Another middle-aged love drama will hit!Qi Dong Li Xiaoyu Group "Wang Frying" lineup, or the annual drama king

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Another middle-aged love drama will hit!Qi Dong Li Xiaoyu Group "Wang Frying" lineup, or the annual drama king

2022-01-24 18:03:45 49 ℃

Middle-aged love is a hot category in the past few years. The emotional line of men and women, the emotional line, is really hanging the appetite of the audience.

In January, Li Xiaoyu, the emotional drama starring Zhong Hanliang, "There is you" this life "is also ushered in the fire, and the men and women are still in the Chinese and abused love.

The drama on the Sudokan CCTV broadcasts have repeatedly broken 1, and it is even more popular in the country, and there is also a lot of praise on Douban, which has opened a good head for this year's episode.

The two people abused the deep bridges are particularly eye-catching, but because of the frequent playback of the play, the role of Wang Yang, Wang Wei is also awarded the recognition of the audience again with exquisite acting.

What makes the audience surprises, when the drama is hot, Li Xiaoyu's a middle-aged drama "Lin Shen's deer" is about to come, Yan Donghe Li Xiaowei "Wang Yu" lineup, the male master, the east has issued a document The drama is killing, this drama or the annual drama king.

"Lin Shen's deer" is telling Feng Shaotao (Yan Dongjie) and Jane (Li Xiaoyu) Originally a pair of gods, step into mid-year, also went to divorce.

After breaking up, Feng Shaotao continued to start a business, but unexpectedly and Jane again met, two people in the work and supported each other, the two people re-recognized each other, and once again produced emotions, after experiencing all kinds of bumps, finally decided to work together The remaining story.

The plot of the drama is not novel, but it is also very eye-catching with the career marriage relationship of middle-aged people.

Although more may appear on some episodes in some episodes, but obviously with the fire of middle-aged love, the drama also has a confidence, and the routine is arranged to the protagonist. Meet the favorite psychology of the audience.

Director Yanxi is more than the identity of the deputy director, participating in the production of "Golden Amo", "Jinling Thirteen", etc. For the control of film and television works, it is quite familiar.

The "Sleeping Garden" produced by Kiichuan is a very considerable amount of heat and reputation in the broadcast, starring Gong Jun and Qiaoxin showed a significant CP feeling under the support of the plot. Not a problem.

Moreover, men and women, Dong and Li Xiaoyu are all power online. It is easy to make such a drama.

Let me talk about the east of the male master, his acting strength is actually already in "camouflage", will be multiple identities, and the love of the loved ones is perfect, the acting is delicate, but there is no exaggeration .

The follow-up of Qi Dong is a status of the national first-level actor. In the "breakout", the Qiben Ann, in the face of power, it is still not humble, always has a confidence in reform, although it occasionally hesitated and confused, The gods will be more confident.

The Master Li Xiaoyu is even more accurate acting in "There is a life in this life", especially the crying, it is really a special.

In the drama, Li Xiaoyu and the past lovers are reunited. In the eyes, tears have embarrassed, put the character sentiment, giving the audience 's strong generation, and it will not be disappointed in the new drama.

"Lin Shen's deer" is already quite eye-catching, but the angle lineup is not to be underestimated. One is the old play bone, "Bai Qingtian", "Bai Yutian", "Bashan Night Rain" in her life. It is a Chinese language classic, and Zhang Yu himself also won two awards of Golden Chicken and Baihua.

Men's Yue Wei also participated in "Yan Jiandong", "camouflage", "Happy", etc. Experience is abnormal, and he is very exciting in the "Happy" to play Fan Shengmei, also very exciting.

Another Xu Baihui is also a piglet in the supporting role. Last year, in the "Chow family's children", the acting skills were quite passing, although there were not many dramas, but they also left a deep impression.

Cao Lei is not small, can be said to be a crude drama and the royal male with the sun, the "Mountain Hairy", "Big Different Battle", etc., because of the "awakened age" Among the persistence of Lu Xun is paying attention to.

The last one is the old granulation Hao Hou Rong, as a national first-class actor, but also to serve the old, in the past few years, in the past few years, it is in the big play.

"Sweeping Storm" in 2021, the fire of Hou Changrong is also recognized by everyone. It will also bring a lot of high-spot in the new drama this time.

All in all, "Lin Shen's deer" plot is full of attention, integrating the workplace and middle-aged love, perfectly holding the appetite of the audience.

The light is that the two protagonists of Qi Donghe Li Xiaoyu have been able to pick up the whole drama, but also set a lot of strength support, it seems that this drama will be a bunch of mouthfuls.