Detonation inside entertainment wearing?Song Zhiya is set to collapse and wear fakes, Jin Xiaozhong first takes off!

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Detonation inside entertainment wearing?Song Zhiya is set to collapse and wear fakes, Jin Xiaozhong first takes off!

2022-01-25 00:06:11 43 ℃

Korea Net Red Song Zhiyu

Do you still need special introduction now (Beard)

From the love "single, hell",

The thousands of white rich and beautiful women have set fake,

Take the wind and waves from the side of the sea.

Detonation of internal entertainment all nets to learn her wear ↓

Learn her makeup

Learn her three views ↓

Since this blood wash B stationa, small red book,

It's even a step that enters the DY championship (arched)

Don't be underestimated,

It is said that it is said to promote 60W, and the price is directly in the inside entertainment.

I thought that she had developed the biggest obstacles in the mainland, her nationality.

And the "learning" cultural view brought by her clear dark?

Be Like wearing hanbok with Hanfu elements

Top is known as "Song Daughter's Crown"

And what kind of marketing "Korean rice dumplings"

(I don't know if it is a bad dumplings or bad dumplings)

But no one thought that she had a complete collapse because she worn fake,

Still by one of her fellow Koreans, Dei (脸)

Looking at the details, you can say that this sister is all Fake from the head to the foot:

The necklace of the Van Clee is water ↓

Chanel's clothes are water ↓

Dior tube top is water ↓

Rolex's watch is water ↓

Marine's dress is water ↓

Off White's top is water ↓

Dad's LV shoes is water ↓

Even her program gave the host,

Said that I "I don't like to wear two times", "

Also water! ↓

And after her parallel,

What is even more embarrassed is netizens' attitude towards her.

If you say the Song Zhiya,

There is also a labor people from China. She is an upward but simple beauty.

Then her South Korea,

But the first time decided to put her into the net red palace,

Love is willing to take her when she "puppy" is turned off.

Show the naked ↓ of adult relationships in minutes

The producer of the big enthusiasm "True Intervention" also said that all the lenses will be deleted.

Make her with the legal coffee classes.

Hate the property, the 妒 财 阀 but worship the Korean people of the valve,

It is directly to expel her of Korean nationality.

Operating keyboard to help her take China's green card ↓

Just 30 days,

This quite identified beauty, the master, called the big fortune of life (arched)


Although I understand that Song Zhi is lost to her vanity.

But I can also feel more emotion: "Multi-gold people" is called the Net Red Wanjin oil, as long as it eats bonus, it is really ugly?

After all, as long as you have money.

Obvious video, there is no dry, showing eight teeth towards the lens.

Someone believes that her bones are emitted without anyone who is attached.

After all, as long as you have money.

Even if you love the folk remarks, you will fly.

There are also people to wash her land for her, just in playing between men.

After all, as long as you have money.

Even I just said that this kind of chewing "love myself" soul chicken soup,

I can touch the fan of the fans and tears, and the words will regard her as the truth.

After all, as long as you have money.

The video that can be opened by the audience is spontaneously maintained by the audience.

My sister is not lacking, my sister is not promoted, my sister diets are also awkward.

My sister is just excellent.

I can understand why she is so unscrupulously using A goods, show,

After all, once the people of the multiko, once established, it is the public.

Even if you are not very high for her,

Full and financial valve life is not staining simple closet ↓

The barrage also spoke for her to maintain a thousand gold valuers ...

You don't have to say Song Zhiya,

In today's net red gossip circle to turn one turn,

I can find that netizens have goodwill and inclusive:

New Jinzhi beauty @ 千 里 寻 椰 ▽

People are greenery and little love, talking to the stupid beauty,

Occasionally, in the Saibo world, a thousand gold feelings,

It will make people feel the love of love,

And her family is indeed unusual.

First, in Gome, Middle School, then read art majors in Italy,

How many small half a celebrity?

Have a hand,

Netizens are all feeling money can raise people ↓

Well-known food to play card owners @ 子 Recik ▽

The bloggers who eat more than one are not here.

But let her kill the fascinating people of the heavyweight are also "top small rich women".

Interesting blogger thousands,

But I can't hold her money,

Qiu Fu sentiment has long been no longer obvious,

Instead, you can see the video to experience the "people" ↓ "

And a dream experience with her friend.

Or is it a fascinating @cici sister ▽

She always shuts the gain in the house of each major rich,

The famous brand is not dyed,

Carefree, laugh,

Netizens' evaluation is also warm and sincere.

To praise her, the self-confidence, let the clothes, a little slightly pulled, ↓

To praise her without a dress, but still like a fairy,

Elegant invincible ↓

Although it is already a live broadcast of goods every day,

The thief who is still selling ↓

But someone still believes that she is just a picture.

Not for a living only for a happy ↓

Love ceiling @ 红 澄 ▽

Not only the sweetness is sweet,

It is also a madness and a family,

From the head to the foot, 5 is a number of famous brands, and the gift is also a lot of luxury.

There is this white rich personality, add a slightly weak personality, but also the whole network crazy cutting powder, "engage in the cause" "big women" sound,

Who is not with her to join? Who is purely blind?

Silly and sweet and rich, which Sai Bo mother can let go of the yeah?

Even if it is mixed, it is mixed.

Fake is everywhere,

I can't stop the true feelings of the fan, she is disappeared, she is cheated (beard)


"Multikin" people have attracted not only attention, but also good,

Because most people will feel that the world of rich people is full of innocent.

The rich family is the most pure and hatervanic person in the world (arched)

(Feng Junshui movie "parasitic" ↓)

So who is not confused?

That is, Song Zhiya is the bottom of the capitalist fellow,

Otherwise, in accordance with our domestic netizens, she wants to succeed in the gold to make a lot of time.

In short,

This time, Song Zhiya's collapse is quite realistic.

She said, "Don't care too much about others' opinions",

On the side, it will pretend to enjoy the envity of the audience.

The inner vanity and the distortion of the external force let her step on the road to continuously sell fake.

It may be a so-called sister's personality is just another meaning of charming powder.

It can be seen that people may not have any "three views",

People love is just "perfect" itself in accordance with the definition of the times.

A Song Zhiya is set to collapse, and there will always be the next Zhang Zhiya, Wang Zhiya stands up.

As long as people have no change in the yearning for perfection, the god mode will not be changed.

It's time to think about it.

What is the definition of "independent women"?

Is it a crude sister of a lady? Is it an increasingly deformity of thinking?

The last sentence

I really don't want to hear the news about Song Zhiya ...