The 45-year-old Li Xiaolan was taken by Qi Dong!The skin is better than men, and the small mouth is sunny.

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The 45-year-old Li Xiaolan was taken by Qi Dong!The skin is better than men, and the small mouth is sunny.

2022-01-25 18:02:21 37 ℃

Recently, Li Xiaoyu and the new film of Qi Dong killed and dried a group of charts of the starring, and Li Xiaoyu, who was in the arms, smiled and smiled. The skin was more than the man, and the whole person looked out. A gentle mature woman charm, the two people have "CP sensation" when they stand together.

Although Li Xiaoyu is 45 years old, she is now completely influenced, and the good works of these two years will then make Li Xiaoyu's dynamics on the Internet and is also quite concerned about everyone.

In addition to the opening of the Qingzhao celebration, Li Xiaoyu, I also took the photo of myself and new toys in the social platform, put her mouth, holding a toy gun, holding a doll, although wearing the play in the play, But the whole person looks all the breath of youthful girl.

Because it is rare to see Li Xiaoyu toys, netizens also put this toy's nearly five prices, although they sounded some exaggeration, but for artists, this is probably just some business cooperation.

Li Xiaoyu is actually biased from the family since marriage, and the work of the child has gradually grown up with the gradual growth of the child. Two years ago, the official in the "three body" in the TV series "Yufei", a historical theme TV series starred last year, the current and Zhong Hanliang starring "There is you in this life" is broadcast, and the ratings are gratifying .

Li Xiaoyu's crying play in "There is you in this life" is an absolutely, there is no venting lottery, more is a heartache that faces the former and unique lover, but can't walk together. This pain, Li Xiaoyu is free from the release, can only be open. Li Xiaoyu uses exquisite acting, showing a strong and kind, sad woman, let the audience speak "tooaked."

Although the role is too bitter, the reality of Li Xiaoyu sexy is very free, often in the scene and Zhong Hanliang, will also record funny video with the actor friends. In the face of gourmet, Li Xiaoyu, who is out of shape, does not take his mouth, but in time, you will be able to maintain a perfect body shape by fitness.

Li Xiaoyu is called "Goddess" by many viewers. First, because of the quality of the body, the second is because of professional strength, the third is because of the low-profile line. In the past 26 years, Li Xiaoyu has always rewarded the audience with a good work, and hopes that her career can be red and fire, and the family is happy, and it is a beautiful look of my ideals.