Zhang Jie was owed by 10 million performances, Xie Na left Hunan Satellite TV, and their Spring Festival is not good.

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Zhang Jie was owed by 10 million performances, Xie Na left Hunan Satellite TV, and their Spring Festival is not good.

2022-01-25 18:03:08 74 ℃

Preface: Recently, Zhang Jie Guanlian Company Zhejiang Dongyang Xingyu Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. has added a new implementation of the law, involving Zhang Jie play contract related disputes. Zhang Jie appked for implementation of Ningbo Art Zaikai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to implement the target of 10 million and corresponding interest.

Because the idea is unable to implement the property, the court ruled the end of this executive, and the art of the world has been incorporated into the list of lost letters and restrictions on consumption. Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: Zhang Jie has been more than 1 million, not the company does not give money, but the company has no money.

This Spring Festival is not good, 2021 is too difficult to Zhang Jie and Xie Na family: economic pressure is very! Xie Na was born in the second child, another daughter, equal to them have 3 daughters - daughter should be rich, so Zhang Jie and Xie Na have to strive to make milk powder. However, "Happy Camp" was broadcast, and Xie Na left Hunan Satellite TV.

Today, Xie Na can only occasionally participate in the party of Hunan Satellite TV, such as the New Year's Eve party held on December 31, 2021. Hunan Satellite TV has so many Spring Festival Evening (small New Year's Eve, Chinese Spring Festival Evening), Xie Nad is not qualified, can only participate in the Spring Festival Evening of Oriental TV. In addition to Hunan Satellite TV, other evenings and programs are impossible to let Xie Na hosted.

Also, Xie Na has a new song called "small kite", she can participate in the party with "singer", earn some money. Xie Na is currently being recorded "Friends, please listen to 2", and the first quarter is also recorded. Therefore, Mango TV looks on He Wei's face and continues to invite Xie Na to record the second season.

In the past, Xie Na often in "Happy Camp" Cue Zhang Jie; Today, Zhang Jie is in Hunan Satellite TV Variety "Cue Xie Na. In the past, Xie Na often "typed", now very little show; and Zhang Jie often "typing", actually participated in the spring and evening. It's almost Xie Na hips Zhang Jie, so Xie Na can now be a housewife at peace of mind.

Of course, Xie Na is not willing to exit the entertainment circle, or work. But Xie Na has been sinned for many years, with a lot of black powder, they many times in Xie Na's Work Weibo. For example, "Friends please listen to 2" start broadcasting, Xie Na is hot - Xie Na said that I am a special normally.

Some netizens said: "Seeing Xie Na didn't want to see it." "Let's say it, it is like this, there is no silver 300 this place." A few days ago, the Oriental Satellite TV official Xuan Xi Na participated in the Spring Festival party, also attracted A lot of netizens ridicule: "Hunan is not crazy enough, run Shanghai Crazy ?" > Host the ability? Will only sell crazy? "

Discussion: You think Xie Na and Zhang Jie, who is it red?