is 1.476 billion, "1921" box office is 503 million, "embracing you through the cold winter" box office is 8.8 100 million (still released).

The box office of "Lion Teenager" is only 238 million, although it is still released, but every day is hundreds of thousands of box office. The lower the box office of "Lion Teenager", the more prove it, the "Top Ten Influential Movies" is not easy. Non-famous entertainment commentary Wu Qinggong pointed out: In fact, "Lion Teenager" is released before the release, the industry is always optimistic about this movie.

However, because the male protagonist of the "Lion Teenager" is "blind", it was deducted with the hat of "insulting" and was boyked by many netizens. "Lion Teenager" supervisory Zhang Miao and director Sun Haipeng, suspected that "Cantonese people are as long as", even the Guangdong people they most want to meet, began to resist them.

Therefore, "Lion Teenager" will eventually only have more than 2 billion box office, monitoring and director to estimate that the intestines repent it? Among these 10 movies, there are two top traffic starring. One is the "assassination novel family" starring Leijiayin, Dong Zijian, Yang Mi. One is Huang Wei, Jia Ling, Zhu Yilong starring "through the cold winter embracing you" .

Coincident: Yang Mi is three times in the "assassination novelist", and Zhu Yilong is three in "embracing you through the cold winter". Therefore, many people don't recognize that the two movies are the representatives of Yang Mi, Zhu Yilong, because the effects of three five movies are limited. This is why many stars care about "all" because they want to prove their value.

Among these 10 movies, 3 are the actors starring in 00, it is really awe, Yang Mi and Zhu Yilong are 80. One is the "Changjin Lake" starring Yi Qianzhu, one is the "above the cliff" starring Liu Hao, one is the "My Sister" starring Zhang Zfa. Zhang Zifeng is a "my sister", Yi Yi Qianli is two in "Changjin Lake", Liu Hao is in the "top cliff" is five.

Discussion: Which movie do you like most?