Xie Na exposed the second childhood depression!The eyes are talking to tears, because the husband is injured.

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Xie Na exposed the second childhood depression!The eyes are talking to tears, because the husband is injured.

2022-01-25 18:03:07 39 ℃

Recently, Xie Na has exposed her depression in a certain variety. Xie Na said that after the second child, I had a very depression for a while, there is a little postpartum depression, but she is not willing to face, because Xie Na feels that she is a Lishui, how can this happen.

Xie Na can make her tears in the time of depression. When this experience is explained, Xie Na's eyes are red, and the eyes have tears. On the side, the well is warmly helped to get the clothes, He Wei and the Nang Jian have listened to Xie Na.

Later, Zhang Jie was hurt on the stage, Xie Nun suddenly wake up, I can't go so. There was a matter of Zhang Jie, now Zhang Jie injured, Xie Na is a wife, a mother, a strong sense of responsibility, so that she is strong, this, she walked out of depression.

Xie Na suffered from depression, not a single copy, many stars in the entertainment circle have passed depression. The most familiar is that Ma Sch is pure, and Masmi is in the show that she will eat emotionally managed drugs. When the condition is serious, her body will be stiff, the asthma is serious, and that time, Ma Si has not slept a good feeling, three days is fat 8 pounds.

Long-lively and cheerful image showing people who have suffered from depression for more than a year, I feel alive, I don't want to talk to anyone, I feel fear with strangers. Under the suggestion of a friend, I looked at "Antan Authentic" and some comedians. It is a comedy to cure her. Sometimes Ma Li will talk about his depressed experience, and relieving others should not repeat the same mistakes.

Singer Han Hong has also suffered from depression for three years. At that time, she passed her from a small grandmother. Han Hong suddenly felt that "there is no home, there is no root, no love", life seems to be supported, I feel a lot. It is not meaningful. She becomes anorexia, and I have learned to smoke, and the mental state is not good, the body is thin.

Whether it is ordinary person or a bright star, it may suffer from depression. This is a normal thing for the current stressful society. You don't worry too much. It is going to face psychological problems and accept mediation guides in time.