The chin is tipped into carrots, the mouth is smashed into a rotten sausage!These male stars have a face?

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The chin is tipped into carrots, the mouth is smashed into a rotten sausage!These male stars have a face?

2022-01-25 00:07:09 69 ℃

The so-called "Love is all of the people of love", not only the female star will come to, but today's male stars are also particularly preferred.

Some male stars who like to be cosmetic, they all have Zeng Yi Pan, but now, "the chin has a carrot, the mouth is smashed into the sausage", it is a pity.

As a person in the entertainment circle, I will definitely know that the knife will leave sequelae, then these male stars, knowing is self-destructing, why still want a knife?

First, Chen Xiaodong: Try to look to "human male Bi ratio"

For the 80,90s audience, Chen Xiaodong is "beautiful, handsome" synonym.

He was 13 years old, and then worshiped his teacher Dai Sucong.

"Chen Xiaodong" cares about you

When Chen Xiaodong, Chen Xiaodong, Jian Yugu, the five senses, the long phase is very boom.

His long-term phase is not half-point, and then with the previous long hair, it reveals a melancholy temperament, which is quite killing for the girl.

When I first came out, Chen Xiaodong was also known as the "four big kings's successor", which showed that he was recognized at the time.

However, with the growth of age, Chen Xiaodong's state gradually decline. I don't know when I started, Chen Xiaodong was still in love with the cosmetic.

As early as a few years ago, there was a media exposed to Chen Xiaodong's intelligability, but he always denied it.

But the facts prove that Chen Xiaodong's face has been changing.

At this point, it can be seen from Chen Xiaodong's self-timer that his chin is extremely sharp, simply like the "snake sees" in the comics.

Moreover, Chen Xiaodong's face is very stiff, apple muscles are abnormal, and it is very strange when laughing.

Although Chen Xiaodong does not recognize the whole capacity, the facts are in front of their eyes, netizens are not blind, how can they see his changes?

Unfortunately, Chen Xiaodong is very handsome, but he has to make himself "human Barbie ".

To put it bluntly, it is because it has been moved. If you don't continue to adjust, the status will be worse, now you estimated is "catching the bull", you can't move.

Second, Guo Jinan: The face is like a stone.

Guo Jinan was a very loved TVB male star. When he first came, he was still considered "Zhang Guorong's successor."

He has a big eye, although the appearance is unrestrained, but it looks so honest, laughs to show a white tooth, very appealing.

Moreover, Guo Jinan's acting is very exquisite. He starred in "life and death", "laughing at the wind", "swearing low", "Genesis", etc.

Guo Jinan in "Laughing Look at the Wind", although it is not more than Zheng Yijian, but also the eyebrows, at the time, the praise of many fans at the time.

With the growth of age, Guo Jinan gradually faded out of the entertainment circle, rarely appearing in front of the public. However, in 2020, Guo Jinan's face status caused a small dispute.

At that time, Guo Jinan participated in the "White Strong People 2" conference. In the picture, Guo Jinan's face bloated, it looks very unnatural, as if wearing a mask.

When doing expressions, Guo Jinan's face is also very stiff, compared with the previous, simply a person.

Seeing this scene, netizens also spit: Guo Jinan's face is too stiff, as if "zombie" is the same.

In fact, this is the result of excessive injections. It must be hit once, if there is no longer in the middle, then the status of the face will be worse, it can only be tossing, so it is more and more stiff.

Third, Chen Haumin: Hyaluronic acid

Chen Haomin is also a TVB actor who remembers after 80 and 90. In the past, "Tianlong Babu" was popular in the mainland, from this feeding.

"Journey to the Gods 2", "Six Tourism", "Six Tour", "Six Tour", "Six Tour", "Six Tour Guigong", "Heaven and End, Seven Fairy", etc., is very well known in the Mainland.

When you are young, Chen Haomin, the eyebrow is clear, quiet and inside the show, so it is very visible in the mainland.

Although Chen Haimin in the later period is often emptive, the word of mouth is also serious, but the mainland audience is still giving him a lot.

However, Chen Haomin in recent years may be older, there is no confidence, so it has also fallen into the controversy.

