Good to marry the wind, Ma Xia Ting, women?Yin and Yang strange earth, Tucao Li Yuzei does not match?

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Good to marry the wind, Ma Xia Ting, women?Yin and Yang strange earth, Tucao Li Yuzei does not match?

2022-01-25 00:06:27 49 ℃

Ah, this?

Advise a young girl not to dress yourself like Ji ↓

Passerby comments on the big turn?

I want her to get out,

I feel that she and Ji are half a catty.

U1S1, single look at this sentence, the language may be vulgar, but it is really worth this?

Everything is just because

The protagonist is her, Ma Xiaoting ↓

Before you talk, let's take a face first.

This is a avatar,

This is the live broadcast.

Formerly known as the ancient morning network that started from the blog period.

6 years ago, it began to recommend a girl to wear it.

Give some photo small tips.

Today, it is still a posture of a female friend.

Emphasize that women should be economically independent,

Be cautious to step into marriage,

In the face of the criticism, it will also be stunned in the feminism.

So in some fans,

It is a clear and deep person.

Also became a lot of life tutors in his eyes.

But is this?

Just like she did not forget to emphasize "good marrow" in the account.

Her broken circle is also because of "good fortune".

Half a year ago, the new drama model of Song Yi used "good marrow" as a marketing point, so it was mad by the whole network.

Subsequent actors apologize,

She ran out of the heat, saying that Song Yu's new drama model was to take her "good marrow" to wear.

Good to marry, I originally a coming word, it is a popularity of the popularity.

The best example, the stone original of "Love Chocolate Person" is a target for men's love.

The first time in China was greatly discussed, it was a 4 years ago.

At this time, the heat is hot.

Say yourself to advocate good fortune,

Nowadays, since the society is already unfair, since men and women,

The woman is to "disk man" "Parents",

I want to do everything to strive for my own interests.

Also said that "good fortune is just a good boy who wants to marry the girl", which seems to respect the individual independence.

The standard "married" can also be defined by the girl.

It seems that it is also a full freedom to stand in the girl.

But actually?

Big body anxiety,

"I really want to thin, there is no wrinkled fat man to see it?"

Women who have different opinions with different opinions.

Direct attacks, saying that people are "Petgour Girl" [Shiefi]

Also give a portrait,

The vocal text is also a gloom,

"Milk tea sister soil? I have taste."

Difficult to women,

There is no more love.

Last month, Li Baizu smashed Wang Lihong's slag male mask in the middle of the night.

It is also exposed to the grievances of the 8 years of marriage.

The desperate housewife wanted to fight for their own interests now.

Ok, this seems to be, it is not worth it.

Also use the perfect victim's set of logic,

Say that her private morality is losing, why not pay money.

But for men, it is a complete set of standards.

It seems that it is really standing on the female position asking a man rolling up in the appearance.

But really practiced

Has a fans contributed to the photo of myself and my boyfriend.

Liancheng people feel that the boys are full,

She: That is very handsome [smile]

And the big teaching male skills.

What boys bought lipstick, girls can kill him at the third time.

For half a year, you must master the salary of boys and take a salary card to have a close relationship between men and women.

A section should put "love" in the first relationship, in her, reflecting the calculation of step by step.

Not only that, in her eyes, men are the upper person who needs to use the means.

It is a scarce resource that needs to compete.

No men, no!

Playing a good banner,

Essentially is thin,

Due to the opposite sex.

When some fans also put her as a personal mentor,

I don't know her suggestion.

I have already become a business.

Procrastics your "good marrow" through the heat of the public figure.

# 月 饼 can also "good morality" [moon]

# 巴 的 指 指 【【【【

Continuously attract flow.

# Only only 31W fans last year, in just one year, the individual has increased 20W fans.

Then start the company and start the goods.

When you push your coat, it is said that white is the top match of your own theory.

But in the industry, this is the same, this is a good fortune, there is no half-coated relationship [Dog Head]

I really have a fan for her theory,

But see this feedback, useful? [Dog Head]

Still discovered. The Xbao shop built in her microblogging is actually a clothing brand suspected of infringing.

# This is the Logo of her push

# This is genuine LOGO

The court has also already identified that she pushing the store has infringement.

Don't say that there is a fan to explode, say she sells fakes.

What is the difference between a variety of operations, and today's AyaWawa?

Use a set of theories to arouse themselves,

The mouth is talking about helping women to adapt to society.

Become a lot of women's idols.

But in essence

It has already been default and accepted for men and women.

Women can't choose marriage freely.

Inverted her gender advantage,

Even the comfort women, there is no sympathy.

"Survey women, at least you can leave a life",

"In front of the war, women still have gender advantage."

(??? I still feel that they are lucky?)

So I turned back to watch Ma Xiaoting just persuaded the young girl, but was launched by the group, and it was too normal to her.

Playing a good banner,

Unlimited tolerance for men,

The pain of women is vain,

The so-called "good marrow",

It is just the tool that she accepts male social rules?

The last sentence

Do not lose weight,

No glasses,

Is it not worthy of youthful?