In the "opening", the knife is continuously linked to Bai Jingting, Zhao Zhanwai's "pot", it is so beautiful when you are young.

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In the "opening", the knife is continuously linked to Bai Jingting, Zhao Zhanwai's "pot", it is so beautiful when you are young.

2022-01-25 18:02:29 53 ℃

Preface: The TV series "starting" by Bai Jingting, Zhao Xizhen, Liu Weijun, Liu Tao, is really too hot, so that many unknown actors, because they played this drama, it is also fire, such as taking a knife in the play.白 敬 亭, Zhao Zhan wheat "Pot".

The true name of "Pot Aunt" is Liu Dan, why is she called her "pot 姨"? Because she took a high-pressure pot on the play. Recently, Liu Dan was asked in an interview: "Opening" is the most cool, which play? In this regard, Liu Dan said: "Kill Li Shi (Zhao Zhimai) The few shots."

Liu Dan also said: "At that time," start "just turned around for about 20 days, the front shot is sitting on the bus, Tao Yinghong (that is," pot 姨 ") has not really actually acting, the result is" a knife " The play. So, in fact, I didn't fall, I don't know how to play, I didn't kill people. "

Liu Dan was afraid that he would be able to play this play, but this play will eventually cause great shock to the audience, saying that it was scared. "The pot" and the TV series "Don't talk to strangers" will become a "childhood shadow" of many people. Liu Dan graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, can admit Nortel actor, and the value is not bad.

Some netizens took out Liu Dan's young stills and found that she was really beautiful. So, time is a little girl who kills the pig. It used to be a beautiful flower, so today, it has become a hot "pot," this also shows that Liu Dan's acting is very good, Liu Dan also played TV series "skyscraper" " Qiao family's children "" Star Dahai "" Love is very delicious ", etc.

"Pot Aunt" Husband in "Opening" is Wang Xingde, who is playing, Wang Xingde, is the driver of the 45 bus. Li Shi is often taken by bus No. 45, and a wallet is stolen. Wang Xingde also helped her to find it, so Li Shi has always thought that Wang Xingde is a good person. But I didn't expect: Wang Xingde actually and "the pot" is a group.

Netizens have ridiculed: This is equivalent to Li Shi's "collapse", she questioned Wang Xingde, or a lot of fans questioned love beans - Why did you do this, which is true, you are not such a person? Do you have anything a bitter? Do you have someone else? Is that woman forced you?

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: "The beginning" is a time cycle short drama, although short, but the production is excellent, the script is exquisite, there are many small details worthy. For example, the weapon of "Pot," is not an ordinary knife, but the ruler commonly used by chemistry teachers, "pot 姨" has grinded into a dagger, the above scale is just 45 - and the bus.

Discussion: Do you see "starting"?