In the past two years, Chen Haomin's face became very strange. He not only made a pair of exaggerated double eyelids, but also hit a lot of hyaluronic acid on his face.

This leads to his apple muscles from towering, when you leave a beard, simply like the "Muro" of Mary.

More freely, Chen Haomin's wife is also a tight face, and the couple stand together, it is simply the ideal spokesperson of the plastic surgery hospital.

Now Chen Haomin, basically no play can be photographed, can only be live with Chen Lisa at home, and it is enough to support a few children.

Finally, mention: The cosmetic is like no bottom, never returns back. It is not a stiff to become a big stone, it is a male barbit.

Fourth, Wang Youshuo: Five Enthusiasts

In 2018, a "big Song teenager" made Wang Youshuo and red, and he played the Confucian son "Wang Guan" won many people's love.

Although Wang Youshuo's five senses were not outstanding, he grew white and clean, and there was a temperament of the grandchildren, which also made his circle powder countless.

According to this situation, Wang Youshuo will definitely be very smooth. However, the face of Wang Youshuo has undergone a huge change. At that time, he participated in the booting ceremony of "Dear Day Fox", and netizens found that Wang Youshuo not only copened, but also failed.

It is not difficult to see from the photo, Wang Youshuo's face is slightly stiff, the most striking is his nose. His nose is big and thick, it looks like it is the same, full of violations.

Some netizens said: Before Wang Youshu, Wang Youshu, has been over, this time, it is only "returning to the factory."

However, the crowd is risky after all, this time Wang Youshui is hitting the muzzle, it can be said that a nose ruins the whole face.

Five, Huashan: I have been walking on the road of the knife.

Since the beginning of 2013, since the topic of "Hua Chenyu's Conditioning" has never stopped.

In fact, Whether Huasai Yu is inspired, and it is appreciated by the eye.

However, more people still look at his talent (only his fans can see, and have not sang a familiar song), and the problem of the cosmetic is chosen.

Of course, Huachen Yu is very successful early, and the whole face is much more exquisite than the native state, and he can be fully called a classic case.

However, over time, Brillia is also gradually exposed. Some time ago, some netizens took photos of Huachenyu live broadcast.

As can be seen from the photo, the face of Huashanyu is very embarrassed. When laughing, the face muscles are also very weird, in short, the whole face looks only one word: fake.

In this regard, the netizen said: Star still does not have to be more confident, this side effect is too big. Other netizens have also commented on: It may be more ugly.

It turns out that the cosmetic is not a way for one, once a day of sequelae breaks, it is slightly taunt by netizens, and it ruins its performance.

Sixth, Xue Zhiqian: big eyes, chiver, one can not fall

"Xue Zhiqian,", this is no secret in the circle, because Xue Zhiqian once acknowledged: ourselves do microplete.

However, in fact, Xue Zhiqian said it was "micro finish", which is too implied.

From his front and rear comparison, it is not difficult to find that Xue Zhiqian has a significant change in the face profile in addition to the eye changes.

He should be a double eyelid, open his eyes, and the bone, etc., of course, as the age is growing, the beauty needle must be less.

In the first few years, Xue Zhiqian's appearance is really exquisite, and it is barely to be a handsome guy. In the past two years, Xue Zhi's appearance has changed frequently.

In a event in 2017, Xue Zhiqian's face was very strange. The overall looks very bloated, and only down the Pakistan, it looks like a piece.

In 2019, the host Li Hao took the photo with Xue Zhiqian. In this photo, Xue Zhi 's face is a lot of coordination, but it turns into a net red face.

His face of hyaluronic acid, looks like the oil and light, and when laughing, it is even more than a "味".

Today, netizens have changed the huge changes in Xue Zhiqian's face, which has already been happened. But I have to say that Xue Zhiqian does toss in this regard.

Seven, Wang Yulun: the mouth is smashed into a rotten sausage

Since the self-evident, Wang Yun has played a lot of idol drama, and there is no exception of the role.

In fact, Wang Yulin is not "first hand handsome guy", his long phase is not amazing, and the reason why it is able to circle, it is largely relying on role filter.

I don't know what everyone feels like, but if I want to say, only one word: blame.

