16 years old, looking for the relatives and red Liu Xuezhou!I have been abandoned twice in my parents prince, and the network rioter has canceled the account.

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16 years old, looking for the relatives and red Liu Xuezhou!I have been abandoned twice in my parents prince, and the network rioter has canceled the account.

2022-01-25 18:03:19 50 ℃

On January 24th, there were countless netizens on the Internet, and there were countless netizens to see a successful network, leaving a multi-character book, and committed suicide in Sanya.

And the last sentence he left is, "Born is light, it is also net."

After Liu Xuezhou, there was a enthusiastic netizen called: Hebei, hurry up!

Subsequently, some people also saw positioning, "someone has already reported, I have called the Sanya Public Security Bureau"

However, when I arrived at 6 o'clock in the morning, I had a netizen to reply. "He is really not there, this brother is too bitter, I hope he is a child who has a sugar to eat a mother in the rest!"

It is reported that after an hour after the suicide suicide, Liu Xuezhou was found and sent to the hospital for rescue.

And, in this few days, Guo Gangtang, who just found the child, was worried about Liu Xuezhou's psychological state.

In those days, Liu Xuezhou has made a lot of dynamics in the Internet, which seems to be stimulated.

Guo Gangtang is worried that he is in the psychological state of the net, but also specially found a lawyer and wants to help him.

Although some people are in action, they want to "save" Liu Xuezhou, but everything seems too late.

This only 16-year-old child, after sharing Chen Hongyu's "ideal three-year", left a letter, and left.

At the scene of Liu Xuezhou, he was sent to the hospital rescue, there was a netizen named Peng Gaofeng.

He has been waiting for the news at the scene, as a father who almost loses the child, he can experience the pain of Liu Xuezhou to abandon.

However, although he has been praying for Liu Xuezhou, at 6 o'clock in the morning, Liu Xuezhou is still invalid by the hospital.

This makes him feel sad, "Uncle will send you a walk with a painful mood, it is too difficult!"

Looking at Liu Xuezhou's 10,000 words, almost full of "pain," suffering, life makes people a shocking.

When he was born, he was abandoned and he was used to change tens of thousands of color gifts.

Although it is sold, his parents are very good to him, even because he "will" to go home, it is agreed.

However, in the age of four, an accident, took his parents, and left his last sentence: You study, listened to the words, waiting for my mother to buy you.

In this way, Liu Xuezhou once became "orphans" because he has experienced the bullied by the small partners in the village.

Entering the school, it is more than four weeks.

Even hurting his aunt, and sprinkle people because of marriage.

The most terrible thing is that when he is in the middle of the year, he also encountered an unimaginable bully, once made him crash.

Later, Liu Xuezhou learned from the mouth of the village to his own life, and he had the idea of ​​finding a parents.

With the help of the police, he successfully found his parents and learned the truth that he was abandoned.

In the face of my parents' "helpless", Liu Xuezhou can only feel painful.

However, Liu Xuezhou returned, did not let his parents happy, but the endless "troubles".

Even Liu Xuezhou found something more than a lot, but he just wants a home, even just rent a small room.

But all this is "the housing" in his parents, more terrible is that his mother said, "all blame your parents, if they don't buy, there will be better people to buy you!"

Subsequently, they broke with Liu Xuezhou, Liu mother even pulled him!

Liu Xuezhou, which was abandoned again, was sent to the screenshots and telephone recording of the black-black screen, still in the liveth, telling the heart.

However, his tragic encounter did not exchange the sympathy of netizens, but there were countless ridicule and embarrassment.

On the other side, his parents are also reversing black and white in front of the media.

More extreme people, even in Liu Xuezhou's social platform private letter him, turned out his clothes, shoes, bags, etc., slammed his heart, and curse him with vicious words.

At that moment, Liu Xuezhou is desperate!

After he saw the damage of blood affection, he was tortured by countless "dark people".

And he is not a beautiful life, but the reality is harm. As a teenager Liu Xuezhou, he can't afford!

After deciding to say goodbye to this world, he also wrote the last arrangement of his own events - his mobile phone saved some evidence and recording about human tradules, hoping that these can help the police uncle to protect those people.

Furthermore, the money in his mobile phone account is earned by him, hoping half of them to give their grandfather, and the remaining one is to donate to "Shijiazhuang Orphans", buy some children. Beautiful clothes and delicious.

After all of this, Liu Xuezhou did not want to get everyone's sympathy, but want this world to be a little in mind.

Finally, he said, "I have suffered enough, thank you you can witness my life at the end, thank you can read it!"

After reading Liu Xuezhou's life, in fact, uncle's inner heart is painful and complex.

As a result, the network violence is unscrupulous.

Liu Xuezhou just wanted a home, but he was maliciously misinterpreted and distorted, and even abandoned morality constraints, he was ridiculous.

"I don't know others, please ask others to be good", not to mention that his request is really not much, just desires an ordinary, a little warm life.

But these rigors have never thought of these, but they regardless of the psychological limits of people, step by step will force Liu Xuezhou.Ironically, when Liu Xuezhou suffered unfortunate, they all quietly emptied social comments and log out of account!

Furthermore, Liu Xuezhou's parents are also the "murderer" of the tragedy. They are cold from private, for their own life, smashing the child's life, no father's duty.

I will refuse to give Liu Xuezhou when I have a short warm feeling.

In the end, I also sent my son on the road.

Perhaps, there is no such thing as this time, Liu Xuezhou's life will not be the same.

He is still silent in this world, glows, although the days will be difficult, but from his kind, active character, you can feel his expectations for life.

However, his parents' unreasonable, thoroughly let him lose the desire to live.

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