Yellow Heart 33-year-old birthday and sisters took a photo, and the deago is very good, and it has gone out of the small three yin.

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Yellow Heart 33-year-old birthday and sisters took a photo, and the deago is very good, and it has gone out of the small three yin.

2022-01-24 18:02:47 40 ℃

Hong Kong-star Huang Heying was carrying a genuine boyfriend Ma Guoming in April 2019, with a 53-year-old husband, Xu Zhi, kissing on a taxi. "Relief" incident made Huang Headang became the object of crusade of the whole, and the image was stagnated.

January 23 is the 33rd birthday of Hong Kong-star Yellow Heart Ying. This day she took the photo of her birthday party and her sister, and wrote: Thank you, I hope everyone is good.

Equipped with this small birthday party, the wall is hanging on the wall as a decoration. Yellow Heart-yet took a square cake, lighted the lens, the mood is good, gradually alive, go out of small three haze.

In addition to a photo of a hand-held cake, there is also a photo with your sister's yellow heartmake. Yellow Heart Ying stood in the C bit to make OK's gestures, and the sisters accompany it, what is the meaning of green grass on the neck?

However, this dynamic is set to not comment, it seems to be afraid of netizens criticism, after all, how can the small three wind wave easily passed.

In addition, the sister is also shared with the three sisters and father's photo, and there is a cake in front of her, she wrote: Happy birthday to small B. It is said that the daughter is a small cotton jacket of Dad. This is not fake. The yellow father in the photo should enjoy happiness around the daughter. Compared with the previous, Huang Dad has become a lot.

After exposed to the career, the life of the Yellow Hearted, the life of Yellow Heart has become a low-key, and it has been solved by the TVB snow. Even the love is not diligent. In the past two years, I have not exposed the mirror in the Hong Kong entertainment circle. Overall, how good the creature and talent are killed.

The last time I got a photo or last 32h birthday. Although there is a fresh in the public in the public in the past, private life content is very rich.

In August last year, an artist took Yellow Heart Ying Sisters to participate in a piece of variety of films. In the photo, she is also very happy, which is very thin, and the body is very thin. At that time, some people speculated that there was a plan that borrowed my sister's relationship ...

In fact, this speculation is not a hole in the air, and the artist is his own old line, and the crossbar is extremely difficult. In addition, Huang Xinying and wireless have about 7 years of contracts, and it is very chance to return before, according to the law of public opinion.

In terms of life, because of the impact of scandal events, she has been working with zero income in almost 3 years and facing the economic crisis. At the beginning of last year, I was exposed to Trianda Tianda's house in the beginning of last year, even a price reduction of 500,000, which was less than 1% of the market price, which was obviously in a hurry.

After emotional, after returning with Ma Guoming, Yellow Heart Ying has always been in contact with Rubberband D drummers (Li Wanhong). He has been taken two people to buy dog ​​food. In the face of the media, the two are neither affirming that the relationship between lovers is not negative, and it seems to be a public secret.

Today, the mentality of Yellow Heart is clear, and the body and color value have always maintained the best.