At first glance, there is no problem with Wang Yun's long, but under some shots, Wang Yulin's face is very weird.

Especially his nose and mouth, the nose can see the nostrils at a glance, definitely the result of the failure of surgery;

And the mouth, smile, "成 了 香", all tear to the ear, how can there be such a 歪 巴?

You say he is ugly, he is really unhal; but you have to say that he is handsome, it seems to be a bit awkward; in short, his long phase is weird.

Moreover, this young man appears every time, the appearance is different, and the change is too fast.

Eight, Yan Xi: Face Pothoramid

Yan Xi is the training student of "Youth has your third season". I have already played a lot of works before, but because the reputation is not displayed, it has been in the edge of the entertainment circle.

Compared with his work, the topic of his cosmetic is more attractive.

When I first came out, Yan Xi was also a beautiful man with a clear and handsome man, but he was like a personal life.

In the "Dear Drug King", Yan Xi's double eyelids imitation tricks, hidden. And his nose is more called "towering into the cloud."

From the side, Yan Xi's nose and forehead form a very exaggerated angle. If you want to be a European face, can you so stereo?

At another look, Yanxi's chin is also obvious, as if it is a few centimeters. The opposite female master wants to swear his chin, it is estimated that they don't dare to force too much.

In short, the face behind Yan Xi is really full of slots. I have been very good, I don't have to take myself "people's face". It is really not coming.

Nine, Gao Wei: chin piping carrot

Henry Kao debut very early, but has been tepid. Until the past two years, he walked into our field of vision through a variety show. But the attendant, is the controversy about his appearance.

In the "half honey and half injury", the high HannStar has exposed his face problem, it is very stiff smile, and sometimes unable to control their facial features.

At that time, there are users questioned his plastic surgery, but Henry Kao has denied.

In fact, as early as 2017 "Optional day in mind," users have raised this question. At that time, Henry Kao shot from the side of a photo caused some users questioned.

From the photo, Henry Kao's face does seem a bit stiff, looks like processed. Especially the "sharp as a carrot," the chin, people surprised.

Of course, some people said: Henry Kao inherently cosmetic or failure. As to whether he whole volume, being unanswered, do not want to move.

PS: see Henry Kao this "sharp as a carrot" in the face, he thought of Po Pakistan, Aarif, Lee Hom.

X. Liu Kaiwei: after cosmetic surgery requires constant repair

Hawick born in a family of entertainers, so he grew up on the concern, the early years also left a lot of photos.

You can see from the photos Hawick childhood, he did go through a number of adjustments, only now with a handsome face.

Admittedly, Liu Kaiwei looks very outstanding, or can not get Yang Mi's favor. His thick eyebrows, delicate facial features three-dimensional look mature, very attractive.

Of course, with Hawick continued popularity, there are users raked up his previous pictures. Until then netizens discovered that Liu Kaiwei handsome but also by cosmetic change.

And not so long ago, Hawick attended a musical evening. In an interview, Liu Kaiwei also revealed a cosmetic sequelae.

As can be seen from the photo, Hawick swollen face stiff muscles of his face is also very natural, beauty is clearly more than a stylus.

Users are also at a glance the problem, have commented that: It should be filled, this is not the old natural state.

In fact, take a look at Hawick early photographs, plastic surgery is not a small guy, estimated future need to adjust the time is still very long.

There are familiar Xu Haiqiao, although the business for, because the nose valgus much Tucao, but at least that time can see.

But look at recent years, Xu Haiqiao, have lost their true colors, face stiff, pointed chin has become a carrot, if at any time can Chuosi people.

There acting school actor Lee Tsung-han, when the debut is delicate features, but a few years gone, the face had changed appearance.

The most frightening is not cosmetic, but after plastic surgery complications, such as stiff facial expressions can not make such weird facial features, from their control, will affect the acting.

In this era to see the face, plastic surgery for most of the star, perhaps a shortcut. However, the so-called "gains will lose."

By plastic surgery only in exchange for a moment of beauty, in the days ahead, but he keeps tinkering on his face.

Its change by the United States in such a way, as the time and energy to improve the acting, with their own strength to win the audience's approval.