"There is you in this life": Nie Dongyuan, wake up Nie Yu, and noticed the flat life.

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"There is you in this life": Nie Dongyuan, wake up Nie Yu, and noticed the flat life.

2022-01-25 06:02:59 53 ℃

The TV series "There is you this life" is still updated, this drama starred by Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoyu, and the two people's cooperation is also a lot.

The story begins in this drama is constantly inserting Nie Yu and talking. Re-encounter, talking about the child, the old love, the audience is also very sad.

And talking about his son, but because the child has a congenital heart disease, it is more sad that it is difficult to talk about this.

Living in Nie Yu's hospital, and Nie Yu's father Nie Dongyuan also lived in hospitals, and Nie Dongyuan, who is sick, is particularly eager for children. Perhaps it is a fate, and Xiaoping meets Nie Dongyuan.

When Nie Dongyuan wanted to touch the flat, the flat consciousness woven, let Nie Dongyuan think of Nie Yuzhen when I was young. And he saw that the eyebrows were flattening like Nie Yu. So, for this child, Nie Dongyuan is more likely.

When Nie Yu went to see his father, Nie Dongyuan tanded with Sun Ping in front of his son, and said that the child and Nie Yu are very similar, and even the habit of refusing to touch the head.

Nie Dongyuan likes the child, inadvertently speaking on his son, wake up Nie Yuzhen.

He is clear from himself and talking about a period of unforgettable, and they broke up for seven years, the flat age is six years old, and the father said that the child will look like itself.

He began to suspect that Sun Ping's father is, when he is in the hospital, he has made parent-child identification with flat, the result shows that the flat father is him.

Nie Yu has learned that the mentality collapsed after the flat life. He found a tutorial and asked if he didn't tell yourself. Talking about holding Nie Yu comforting him.

I always feel that Pingping is the son of Nie Yu, and I am looking forward to this truth as soon as possible, I hope that after Nie Dongyuan's mention, Nie Yu will find the truth.

Pingping is very sensible, talking is very hard, I hope they can eliminate mistakes as soon as possible.

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