Two episodes rush on the first, this 19 is forbidden too stimulating

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Two episodes rush on the first, this 19 is forbidden too stimulating

2022-01-25 06:02:50 54 ℃

In the past two years, Korea's suspense crime works have been frequent.

From the "Secret Forest" to "The Flowers" to "Peak", each of them is a highly praised phenomenon.

After the fingers, I haven't launched a new awkward drama for a long time since I have ended.

However, don't be afraid, universal manufacturers will not make you drama.

Recently, I have just dug a temperament like a "signal" that I have been in the audience.

It is a big shot on the line -

"People who interpret the heart"

The sheet is 6.5%, and the opening of the opening is, the second episode is 7.5%, and the highest real-time ratings have broken by 11%, and the viewing trend is very fierce.

With the full high-energy story, let the audience look at it.

Moreover, the slice is not small, broadcast in Korea, the first episode and the second episode are listed as "19 forbidden".

The film adapts the documentary literature "chasing monsters" from the "Korean First Crime Psychology Analyst".

What is a criminal psychological analyst?

As the name suggests, explore the psychology of crime, they will make predictions by analyzing the murderers, on-site layout, crime characteristics, etc.

And this drama is to restore the life of the side-write staff.

Song Song Ying, who starred in Jinnan, the prototype, is known as the right to "the first criminal side of Korea".

The film is background with real events.

In the 1990s, South Korea has shocked the national red hat murder case.

The opening of this film is a series of a few women who are raped.

Since many women are killed in a time, people don't consciously fall into panic.

The police also played women's clothing, embarked on the street, trying to catch the murderer, but repeatedly reached.

Even a number of red hat on the society has also appeared, and there is more prone to people's panic.

The most terrible thing is that this murderer's murder method is very cruel, specializing in women, so in that time, the girls are very easy to go alone on the street.

I feel that the red hat is even a humble.

It is very unfortunate, a girl named Cui Huayi becomes the next goal of the red hat.

When she got home from get off work, I found someone in tracking her, so she was so fast in the rain, it was hard to get home.

I have never thought that my boyfriend suddenly came to find her, and the two were quarreled.

My boyfriend even got her neck in the ground.

When the police found her, Cui Huai had been completely appearance of the clothes, and she was lying on the ground at this time.

The more miserable is that she is actually pregnant.

This death is a pregnant woman in a few months, and the case of harsh in the case is further upgraded.

The police quickly locked the boyfriends of Cui Huayi because all traces and clues pointed to him.

He is considered to imitate the "red hat" killed his girlfriend.

However, he did not admit that he didn't even know that he didn't even know that his girlfriend was pregnant.

The next scene is the most abundant, although the evidence is placed in the eyes, but Cui Huayi's boyfriend does not know.

then what should we do?

The police actually adopted the "violent confess".

If you don't plead guilty, you will fight, and you will not recognize it.

Telling true, seeing this scene, the factory manager dreams back to "murder memories", in this Rongdeng TOP250, score up to 8 · 9 points movie.

I have also happened this scene, which can be said that this is the standard for the Korean police in the last century.

However, there is also a part of the good police who pursue truth.

For example, our master of Song He Ying, he will find a few small details, and the murderer is not a boyfriend of Cui Huayi, but another person.

First, this key evidence in the "case site in the case" proves that he is not a murderer.

The two are a couple, and he is completely free to go to the house.

Secondly, Song Heying's investigation through a wide range of investigations, he found that there were 123 special numbers on most of the house walls in the victim area.

After investigation, he found that these numbers are used to mark residential family background -----

"1" represents adult men, "2" represents women, "3" represents children.

So, the murderer is specially picking a woman with a male child with a male.

And when Cui Huayi's boyfriend was held in the police station, another woman was naked in home.

This is also indirectly proven, and it is still hidden outside.

However, the problem is coming, since it is known that the true is still happy, but I don't know where to hide, which let Songhe Ying's investigation directly into the bottleneck.

I didn't think that, finally, Liu Xiaoming was also a village, and the criminal ran to the police station to send the net.

He was originally fighted by the burglary.

However, due to the scissors used by his oscillatling, the hats on the hair turned, rapidly caused Songhe Ying's doubts ...

Next, I entered the highest energy moment of this film.

The two people carry out the psychological war in the interior of the interior of the interior, and the layers are in progress.

Song Heying first asked him some irrelevant questions and let the murderer relax.

Several rounds, a little bit of murderer.

Finally, Song Heying left, just intercepting a pile of thick documents in his hand, so his first action he returned to the interrogation room was to take these files on the table. This move is a common method of psychological war.

Let the prisoner misunderstand the information related to himself, can't understand which extent of the police find it, and has mastered how much evidence.

Therefore, he was completely panicked, but also broke his mental defense.

Especially when his digital handwriting came out, he directly locked him. He is a real murderer ...

However, this film is not limited to the simple line of finding the murderer, but the development of many orientation, as the first works of the subject of criminal side.

It focuses on exploring the psychology of the criminals, but also solves these psychological issues, which makes this film more connotation and depth.

The murderer of this film is so cruel, that is, because when I was young, I encountered the misfortune of native families.

The father is a mother who is in the body every day, so this is also an important reason why he is unhealthy from a small psychology.

So he kills a woman, you have to lush their clothes.

This is the damage brought about by the native family, which deeply affects a person's life.

Fortunately, people who have cured their lives in childhood, but unfortunate people, they need to use a lifetime to cure childhood.

But this is still not over, because in the next collection notice, the cruel "little girl was turned", the scream when he was killed in the middle of the night.

Instantly, I was pulled into the "Su Yuan" film, and sometimes the factory is really unwilling to look at the work adapted by the real incident.

It feels too cruel, and I will open the scar over and over again.

But I have to admire these creators, they can always shoot all kinds of cases in real life, which is also the most cattle in Korean drama, constantly innovating, never being transcended.

I hope that the film should not be rotated, keep two episodes of the rhythm of one case.

I also hope that more excellent works can appear, discover the different depth, after all, for suspense tablets, I believe that the fans of the movie factory can be closed.