Remember the little puff in "Where to Dad Go"?She is also a sweet girl after growing?

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Remember the little puff in "Where to Dad Go"?She is also a sweet girl after growing?

2022-01-25 00:06:45 50 ℃

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Hello, small oranges!

Think about the sweet taste and soft taste,

You can know how sweet,

Bending crescent eyes,

It is said that she is a single-eyed girl's goddess and there is no hair!

In "Dad Go 5" program,

The little puff listened to the words of Dad Liu Genghong.

The village head said that I hope to chat with you.

Puff said that Dad doesn't let talk to strangers ~

Occasionally ghost horsepight,

Liu Geng said: Don't let the little boys will free you.

The little puff said: What about the girl?

Her Dad said: The girl is still OK.

So the little puff said,

Then I personally personally?

This day, true and witty,

It's just to lie to life daughters!

Huo Si Yan also liked the little puff,

I even want to let the little bubbles into the door.

Ho Siyan went to the show,

All the day is around,

Not only give her feet,

Also, I have been called the small bubble to my wife.

Hhh Huo Siyan This is careful not to be too obvious!

Although small fans in the show, many fans have been harvested.

But she did not open an account of any social media platform.

Nor did it entered the entertainment circle.

But it has lived quiet life.

SRDS, on the social platform of the little puff father and mother,

Occasionally, you will still see the little puff everyday life.

Hey, records and daughters together fitness good moments,

Although there is still a trembling,

But small puff is still brave enough to finish the balance rod ↓

As long as you hold your father, you can swverse.

Yuanqi girl riding a bicycle ↓

Climbing the parallel expression also wants to cute ↓

Come, for the camera than a Jehony ↓

Emm ... This goal is a little bit no power ↓

The husband and wife will usually take a small puff,

This is a small puff, seven years old,

Put the hair down,

Has long hair and waist,

At the beginning, the first proud of the goddess.

This iconic cured sweet smile,

I don't know how much "my mother" is the heart of "aunt".

Anster orange has fallen into

There is also a brother called Yu En,

A sister is called 姗,

Brothers and sisters are also very good.

A family of five often goes out together,

I am lying in the snow together in the winter.

This picture is Orange Ruisi!

Small puff is more versatile,

Like many little girls,

She also loves painting.

Although there is still no easel,

But wearing a small skirt,

The little puff holding a brush is quite serious,

Unconsciously, your hands are dirty.

Swimming, mountain climbing, hanging baskets, skiing, etc. are not there.

When the little puff is free, he will learn RAP with his brother.

The style is slightly "ghost animal".

But it is also to master a new skill ...

The home online class couldn't help but secretly eaten.

I was found by my father "I am hungry!"

Ah, I cute it ~

Not long ago, Liu Genghong took the video of the small puff dance.

Nowadays, the 8-year-old small puff is

Already a girl with big legs,

There is a tendency to exceed your mother's height.

I thought I had a small puff for a 4 year old.

God and smile will not be so true,

The result is that there are more tangerines!

Although the small puff is still a round doll face,

But the five senses have no small changes.

When I was a single eyelid,

When laughing, it's blinking.

Now the five senses turn to the double eyelid,

The eyes are big and bright, and the eyelashes are thick and elongated.

Not only the attractive features,

Also added a playful,

It seems that the whole person has an ancient fitch.

Jitter shoulders dance,

Falling big and afraid,

The lens is full.

Let me say,

The small bubbles after growing are also sweet sisters.

It is simply a more than zoom in.

A family is happy to dance,

The picture is really warm.

Hey, the sister brother shared a face,

Isn't like copying?

I hope that Liu Geng has been in the future.

Share a lot of daily lives of small puffs.

Also, orange suggests that Liu Genghong can live a live broadcast.

Teaches a secret of everyone cute baby

The last sentence

Do you still want to know which cute baby?