Obviously, it is ordinary, but it is a goddess. Why do you have a red?

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Obviously, it is ordinary, but it is a goddess. Why do you have a red?

2022-01-25 18:03:34 70 ℃

Today's entertainment, always gives a feeling of getting lower and lower threshold. Does not require technical education, no university degree, as long as you because of something out of the name, you can find a way among the entertainment, then start shooting.

So the audience when watching drama, often wondering: Why TA can be when the main character? People have a "I can also" courage. First thing to say is that Shen months.

First, Shen: explosion of red on a group photo, is the heroine debut

Shen was originally a student at Hunan Normal University, roommates like to take pictures, so let Shen month when her models.

Have to say, the roommate photography and aesthetic level is very good, Shen months at her shape, strength becomes second Japanese girl. Presumably, many people are Shen month this group photo "hit" over.

Network drama "little better" producer Shen may also be hit, then he asked her to serve as care of the household.

In fact, Shen ordinary people, the value of the Yen be nice, big eyes, facial features nor flawed. Although, high-definition color camera zooms in value and stature shortcomings, but "little better" director is very smart.

Shen months in the play is short hair, bangs and hair modification of the face, and Chen Xiaoxi is high school, so basically baggy uniforms, so Shen board short body is also covered. Upon my honor you, then chasing small 8 "little better" is also very top.

But after Chen Xiaoxi out of filters, Shen months have never had a decent role.

"Little better," she took a six TV series, a movie, in addition to "Meteor Garden" because of her tragic appearance after discussions lead to a broad audience, the rest of the drama flutter was silent, even the point of people have no desire to open .

Shen too common, in addition to her big eyes than the original, nose and big collapse, mouth and some days wrapped in a relaxed state, she was always with his mouth open, it is affecting opera experience.

The fundamental problem is that Shen acting, not good enough to make people ignore her extraordinary color value and stature. The entertainment is not no ugly people, Huang Bo and Wang Baoqiang is the best example.

If an actress, face value, all belong to the body failing level, acting is bad, then why the audience to see her play it? Shen really think about it, how they want to develop a next career.

Second, Bu crown today: nasolabial folds become the biggest bug color value

It has been very puzzled: Why The plain Bu crown today, will be admitted to the Central Academy of Drama? Because she was involved in many schools of Arts test, they have been brushed down, she admitted only in the theater.

In fact, BU crown this opera since childhood skills, sound table rows in the table will not be bad, but the play is not as Nortel did, seeing the actor's appearance.

Bu crown since his debut today, there are many people Tucao her color values, the most controversial because of her deep nasolabial folds, looks significantly older, looks like a little old lady.

Some people even say that this is the crown Bu "Zhen Huan Chuan", the younger version of Jing Shi Tai white.

It was also suggested Bu crown now look to fill nasolabial folds, then the big nose shrink a little, so that facial features will be more refined. But as we all know, the actors move face, it will be the impact of play acting, usually do not have a lot of micro-expressions.

Bu crown looks today, although not outstanding, but fortunately her acting is really hard enough, after 90 flowers, the number is the rafts. Therefore, there are many viewers are willing to watch this drama Bu crown.

Perhaps this is Shen Bu crown and now it's the biggest difference.

Third, Geng Xi: Guadan looks, but powerful resources

Geng Xi face with a word to describe that: Guadan. When she was looking for the right shape, reuse atmosphere blessing, it can also be regarded as Reiki little beauty.

But when she play extremely high requirements on the color values ​​costume, flat facial features immediately revealed the secret. When not pulling a small step on 8, she starred in the network drama "spend months and round" (bride marrying the wrong Lang, "the new version), maid than her beauty. Fortunately, this drama lacks heat.

To the super IP "Snow defended knife line", the Greek Geng has been named the play "The only flaw of" the.

Under the eldest son of the servant girl can be described as beautiful clouds, "Conquering Princess" ginger really is second slag was none left.

Geng play a Greek play "little joy" in the girl next door was okay, just do not touch the costume, it will only be "thankless."

Geng Xi's resources really good during his four years has played six women inside, because users send tortured soul: Why is she so good resource?

Mainly wide network of people, hard back. Xu Jinglei Geng Xi's father told the students, Xu Jinglei is "Central Zone Princess", holding a small actor mention.

Fourth, Li Landi: grow increasingly Lianpan

In fact, Li Landi facial features taken separately are pretty good, big eyes, the nose is very pretty, mouth and no bug.

But her biggest problem is that the face plate is too great, and she belongs to a little fat, big face on the increasingly obvious type.

There are a lot of great entertainment beauty of the face, such as Chen Hong, Gao Yuanyuan, they face was not small. But enough three-dimensional facial features, so do not look larger face.

In fact, Li Landi child looks is the most beautiful, smooth oval face, facial atmosphere, the whole face and coordination amazing.

