I want to see Xiao Tika in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger?Unfortunately, Chen Zhireng became the biggest obstacle.

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I want to see Xiao Tika in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger?Unfortunately, Chen Zhireng became the biggest obstacle.

2022-01-25 18:03:54 50 ℃

The first-year CCTV Spring Festival Evening has been held for the first time. In the morning, the media reporter around the CCTV building, the lakes continued to put a lot of photos of many star artists. TFBOYS three small, Zhu Yilong, Li Yuchun, Zhao Liying, Zhang Yixing, Song Zuer, Ren Jialun, Jiang Yiyi, Yu Yu, Zhang Ruozhen, Sun Yi, Wang Jia, Chen Yuxi, Babell and others all appeared. Netizens saw this scale, said: How is it a lot of traffic?

Have to say, CCTV later made a lot of effort in order to ask young people. But in fact, it is not necessarily that the traffic can be found to find a winning password. Because these two days, many netizens miss the Tiger's Spring Festival Evening in 12 years ago. The last tiger is the late Spring Festival Evening, the most impressed, the most eye-catching of the whole party, is the smashing of the Xiaohu team.

Despite less than the 21st century, this male group has been dissolved, but I didn't expect that I had seen that several people were called the highest stage of the world's Chinese people. Moreover, that time, it is absolutely a memory that cannot be erased in many viewers.

After 70 and 80, he heard the familiar melody, and immediately bounced up from the sofa and started jumping, and crazy gave the child and his family Amway to how good it was. Therefore, for the 90th and 00, the Year of the Tiger is very profound.

It is really that the young tigers are too hot, and the words "chasing stars" often said because they are created. However, the "male group" exists, there is a peak, and it will take the slope. The Xiaohu team has created a miracle, and it is not officially disbanded until 97 years. This year's Tiger's Spring Festival Evening is a reincarnation. Why can't I let the small tiger team that can be jumped again?

It was a five brother. Later, it was transformed to do director, but also a successful Su Youpeng, there is no problem, he even gave the practice girl as a tutor, but also in front of everyone.

After the "step-by-step", Wu Qilong has harvested love, and he has a child with Liu Shi's poetry. After the end of their heart, I turn my sake, and I have made a production person, and I have invested a lot of TV series.

Everyone thinks, there is a member of what is doing, or Chen Zhipeng, who has achieved, is just the reason why they have no way to meet.

First of all, one said that Chen Zhipeng, the last time, it seems that his largest place is the "chasing light, brother", a fried rice, a fried rice. The artists went to make themselves red, but they were treated by everyone, they were too greasy, and they were confused.

Chen Zhipeng, which is on the show, is no exception, it seems to be in order to make you want to turn red. At the beginning, the stage jumped a "green apple paradise" and tried to evoke the aesthetic memories of the audience. However, the beautiful memories have not been evoked, let everyone feel that he is the poor, eats the old, can't surprise everyone, and destroy the old days in the hearts of the fans. The Golden Teacher who also got the show, did not pay out, Chen Zhipeng's greasy. Frankly, the show, he left the only memory point for the audience, which was in place by Jinxing.

After this program participated, he did not stop. Now, like a lot of anted person to be eliminated by the times, they have played live goods.

Both live tape, he is not good, giving people a very poor sense of view.

Take the goods to sell things, it is the door to learn, the star belt sells things, there are very few selling, and the error is a common thing. Chen Zhireng is still mistaken.

Selling strawberries, some people are too expensive, told others to eat, don't buy, sell pork, netizens let Chen Zhipeng tried to eat, Chen Zhipeng ignored, the staff explained that he did not eat red meat. Netizens are stupid, and what they don't eat will sell consumers? This is really not to pass; then, because of a matter of the emperor's crab price, and the netizen set off a dispute again.

Since he has already went down the live broadcast of the goods, then it should be completely put down the body, and the netizen is picked up. Netizens are his consumers, consumers are customers, customers are God, Chen Zhipeng does not understand this reason, netizens naturally dissatisfied.

Finally, it is not only two things to participate in the program and live broadcast in the last time. However, in the past years, Chen Zhipeng has been labeled with the "Thousand Male" labels of ourselves. This is not only a album name of Chen Zhipeng. He has also practiced the concept of "Thousands" in the end of the year.

All kinds of thunder's clothes, from time to time, come out to brighten people's eyes. He also walked a few tens of centimeter high high heels in Beijing Fashion Week, and successfully climbed to hot search first. No matter who is called, such hot search first, there is nothing value, more is to sneer.

CCTV invites who to participate in the Spring Festival Evening, must have their own considerations. Even if it is full of various traffic, it is also qualified, excellent, active traffic. How do the young tigers have a good memory in the minds of the audience?