But, with age, her mandible becomes larger and larger, so she from oval into a round face. "Old days", the main man there had vivid derision.

Although there are a lot of fans say, many awl face of Li Landi, enriching the aesthetic entertainment. But when she later after several drama "Dreaming," "but myself," aired, many viewers still have Tucao her face big, too fat. "Dreaming", the actor Li Landi hold not move during filming, so the ladder into the video, have so far been brought to play Terrier.

She is now Lianpan too big, too Chende facial features by the compact, it must have bangs have modified her face.

(In fact, she was little apparent head of the body)

Today, Li Landi was making a scene and costume, look pretty good from Reuters, however, will not repeat the "dream" in the past, everything was looked positive to evaluate.

Five Blue Ying Ying: supporting face is not hard lead role

Many people may not know, with blue Ying Ying Yang Zi, Reba, who as are all 90 flowers.

Blue Ying Ying is acting, but also talented, she does not support the parents in the case of self-study of art over the play of Arts exam, also admitted to the first results of Beijing People's Art.

But the Blue Ying Ying grown too common, her face still with some bitter phase and old-fashioned. When play some supporting role, it is also regarded as "finishing touch", such as "Zhen Huan Chuan" in Huan Bi.

But the Blue Ying Ying played the female host, her looks, temperament is not enough ah! From the "elite lawyers" to "North House South rut," she is the heroine, but this evaluation two plays are very bad, especially the "elite lawyers", the collapse of East Jin are saved back.

Blue Ying Ying is very appealing to viewers in general, there is no audience appeal, perhaps she should look for their own re-positioned.

Blue Ying Ying, but it is still a low-key rich second, her mother remarried a wealthy businessman 14 years old, so the blue Ying Ying has lived in the mansion Shanghai's downtown area, that's not the coffee-bit actress she can afford House of.

Although the stepfather money, but still very blue Ying Ying fight, which is still worthy of recognition.

Sixth, Hu Bingqing: not holding a red Chinese sister

Hu Bingqing starred in the first TV series is the "Tornado Girl", this drama is the fire in the year, the male Yang Yang Needless to say, Tan Song Yun and Wu Lei CP and now there are people who knock.

Bai Jingting therefore fling, nothing happens actress Hu Bingqing sense of presence. To see this actress bangs, stylist to see for yourself: this look good?

After Hu Bingqing great care of the household and starring drama "Dugu world", she can be lived only half drama Ady rolling, did not read the small 8 drama, but then look at the online discussion, that Ady is care of the household.

Also remember that a sentence is classic: Ady day off the assembly line, that is, when the drama of the abandoned.

Hu Bingqing in the last just two years, starred in eight main characters, but the Department have no spray, you name another?

Recently she Weiguang of high drama and Mimi also quiet on the line, she looks really is no memory point, there is no appealing to viewers, Guadan extent and Geng Xi win a fight.

She was also closed, "a Chinese sister", the Chinese are obviously before Sun Li, Shi, and this level of Coulee Nazha, beauty and acting, as it accounted for somehow. Might as well handfuls "Chinese sister" Chen Yao, Chen Yao has at least recognizable.

Chinese smashed so many resources at her, may have "fallen on deaf ears," Hu Bingqing think to succeed, fear is difficult.

Seven, Yan Yuan Bing: "maidservants face" originator

If the small 8 remember correctly, "maidservants face" of the term, it is played from the ice Yan Yuan Chu Xuanji derived.

"Glass" big explosion, a costume works of outstanding quality, Chu Xuanji very cute, but many people feel that this is not the ice Yan Yuan relations.

This role is mainly Chu Xuanji lovable enough, cute enough, another actress to play will burst.

Yuan Bing Yan is not beautiful? In the average person, she is definitely a beauty. But with classmate Bobby Dilly heat up the ice Yan Yuan gas field really like maidservants.

The biggest problem Yan Yuan ice is no longer recognizable, face very serious depression, if she really enough for the United States, will not be participating in the "Legend of Zu Ji" "old nine" "The Night" and other plays after the explosion models , they have no sense of the presence.

You know, just in the year Dilly Reba "Qi Tan," in a speech a few small junior sister apprentice scenes, the audience was deeply remembered.

Yuan Bing Yan acting nor prominent, took "Glass" was traced to Shihai eye drops, crying play only two or three drops of tears. Superposition of multiple factors, Yuan Bing Yan think to succeed, it is hardly ah.

Some people may say, these actresses look very good ah, certainly good-looking than you. However, the actress is not Bimei with ordinary people ah, she takes with the actresses in the entertainment compare to it.

Although we always say looks do not have anxiety, but the pursuit of beauty, yearning for the United States but is a human instinct.

8 found a small, home-made drama is now an expert in many folk, the actor's acting is very good. If the actress does not need the entertainment beautiful, then you might as well look at the red network made drama.